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CliffSide | Cartoon Series Pilot

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Monsters and shootouts abound in this animated western comedy following an overconfident kid, his apathetic partner, and a spider-girl with some serious boundary issues. What will it take to save CliffSide from some rather unconventional evil in the surrounding cliffs, and will our hero ever actually learn anything? Episode 1 - "Pilot" Getting tangled up with an excitable spider-monster named Cordie who suffers from a validation complex to rival his own, Waylon quickly learns his bold gunslinger talk leads to horrifying actions when put into practice by his new super-fan. Now he’s got some explaining to do and a western standoff or two to perform if he hopes to scrape by without learning anything from this whole ordeal. CREDITS Creator/Director/Writer/Animator - Liam Vickers Score - Jesper Ankarfeldt Sound Supervisor/ADR Recordist - Bethany Sparks Sound Designer - Gavin Laing Sound Mixer - Hannah Kubat Additional BG Art - Chan Ha Kim CAST: Waylon - Liam Vickers Cordie - Joelle Jacoby Jo - Tess Rimmel Yannis - Carolyn DiLoreto Background Street Crosser - Gavin Laing Follow the Series: Website: https://liamvickers.com/cliffside Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CliffSideTV Follow my Work: Website: https://liamvickers.com Tumblr: https://liamvickersanimation.tumblr.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/liamvickersanimation
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Text Comments (23813)
Ghost Strikes (1 hour ago)
His partner is THICC!!!
FreddiGames (1 hour ago)
Love it! The Dire Art. the humor, the Animation, the Voices. It's kist awesome!
34 12 (1 hour ago)
ChipHyzi GVA (1 hour ago)
Gravity Falls for AdultSwim Umm, what about Gravity Folls
i_like _chipz (2 hours ago)
That was honestly pretty gucci
OneFamousDuck (2 hours ago)
I love CliffSide! It would also be awesome if you could make a full series out of the "Let's Split Up!" pilot!
MeowMeowCrazyCat64 Gmr (2 hours ago)
Is dat worm thing a reaps nu?
MeowMeowCrazyCat64 Gmr (2 hours ago)
:3 cordie
- Deadliermlg - (4 hours ago)
Peershi Kawasaki (5 hours ago)
3:56 awm
Awsome Guy (5 hours ago)
Gee, I wonder how many fan fics this made.Personally,not a fan fic writer.
zarakai100 (5 hours ago)
Man this need to be more than just a pilot, you need to make your own serie dude. It's fucking awesome ! Please don't let's use alone just with that.. please let's Cliffside don't be a Korgoth the Barbabrian Two.... You've some gold in hand !
RobloxRowletGamer_YT (6 hours ago)
This is the next gravity falls also fourth wall breaks
mr muck the one (7 hours ago)
Why the actual fuck do i now wanna bang a dam blond spider
UnknownCore (8 hours ago)
I want more I need more where is more
okashi doreki (8 hours ago)
Caleb Animes! (8 hours ago)
Really Cringey..
Phantom Gaming (9 hours ago)
Spider girl is pretty cute.
ultimateNerd 4eva (9 hours ago)
"I was gonna say questionable physics" Jerry would be great at Tv sins
Random Chiroptera (10 hours ago)
Diddly Doodly Walrus (10 hours ago)
First it was Monster Musume. Now it's Cliffside. WHEN WILL I GET MY OWN SPIDER WAIFU!?
corentin mercier (11 hours ago)
it's great
Sir Dartoney (12 hours ago)
Datz wonderfull!
Madbaggyhatter (12 hours ago)
Dis quality content should be on adult swim
The Amazing Tatsuo (12 hours ago)
cordie is best girl
obusdiabolik (12 hours ago)
Auananufe Br (12 hours ago)
What program do u use to animate?
izjusme izonlyme (12 hours ago)
Just make fuvkmku more FSTHDIFNEDJSLA.
Elsackboy 61 24 (12 hours ago)
There has too be mor of this... it's too funny to be stopped in one episode
Stan Lee (12 hours ago)
Cog (13 hours ago)
I just noticed at around 9:33 it shows him holding his gun in his left hand, but then it pans a shot in front of him with his gun in his right hand.
Infamous Echo Unreal (14 hours ago)
Id tap it
Brian G. (14 hours ago)
LOL I stopped to read the newspaper article at 10:33, it's pretty funny XD
Lucky_ramen (14 hours ago)
Just crossin the street don't mind me!!😂😂
tako bros. (14 hours ago)
Make a part 2 plz 😃😃
christ cipher (14 hours ago)
This guy look like marco in svtfoe
ACE Demon (14 hours ago)
We need another episode asap
Juan Cuenca (16 hours ago)
this is amazing!!! i love the plot and the music. just brilliant.
JTM Honeycombs (16 hours ago)
Very nice!
*JORDAN* assis (16 hours ago)
Marco its u ?
Exploding Wolf (18 hours ago)
Can't wait for episode 2 😄
yannick vanswijgenhoven (18 hours ago)
I would totally bang cordie
Ponisz (19 hours ago)
wut ?
Plebby Piece (19 hours ago)
new episode?
Blue Beetle (19 hours ago)
I LOVE THIS!!!! When will episode 2 be out?
ZLoveShiy (20 hours ago)
Это наилучшая анимация на ютюбе, что я когда или лицезрел!
Rimeus NICK (21 hours ago)
Snake (23 hours ago)
Joshy-nii (23 hours ago)
she's so cute
Krzypl (1 day ago)
Why everybody likes that Spider? For me it's the worst character.
