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magic mike xxl, heaven scene (song)

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tiphaine bodnar (1 month ago)
Luis Regis (1 month ago)
Also Tarzan singing😹 Messed up the romance
Randerson Lima (1 month ago)
Qual eo nome dessa musica
kristy yyy (2 months ago)
I love u matttt
Queen 1989 (4 months ago)
focelante atryu (5 months ago)
Really ..?? a mature woman expouse to an extranger her better moments an the private song of his husband in 3 minutes?? and the rest motivates her and feel swett..?? Really..?? a mature and frustrated woman for years of marriage offend his husband and talk him "gay" in front of her daughters, feel horny for the of an stripper and fuck with in 5 minutes ??? Definitly i would not like have daughters like that never..!!!, i feel outrageous... poor mens...!! God blees america..!!
Bouses دودو (6 months ago)
انت فور شابة
Reine (6 months ago)
I like him singing live better than the studio version... Somehow his voice sounds better here.
Yeuthuong Giadinh (6 months ago)
viêt đit 14 15 tuôi
Yeuthuong Giadinh (6 months ago)
montserrat Gutierrez (7 months ago)
No gay would do something like that only alcoholics and drunkards
Vanessa Mendoza (8 months ago)
I don’t care if Matt is gay, I’m in love 😱😛😍😍!
master key (8 months ago)
Who is that girl
Marina Letícia (11 months ago)
Nossa q eu nem sei lidar ! 😍
Cheryl Clark (1 year ago)
ohhhh my godddd
Halsey MBP (1 year ago)
Shreya Shah (1 year ago)
Shreya Shah (1 year ago)
Matt bomer is 40000x hotter than every person in that room
Shreya Shah (1 year ago)
I Love That Song To
Baby Zeb (1 year ago)
Song? Please
Naza Hanza (1 year ago)
Alice Martine (1 year ago)
Is this a deleted scene?
Miraaa 14 (11 months ago)
Alice Martine its in the movie
R.K. (1 year ago)
man I wish I could do this for my girl, but I can't friggin sing like that! 😑
Priscyla Mayra (1 year ago)
what's song 0:33
walid mzabi (1 year ago)
Gianna Drouz (1 year ago)
In which movie is this part from?
Alexandra T (1 year ago)
it says in the title. Magic Mike XXL
Rhay souza (1 year ago)
alguém sabe o nome dessa musica
elhou elhoo (1 year ago)
elhou elhoo (1 year ago)
Jaze Bomer (1 year ago)
i love Matt BOMER no matter what!!
Jennifer Tremblay (1 year ago)
He's a great singer
액시 (1 year ago)
That face and voice.... I feel like im in heaven already
Nika Lee (1 year ago)
Matt Boomer could get it, gay or not. Voice like that, man please.
imaprouduclabruin (2 years ago)
This is kind of like the scene in Armageddon where they start singing "Leaving on a jet plane"
Angie Reese (2 years ago)
his husband is a lucky man ❤
Erdoğan Bektasoglu (9 months ago)
Angie Reese xxxss
Rachel Murray (1 year ago)
+IMVU LOAL2 That's all I wanted to here, an apology. Thank you. :) I don't care if you don't apologize for everything else that you said afterwards, this is enough. :P Bye, bye now.
Rachel Murray (1 year ago)
+IMVU LOAL2 You _were_ ignorant, that much is true. Plus, you've called me dumb plenty of times before I called you the same. I called you out on your first comment for being ignorant, not dumb. You were the who should have taken that with a little bit of grace. You were initially wrong and you know it, even if now you know the truth about Matt. I don't cause YouTube fights, but you better believe that I _always_ _finish_ _them_.
Rachel Murray (1 year ago)
+IMVU LOAL2 Then you shouldn't post shit when you are ignorant of the facts, it just shows are fucking dumb you are. I didn't want to resort to name calling, but you are a _fucking_ _idiot_. You call me dumb yet you were the one who didn't know anything. I asked for a fucking truce of this bullshit fight because it is literally just you trying to undermine your mistake and not even admitting that you were in the wrong.
Rachel Murray (1 year ago)
+IMVU LOAL2 Well it's not like I'm shipping him with another guy, because he really *is* with another guy. Plus, I'm not ignorant of the facts, you are. Now that you know, maybe we can call this a truce? I've never been one for YouTube fights.
imaprouduclabruin (2 years ago)
It's like Matt is trying to get her to like white guys again and to stop obsessing about the BBC. Although it's hard to say if his voice can compete with the velvet smoothness of a black male's
fella elarbi (1 year ago)
luis jose chong ferrer (2 years ago)
that song is?
