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Creatively Funny T-Shirts Ideas For Pairs

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Funny t shirts are a great creative outlet to showcase our individuality. From fishnets to show off your grungy side to your favorite sports jersey to the latest trends, each piece we wear makes a statement about our mood and lifestyle. What makes things even better is being able to incorporate your partner, friend, or child into your wardrobe in a super clever and creative way. Husbands, wives, fathers, besties, and new parents all figured out chic and fun ways to include one another with their funny t shirts. Pls Share, Subscribe & ENJOY ! ! ! Thumbnail @ 00:34 & 01:29 Music: Ship Wrek Zookeepers & Trauzers - Vessel ______________________________________________ [Ship Wrek] • http://soundcloud.com/theshipwrek • http://facebook.com/theshipwrek • http://instagram.com/shipwrekmusic [Zookeepers] • http://soundcloud.com/zookeepersdk • http://facebook.com/zookeepers • http://instagram.com/zookeepersdk [Trauzers] • http://soundcloud.com/trauzers • http://facebook.com/trauzers • http://instagram.com/trauzersdk ______________________________________________ For copyright matters please contact : [email protected]
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Text Comments (524)
Rainite 2 (1 day ago)
5:14, they kinda look like sisters
Mister AlwaysRight (1 day ago)
A lot of nice ass !!!
Valeria Claros (5 days ago)
They are crazy 1:35
Valeria Claros (5 days ago)
Q locos los del minito 1:35 jaja😂😂
delsin yaboi (8 days ago)
5:30. thats how im suppose to hold the controller wen i play video games. My life is a lie
Mickey J. Duke Sr. (8 days ago)
The original and remix is cool. My Redneck my Nlggas is awesome. Killing me smalls lol
WildlifeObsessed (8 days ago)
Bit of a mixed bag.
Jaime Salgado (9 days ago)
1:48 is cheezballs
september quest (10 days ago)
clever.... hilarious ideas on shirts!!👕
Nayla Salman (14 days ago)
The video is so slow put on 1.5 speed you’ll thank me later 🙃🙃
Aut (15 days ago)
:26 is me and my bff except we are teenage girls
Kiera Eisenberg (29 days ago)
0:24 is it just me or does the dad look like he's freakin 12
crimsontide001 4 (1 month ago)
2:39 is so (cheezy)
Havin Cakmak (1 month ago)
I love the last one
M S (1 month ago)
:33 nice booty and for the clowns/trolls who want to talk shit!!! Prove she's not an adult!! Untill then STFU!!!! Also i didn't make the video. So take it up with maker of it!!! Or report it to youtube. If you have a problem with it!!!
Jazmine ' s hamster (1 month ago)
Me and my Bf have shirts say "his beauty" and "her beast" 😍😍😍
Specticorn (1 month ago)
Some of these are just.. eh.. And I’ve seen 6:40 before, it wasn’t meant to be a pair, it was just a coincidence Just pointing out on this year old video..
Noor's Creative World (1 month ago)
The video started *0:00*
Veronica Kolbasuk (1 month ago)
2:51 what the fig
TheOrangeMouse (1 month ago)
0:41 Apple users be like...
Klistern2 (1 month ago)
People who wear these shirts think other people care.
aubrie evans (1 month ago)
1:41 was a little bit inappropriate but still funny
Roberto Pralea (1 month ago)
01:39 :D
BubblesChibi lover (1 month ago)
I need this shirt 2:07
Liliana Suares (1 month ago)
Who else were confused on the science related shirts... Just me okay... ☹️☹️☹️😞😞
P Bromley (1 month ago)
4:32 it's supposed to be boss baby!
Michal Hrubý (1 month ago)
what is the first song
Jane Aqui (1 month ago)
The last one was TOPS! I have a beloved pug too.
Harry Styles fan 1 (1 month ago)
2:42 was the funniest 😂😂😂🍕🍕🍕
Nandhini ## (1 month ago)
Cooool video😎😎. but 0:22 what nonsense, his father is actual shit 😣😣
Jeon Jungkook (1 month ago)
2:04 me sees Mic Drop, my head *Come and follow me follow me with your signs up~~*
Ray Salvas (1 month ago)
The last one with dog pug. Was priceless.
Im Here Big GAY (1 month ago)
Some of them are gamer...
Zany Vic (2 months ago)
3:01 is amazing made my day
Rayshawn Ogunti (2 months ago)
Manu Müller (2 months ago)
sIpS tEa iN aSmR (2 months ago)
Hated_ Bear_of_darkness (2 months ago)
99 Problems Ain't 1
A Mc (2 months ago)
I have the original and remix shirt my mom is the original I'm the remix
deeingalaplike (2 months ago)
Husband and wife tshirt are cringe.
SNAR (2 months ago)
Wow.. this perfect for our birthdays! My birthday is on November 8, and she's is November 13.. I can give her one of those.. and one for me! Thank you!
