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Assassination Classroom : Graduation (Nagisa becomes a teacher)

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yuto yamada (5 months ago)
there are some interviews with the casts of this movie. you may read them here, they're already translated into English. Maybe, it could answer your questions why they didn't do this and that. => http://aizawanikka.tumblr.com/post/161813929338/translation-cinema-square-no71-2015214
Floppy Bean (6 days ago)
There’s a movie, whaaaa?
yuto yamada (4 months ago)
risma wati it's the part 2 of the Live action.
risma wati (4 months ago)
yuto yamada is this new live action of AC?
Riri Castillo (9 hours ago)
This scene really made me cry
Layla billet (2 days ago)
Nagoya not having blue hair does annoy me a little bit but the one thing I can’t stand was how he doesn’t have long tied up hair anymore. His hair linked to his story and his assassin nature so much plus I would have preferred if they had an actor with a small stature because that reminded me of how Nagisa had the weakest body out of all the guys but was secretly the best amongst them.
Rin Akabane (3 days ago)
Why am I getting a goosebumps
GRAFT KEY (9 days ago)
Baddasssss nagisa
Axel Fournier (12 days ago)
Doughnuts Draws (13 days ago)
Bootleg Korosensei
Jm TV (15 days ago)
blue hair?
taetae uwu (15 days ago)
This reminded me of yankumi
Aura_Owl 05 (18 days ago)
Dang he should use the middle finger like the manga and anime
M'aiq The Liar (18 days ago)
wack P.S. RIP Nagisas blue hair
kenzie shelton (24 days ago)
y’all like to complain a lot ‘omg it doesn’t look like nagisa’ ‘omg i don’t like the actor’ ‘omg the real life koro sensei is scaring me’ shut the fuck up you sound like little kids💀
David Jones (25 days ago)
Sneaky Carpenter (26 days ago)
nagisa actually used the middle finger
_nctea (27 days ago)
Y’all need to realize this is actually really good, if you want Nagisa to have blue hair that bad, why don’t you cosplay him. The whole point of a live action is that it’s REAL LIFE. People in Japan don’t have blue hair and blue eyes and they don’t walk around with colorful ass hair like that. They usually have brown hair and brown eyes (a majority) so chill. I’m sure most of you realize that The actor of Nagisa would not look as handsome with blue hair as he would with the brown hair he has. So would you all just appreciate this.
_nctea (2 days ago)
Layla billet I agree, But I guess I’m stuck on the idea that these actors won’t look entirely great with dyed hair except for red and blonde and those basic colors
Layla billet (2 days ago)
_nctea you say real life but then why give karma red hair I understand the eye colour part but I feel like nagisa’s long hair and small body explained why he was the best assassin amongst the class, in the film you miss that plot. I agree that having blue hair is weird but I don’t think a movie being made live action doesn’t necessarily mean it’s meant to depend on real life, live action to me means for to be acted out and not animated. Other than his hair length I’m annoyed how they made karasuma some old guy in his late 30s like wasn’t he 28 who all the girls like and was meant to marry irina. But the way Kuro sensie was made was really great props to them for making him look like he was in the anime 👌🏼👌🏼
Хотару сан (27 days ago)
В аниме Нагиса круче смотрится
Raiza Angela (28 days ago)
1:57 I thought he'll do the bad finger
Jino angeles (1 month ago)
I always watch this movie speacialy anime assasination classroom nagisa becomes a teacher haha cool interesting
God Kun (1 month ago)
So nagisa ended up in crows zero
Maria Jillmar (1 month ago)
Зачееем? Это этак забавно смотрица 😂
FBI Agent 911 (1 month ago)
Anime > This Plus, nagisa looks Fukin gayyyyyyy
KAI LEY (1 month ago)
This actually just destroyed my animw moment 😂 and the killing scene thing 😆
Susan Ponce (1 month ago)
No no no no this is all wrong! Nagisa is supposed to be a trap What the hell happened to his blue hair and his eye color He used the wrong finger Wtf happened to Koro sensei...honestly this is more likely to give me nightmares than the original Koro sensei Uwaaa me head is going to explode!!!!
Susan Ponce (29 days ago)
I'm not saying that the movie is awful and it has to be removed, I'm just saying that I like the anime way better. But I won't judge anyone if they like the movie
yuto yamada (1 month ago)
Yama could be a trap if the producer wanted him to be.
Thabiso Oabile (1 month ago)
underwhelming tbh...anime version was way more explosive
0 (1 month ago)
koro sensei reborn
Kiyui Kin (1 month ago)
I cringed, but overall it was okay.
Shira shira Chi (1 month ago)
Does anyone know who the actor is?
yuto yamada (1 month ago)
Shira shira Chi u're wlcm
Shira shira Chi (1 month ago)
‘Thank you
yuto yamada (1 month ago)
Shira shira Chi he is Yamada Ryosuke
B'Elanna Penny-Paditz (1 month ago)
Is it just me or is One-Punch Man (Saitama) part of Nagisa's new class. I mean, 2:33, you get the clearest view of a bald guy with a bright yellow jacket! It has to be...
God Kun (1 month ago)
thats koro sensei
ZH Gameplay (1 month ago)
Is this a thing?
Black Hat Is Coming (1 month ago)
Forgot the blue hair and I'm triggered
alessandra nicole (1 month ago)
they could've just used a skinnier/slimmer guy, and probably dyed their hair blue to make it feel like Assassination-Classroom-anime-vibes
Seto Bon (1 month ago)
Ahem, pretty sure he used his middle finger on his neck not his index..
Mohammad-Shahrawy Andra (2 months ago)
Emmanuel Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Pero que clase mierda es está??
