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Drunk Ed Presents: A Tribute to Magic Mike XXL

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On its third anniversary, Drunk Ed celebrates the most important film of the 21st century: Magic Mike XXL. Find out which of the boys you are, dig deep into the film's approach to masculinity and the female gaze, and learn about the filming of that beautiful Backstreet Boys scene — straight from the actress who lived it. Talks by Jaime Green, Helena Fitzgerald, Aisha Harris, Chris Harder, and special guest speaker Lindsey Moser (who you may recognize from her star turn in the best scene in Magic Mike XXL), co-hosted by Eric Thurm and Emily Hughes. ———— Drunk Education (the show formerly known as Drunk TED Talks and once described by NPR’s Morning Edition as “a real thing”) is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: writers/comics/artists make slideshows about stuff they’re really into, get drunk, and deliver them. Whether it’s the horniness of St. Augustine, the history of mansplaining relayed through the plot of Love, Actually, or the way teen girl organizers could have prevented the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Drunk Ed has you covered.
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