Katherine Alejandra (2 years ago)
Como se llama esa canción ??
Toufik Zerrouki (2 years ago)
Ginger Robles (2 years ago)
Mishel :D (2 years ago)
that sound in the end is our reaction when we watch this a few times alone.😂😂
Nicole Pinilla (2 years ago)
Why does he have to be gay 😭
Jaze Bomer (2 years ago)
A Melon Named Kate (1 year ago)
Jaze Bomer Too bad he's gay ;-;
Kristina Ivanova (2 years ago)
the name of this movie? :)
Miraaa 14 (11 months ago)
Its in the title
Katrina Tinkler (2 years ago)
I wouldn't mind sitting on Matt's lap 😳😂
Bree Prins-Haakma (2 years ago)
me 2
Angel Barnes (2 years ago)
Gosh he is gorgeous
Onida Onida (2 years ago)
rabah ain (2 years ago)
An hab nat3arf 9assad azwj nm 0778643695
Elizabeth Mayer (2 years ago)
i don't want him to be gay. hes gorgeous.
CoffeePoweredAuthor (2 months ago)
He probably doesn't want you to be a disrespectful fuck but you are. Guess we don't always get what we want.
Luna • (1 year ago)
Elizabeth Mayer and because he's famous beautiful successful rich and you are never going to even meet him. And if he were straight you're not going to be with him anyways. Please grow up, his sexuality is non of your business
Elizabeth Mayer (2 years ago)
Jack Cleary yeah because he's gay and I'm married already.
Jack (2 years ago)
Elizabeth Mayer what does his sexuality matter, you're never gonna be with him
Intanta Erlianungka (2 years ago)
he should make an album
Charlotte Flavell (2 years ago)
I think I speak for everyone in the comments when I say theses to words I submit!
Michael Devers (2 years ago)
is it just me or did that ladies face look animated?
Abel amsalu (2 years ago)
He can sing.holy shit
K9NOTORIOUS (2 years ago)
this is amazing, cant stop replaying it ahah!
Ali Mouas (2 years ago)
Lone Wolf (2 years ago)
His voice! Fck that! HIM IN GENERAL IS JUST SEXY!!!!! D':
joodytenshi (2 years ago)
I love matt !! Love him I"ll give you all my money ...
Kid 86 (2 years ago)
Ole girl got hot!!! Almost lost her breath lmao
Matt Bomerfan4life (2 years ago)
I LOVE THIS SCENE Matt Bomer is an Awesome singer and my fave actor !!!!
Patricia Matos (2 years ago)
My Favorite scene ❤❤❤
Loki Mirazita (2 years ago)
I was blushing furiously... he is so fucking beautiful. I don't give a fuck if he is gay. Just Beautiful.
Ahad Ali (2 years ago)
Logan Blake (2 years ago)
Virginia Colantoni (2 years ago)
Maud Bruot (2 years ago)
that scene 💦💦💦😍 i can't believe this guys is gay 😭
Javi Morales (2 years ago)
no hay nada que Matt no haga bien :3 Wooow, canta increíble
Charlotte (2 years ago)
i would pay for matt bomer to cut me with his jawline damn
Aissa Seguedali (1 year ago)
Aissa Seguedali (1 year ago)
Aissa Seguedali (1 year ago)
Amadou Diallo (1 year ago)
Brahim Khaldi (2 years ago)
Charlotte xxxl
Nasir Mehmood (2 years ago)
Youcef Benaissa (2 years ago)
Nasir Mehmpood lıl–•ღ◄🎶#Čhi3aŤkÕm RĵaŁ 😂🎤 w #NŤÕũma_ChiraŤ💃 💃 ęÝ ĞąĹ3o #ŠŔāŵįĽ 😭🎤 Ŵ ąŁbŠo #ĵũPąŤ 🎶👌 😘🎬 #Dmg
Dahira Ahloul Fayda (2 years ago)
Aracely Perez (2 years ago)
como se llama la cancion
whutzat (2 years ago)
There is a very small amount of Matt Bomer in this Matt Bomer scene. :-/
Bangsan Bangsan (2 years ago)
Dahira Ahloul Fayda (2 years ago)
xnxx 2,250+1,350
studying with sami (2 years ago)
Matt and his sexy self will be the death of me
Jirae Kingi (2 years ago)
hes like the hots guy ever ahhh. And i watch this over and over again i love you : D !!!