One punch man is still in highschool
Lawin Musleh (2 months ago)
Is he gona blow up the earth ???
ezio de gamer (2 months ago)
the student has becoe the teacher
Enivid Walker (2 months ago)
What is really interesting, the word 'Kill' was all over the blackboard
Vonnie Cao (2 months ago)
Im Fat (2 months ago)
This is actually genuinely 200% almost certainly dog shit movie, why do they even bother trying to make anime into an actual life movie when they don't even make it accurate, the least they could've done was get the hair correct or something.
"I'm gonna be just like you, Koro SENSEI" *tries to destroy the world*
OMG he thinked about him not being the same as korosensei okay now that's good
W S (3 months ago)
Assassination Classroom Crows Zero crossover
Gloomy Yoonbum (3 months ago)
This is freaking art... Anime Nagisa is adorable... But this Nagisa...is everything
Sage (3 months ago)
Animes better as always
美女が野獣 (3 months ago)
Faizal Shah (3 months ago)
they should create a more sinister aura when Nagisa start the killing intent scene. That was the best part in anime after all
ティ (3 months ago)
Where can i watch live action?
Shadow Assassin (4 months ago)
2:17 find one punch man in the group XD
Cassidy Celestia (4 months ago)
damnit ;-; why am i still crying ;-;
hailong hoang (4 months ago)
This live action depend on the original anime about 100%
peter siri (4 months ago)
So... Nagisa going to teach Ishiyama or Cromartie?
Salocin (4 months ago)
Alala professeur Koro, j'ai fini la série hier et je pensais pas qu'on pouvait faire mieux/similaire que Eikichi Onizuka; un personnage fictif Ok mais tellement porteur de valeurs celui-la. On t'aime professeur Koro. Impatient de voir le live action/drama
Alexawolfy805 OMGDORITO (4 months ago)
Ok why isn't Nagisa cute but in the anime he is cute..a got *TRIGGERED* again..
Guilherme Vasques (4 months ago)
斎藤俺が (4 months ago)
Super JellyKou (4 months ago)
Nani kore?
A K (4 months ago)
Tsuki Neko (2 days ago)
nice to know
Potato Chan (4 months ago)
3D koro sensei?!! Ok nope. Don't want to freakout. He looks much adorable in 2D. Live action version makes him look creepy
Kairi Mizui (4 months ago)
Manga passion (4 months ago)
Manga passion (4 months ago)
Joe Yan Wong (4 months ago)
Why he used to the index finger and shape it like gun?🤨 Wasn't he suppose to use the middle finger and slide it down to the spot? I vote that he should use it because it looks far more threatning
MMWO (4 months ago)
Ryosuke Yamada right? Then I Love You
yuto yamada (4 months ago)
MMWO yes, he is
Nobody Nobody (4 months ago)
Don’t bring up the teacher it makes me cry!
midnight purple gal (4 months ago)
The anime is better
zero two (4 months ago)
Es una cagada la pelicula
Casual Newbie (4 months ago)
I think that he would look good with a wig?
Koharu Kock (4 months ago)
Oh wow, there's now a hole 😂👌😂
Taliah Johnson (4 months ago)
i decided to give this a try since i just finished the anime but it just isn't as good and last i checked nagisa's hair is blue
Cielo Greene (4 months ago)
Did he just punch his student??? I didnt see it clearly
平原佳純 (4 months ago)
November Lee (4 months ago)
am i the only one bothered how nagisa doesnt look like a trap in here? oh well, he did cut his hair after graduation, but still......
yuto yamada (4 months ago)
November Lee I know right... it's a sad thing they could not make use his beauty 😔
November Lee (4 months ago)
yuto yamada i have no doubts he could pull off that trap look. now i am more disappointed 😭😭😭
yuto yamada (4 months ago)
November Lee https://youtu.be/jZlJswMnBD4 look.... he can be pretty on stage
じんクラ (4 months ago)
Mohammad Ishaq (4 months ago)
Real life korosensei makes my skin crawl
Ziela TV (4 months ago)
But in anime Nagisa hair is blue...
Nhu Ngoc Pham (4 months ago)
Good boy
terminater27 (4 months ago)
Why was one punch man in his class hahaha
Nice Waffles • (4 months ago)
Hard and bad time for Nagisa but DAM IT HANDLED SO EASILY
Oof Boi (4 months ago)
うさぎ大福 (4 months ago)
Yo1399 blah (4 months ago)
The anime ending was more awesome 😅
Alexawolfy805 OMGDORITO (4 months ago)
*This movie is actually funny a don't know why..but A liked the anime better*
Arlene Bermejo (4 months ago)
The anime version is better
莉音 (4 months ago)
星綺羅 (4 months ago)
Momoko -chan (4 months ago)
Sorry to disapoint but I like the anime more
eww the real-life movie is ugly >:(
La ARMY de la esquina v: (5 months ago)
Napa (5 months ago)
Pまん (5 months ago)
Fer Salinas (5 months ago)
Oh... I go to the cinema to watch this movie, well... It's not exactly like the anime, but I like the movie In my opinion its a good job, better than others Actions Live, (I just say this because the Action Lives than I can see are not very well) And, I apologize if there is an error in my written, I still do not master this language very well
Sheila Mae Fernandez (5 months ago)
i like the anime than this ..... nagisa use the wrong finger :-(
ハゲ小僧 (5 months ago)
BluePlayz (5 months ago)
the hell?
れな (5 months ago)
山田涼介 の 声 じゃ ないよね 。
Ria Lynn (5 months ago)
1:56 dat face doh!
Maxine Lam (5 months ago)
nagisa was suppose to use his middle finger not his index finger

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