Kadin Luongo (2 months ago)
The two elder people in front of the giants stadium is so sweet
Tamia Drake (2 months ago)
0:25 is very interesting
Giuly (2 months ago)
The last is the best
Marvin187 erz (2 months ago)
1:40 really ?
John Rigby (2 months ago)
Total wanks
nope nope (2 months ago)
Un Ceejayable (2 months ago)
1:37 😂😂😂
komal sandhu.641 (2 months ago)
*i'm Mary i'm mary's dad am dead*
The_Beethoven ROBLOX (2 months ago)
8====D ~~~
Than Braman (2 months ago)
I was hoping this was gonna be ironic
Dana osteen (2 months ago)
...some baby's are just ugly
K-pop XIrene (2 months ago)
*Jisoo and jennie has left the chat*
Andrea Ortega (2 months ago)
2:07 my favorite
Box assisin (2 months ago)
for ever alone ;e;
Tanya Hartley (2 months ago)
Insert fart noise hear🤭
Joshua Burns (2 months ago)
6:51 lol
The Shovster (2 months ago)
Hit mute!,.. enjoy
Prosec Montages (2 months ago)
Are we just ignoring all these Third wheels?
Mara Villeda (2 months ago)
I want a boy
misha mochi min (2 months ago)
2:02 Mic drop 😂😂😂 it BTS song too
Sibtain Akhtar (2 months ago)
MorgaineRiddlePrince (2 months ago)
The tree and pinecone
Kamil Chromik (2 months ago)
heteros are wild
Anoop Austin (2 months ago)
Blaine Paul (2 months ago)
BUT "I got 99 problems and my bitch aint one SHES ALL 99 OF THEM I NEED A MACHINE GUN!"
PikaNewscast (2 months ago)
I love the together since shirts
firelock i like cookies (2 months ago)
The musoc i dont like
SuperEli Bros (2 months ago)
0:26 wtf is wrong with you?!
1lb2rt4t4rr2s (2 months ago)
Of course she ain't 1... did you saw that booty? damn!
Melanie Carballo (2 months ago)
My dad has a shirt that says RULE MAKER and my brother's shirt says RULE BREAKER
George T Peppel (1 month ago)
Green Blossom (2 months ago)
اشرف محمد (2 months ago)
CMM Vlogs haha seriously
iiJazkPr0 (2 months ago)
CMM Vlogs lol
Umaiza Athar (2 months ago)
Gifted Bucko bee (2 months ago)
0:33 probably one of the problems of yours is the Prius in the background
Brianna Suarez (2 months ago)
my redneck,my nigga😂
Kaila Playz (2 months ago)
1:32 literally my lil bro and my dad.
AG slime for life (2 months ago)
We have the same last name
Lemon Soda (2 months ago)
*I cried with joy at the "together since 1952"*
Violet Playz (2 months ago)
All of these were cute/adorable and funny! >w<
Alexyz (2 months ago)
How triggering it is he just puts a slideshow of photos for 1 mil views
JJK 200000000000 (2 months ago)
Now why don't they have a tree and an apple like the apple dosn't fall far from the tree
Elayequeyuiow jecca (2 months ago)
idk where but i saw a "just got married" and "were about to divorce" shirt somewhere...
Courtney Main (2 months ago)
Me and my friend have those best friends t shirts
Jose_Massahiro_Neto Hanj (2 months ago)
this is just people showing their happiness to our faces Witch isn’t a bad thing Just annoying
Dani Rae (2 months ago)
1:40 WTF LOL
Troy Tegen (2 months ago)
Good video... but it’s the official, todays music sucks. The chipmunks were born in the wrong decade.
the wierd tv recorder (2 months ago)
Did anyone else hear the word "skittles" in the music ????
Steve Sievers (2 months ago)
Dat azz. 😋
Thomas Lee Mullins (3 months ago)
I like most of them. I really like the one at the end; owner with dog.
Rina Soetandar (3 months ago)
The last pic really cracks me up 😂
XnobodyX (3 months ago)
I miss *2017* time past by quickly
comedy gold (3 months ago)
cringe couples of 2018
Gregory Gannon (3 months ago)
Was 0:33 (99 problems/ Ain't 1) also 6:16 Mickey/Minnie back silhouettes??
Ericorn Crystal xox. (1 month ago)
Brock Siler (3 months ago)
0:36 i can see why
FROM URANIS (3 months ago)
When you had ur intro I thout it was Marko- Polo
artcraftcd :3 (3 months ago)
So creative 👌
louiy louis (3 months ago)
1:39 is nasty why just whyyy
Lykha Usman (3 months ago)
at least something interesting from marco
Stephen Strange (3 months ago)
What's with the dreadful music
Mag Kyt (3 months ago)
I don't get what the 3 black T -shirts mean

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