gigi gigi (2 years ago)
matt is so sexy even his last name rhymes with boner !!!!! sorry 4 my english :p
Saruman The White (2 years ago)
bianca provenzano (2 years ago)
irfan goraya (2 years ago)
Adrianna (2 years ago)
what is the name of this song?😍
Lauren Lindsley (2 years ago)
heaven by Bryan Adams
Saruman The White (2 years ago)
kk green (2 years ago)
Omg so jelly
Paloma Leon (2 years ago)
This is the best scene since You had me at "hello"
Aulia Noor Kaliza (2 years ago)
i love ur voice
Darcie (2 years ago)
I'm the girl at 0:45 hahaha
Darcie (1 year ago)
Who's the girl that's getting groped and how do we become her?! lmao
jd (1 year ago)
Darcie I'm the girl hold the wine glasses 😂
Qalib Hesnov (2 years ago)
Darcie (2 years ago)
I had NO IDEA he could sing. I'm in love. Head over friggen heels :P
Charlotte Flavell (2 years ago)
You not seen him on glee he sings a little in wight collar to I need an album tbh I'd pay good money for it
Razvan Rzv (2 years ago)
+Isabella Kucher porno
laperkin (2 years ago)
hell yea
nameless unicorn (2 years ago)
+AzHD lol it's ok thanks
AzHD (2 years ago)
+Isabella Kucher sang* Im sorry haha
Nicklas Rasmussen (3 years ago)
That voice 😍
Angela Dev Varma (3 years ago)
it's so illegal that he's gay :(
Bellatrix Silverly (3 years ago)
Matt 😍😍 I wish he could sing to me, I love that song 😊
Mayra Oliveros (3 years ago)
I wish he could sing to me. 😍😍😍
Cheyenne Slack (3 years ago)
My lord he can really sing it's gorgeous
Cheyenne Slack (3 years ago)
He's an amazing singer
Maria Wood (3 years ago)
I agree. There were a lot of fine man in that room during that scene and they should have had the camera on them instead of that lady for so long. She looked awkward.
Monica B. (2 years ago)
that ladys reaction was the best part of the entire movie
Fawn Kongsiri (3 years ago)
feel sorry for the girl who has to hold the wine glasses
Marianna (11 months ago)
Halsey MBP (1 year ago)
Everyday With A (1 year ago)
Fawn Kongsiri
Rachel Russell (2 years ago)
Haha ikr 😂😂😂😂
Alexandria McWilliams (3 years ago)
dam he fine. gay or straight...that's a fine ass man! sing baby! he made her day. so sweet
styles BO (3 years ago)
This kills me hahah omg its legit so romantic!! I'm dead.. haha
focelante atryu (4 months ago)
Really...??? with that is enough?
Tyra Taylor (3 years ago)
he made her so happy at the end😢😍
Michelle Pereira (3 years ago)
I've watched this scene quite a few times while watching the movie lol. But why the hell would they show that idiot lady trying to sing the the words to the song! That was embarrassing lol. They should have showed Matt the whole time! Wtf!!???!!!
Manish Mathur (1 year ago)
Michelle Pereira that's my favorite shot in the whole movie. It shows how this is her night, she feels happy ecstatic. Even for a single night she can just let herself be happy and free
Royce clach GAMES (2 years ago)
x disanimi
Numair Abbas (2 years ago)
they did it to show how everyone else was being affected by Matt's charm and then Tarzan with his own chilled, 'yeah..' type of reaction. I agree though, I keep wanting to see what slick move Matt actually did to get her in his lap
Charlotte Flavell (2 years ago)
Look at it now you have a point I hated it when Tarzan ruined the great sining to I was god I'm enjoying this then he piped in was like uh
Michelle Pereira (2 years ago)
+Solomone Fukofuka The lady should have at least known the words lmao 😂
The Freestyle Garage (3 years ago)
O......M.......G! X) *blushes*
احمد محسن (3 years ago)
كبررررررر لفكم
Daiane Fernandes (3 years ago)
top top
Lisa W (3 years ago)
So sexy n talented!!
088LATENIGHT (3 years ago)
Matt is so SEXY!
Jalabert Línies (2 years ago)
brittdan88 (3 years ago)
+088LATENIGHT I know... I wish he wasn't gay so I could have him LOL
D Bachand (3 years ago)
Happily G a y !!!
A. Monique (3 years ago)
Yesssssss Matt!!!!!!! :)

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