Andre Leite.S (1 day ago)
Please dont kill me...
Fahim Wahid (1 day ago)
@Liam Vickers Animation So, what's the update on CliffSide (are u going to make a 2nd episode, has a network picked up the show, etc.)??
Peggy Blue (1 day ago)
Somebody please stab my eye with something that's not cringey.
gamer mestre broly (1 day ago)
muito legal
mavelol 123 (1 day ago)
Oh god she's gotten southern
NForty40 (1 day ago)
This is first time i love spider ^^
cebollita212223 v: (1 day ago)
para cuando sale el otro ya lo quiero!!!!
Arditto1 Animated (1 day ago)
It’s Red Dead Redemption + Gravity Falls
Опечатка в субтитрахххх
Christian Hansen (1 day ago)
I have no regrets for missclicking this from my recommended list This is awesome
8:55 She's so cute 😍😍😍
Steve (1 day ago)
Is it wise to ask where the web came from at 5:49?
Libright Lord (1 day ago)
I love it
Qaasim Abdul (1 day ago)
High key wanna fuck that spider chick
John Donrick Zerna (1 day ago)
I like how the main character looks like marco from SVTFOE i forgot if you were the one who made the S.T.A.R vs the forces of evil
John Donrick Zerna (1 day ago)
Oh wait no
STALKER error (1 day ago)
I know guys, you do this without money! I hope you did a episode 2 (sorry for my English, im russian)
Zachary Boland (1 day ago)
I like death itself.
SAVPIX (1 day ago)
Hello.How do you do. We are Russian Voice actors. And we are whant adapte this cartoon in Russia. We have demo). We would like, to get yours permission for voice acting. Can you... maybe... send... permission... This is my e-mail: [email protected]
Clumsycode1 (1 day ago)
Do more this is extremely good! I would like to see more of this and possibily merchandising for it
Lord Daret (1 day ago)
I’ve been avoiding this show for a while because I easily start cringing. After taking the time to put aside my instincts, I have to say this show actually is not that bad. I would definitely like to see an episode 2 with these characters.
Lord Daret (18 hours ago)
I can’t wait to see what shows you will produce in the future
Lord Daret (1 day ago)
Aww, twelve minutes is nothing in the realm of video watching. The only part that I even had an issue with was simply the rushed use of eye zooming in the beginning. The pacing, the writing, the comedy, etc., was all on point and felt pretty great.
One of the most uplifting reviews I’ve read to be honest, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I feel ya man. I try my hardest, but the pacing and delivery won’t always be there for the scenes I want to work and I promise you I’m the one sitting back here cringing the hardest when things fall flat in the final product. The fact that you, someone with no incentive to enjoy or even give your time to this pilot, pushed through the parts that didn’t work to find the overall heart of the show really speaks to your character and I’m beyond grateful to hear you felt it was somewhat worth your time in the end. I’ll take that “actually not that bad” any day, lol. Not to get all weird and emotional, haha, you just reminded me that 12 minutes is a hell of a long time to ask someone to sit through on the Internet and I really appreciate you and everyone else who said “ah, fuck it, I’ll give it a shot.” Means a lot to me.
AdCath Guy (1 day ago)
It is not okay for me to think that spider lady is cute in many ways and/or form... But she is
xXSilentjoshXx (1 day ago)
YEET new gravity falls
KorolevGame (1 day ago)
Братан живи, я желаю узреть продолжение. Куда средства слать?
mauricio barbosa (1 day ago)
will be very nice if it becomes a TV show
mauricio barbosa (1 day ago)
Mario Luigi (1 day ago)
Whats the point of what she just did here?!?!?! 8:58
Alejandro Arroliga (1 day ago)
Cmdr frosty (1 day ago)
What did Jo's dad need Waylon to do
Obsidian Hazards (1 day ago)
Isn’t it nice? Knowing people love your work so much they’ve made PORN of it?
Jherald Lopez (1 day ago)
8:39 STAR PLATINUM THE WORLD (jojo reference)
Emily Takeda (1 day ago)
tosco pra krl
Andre Leite.S (1 day ago)
More one episode of this shit... PLEASE
Andre Leite.S (1 day ago)
Andre Leite.S (1 day ago)
Someone from Brazil
Andressa martins (1 day ago)
eu :3
Heinz Kunz (1 day ago)
3:56 nom :3
Butters (1 day ago)
I would like to see this be picked up by some company and then made into a show. Although I wish there was more depth into the story then just some cringy cowboy. Kinda like how Adventure Time eventually developed into.
vacation time (1 day ago)
Spider girl is horny
Nelden Scarlet (1 day ago)
Spider girl Is best girl
kazko (1 day ago)
New episode plsss
Animeniac Simey (1 day ago)
I want more!
Animeniac Simey (1 day ago)
I think this is exactly the kind of cartoon channels like cartoon network needs!
Sandman (1 day ago)
red dead redemption 2: Undead Nightmare
Ulices Gonzalez (1 day ago)
Can u make another one plz i really like it
rubber924 (1 day ago)
So episode 2?
Christian Ruiz (1 day ago)
Nelden Scarlet (1 day ago)
We need more of this !!
Joel Laguna (1 day ago)
Nicely done compa, arre.
Erreur Deus (1 day ago)
super go go
Der Kloknieher (1 day ago)
Fuck this is good
Soulkeeper Gaming (1 day ago)
There was no part of this where I was not grinning inanely. Very funny. Would love to see you continue with episode 2 but I understand if it's not something that can happen. We'll always have this, together.
Leomord The Undead (1 day ago)

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