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Seadoo vs Kawasaki vs Yamaha - Sthlm Jetski summer - 1080p

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Me & my friends havin some fun in our PWC's around central Stockholm, Sweden. Enjoy =)
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X Storm (3 months ago)
Vs ??????
Mike Gunn (8 months ago)
Thanks for wasting my time with your misleading title
DTD RIDER (1 year ago)
cool video
Ryan Toomey (1 year ago)
Best overall (reliability, features, and performance): Yamaha. Best bang for the buck (price to performance): Kawasaki In my experience, Seadoo's seem to be the most problematic and require the most maintenance and have more complicated internals as well compared to the other manufacturers. I purchased a Kawasaki sit-down. It has a 160hp 1.5L engine and was less than $10k, yet was the same cost as the Yamaha and Seadoo's that had much smaller engines. In order to get a Yamaha or Seadoo with an equivalent power engine as the Kawasaki I would have had to spend at least $1500 more. Since Kawasaki is a Japanese made engine, it has good reliability as well.
Jess Roberts (1 year ago)
Ryan Toomey you can trust that shity dreamometer. Take a GPS out with you and you'll be lucky to hit 60mph.
Jess Roberts (1 year ago)
Ryan Toomey wow you got a good one then mine barely hit 59.. then she blew up. It only had about 50 hours on it.
Ryan Toomey (1 year ago)
stock Seadoo hitting 57mph on occasion? Well my stock Kawasaki does 67mph without issue.
Jess Roberts (1 year ago)
Ryan Toomey I paid less than $8000 for each one of my gti130's minus setup fees and with my tune and mods ( less than $600 ) will smoke the kawi stx15 or whatever it's called. I have had kawasakis, yamahas, polaris and they have all blown up so far I have had zero issues with my seadoos also in stock form my gti130's where hitting 57mph on occasion.
Marco Fiorenza (2 years ago)
what is the name of the first song in the video? its not "cracks" like it says in the description
Alan Wright (2 years ago)
Title implies you are comparing jetski,s, "Seadoo vs Kawasaki vs Yamaha" very misleading.Won't watch anymore of your video's.
thuglifesincedayone lolololololol
thuglifesincedayone (2 years ago)
Patrik Nilsson (2 years ago)
Vattentät quadcopter runt 3:10? :)
Mattias Emilsson (1 year ago)
Splash Drone Mariner heter den. Du ser den vid 3:10 in på filmen.
Patrik Nilsson (1 year ago)
+Mattias Emilsson  Egenbyggd? Annars vilken modell?
Mattias Emilsson (1 year ago)
Yesh! Fattar inte varför alla stora tillverkare inte gör vattentäta drönare... Så mycket bättre =)
Greg Brown (2 years ago)
thanks for the video.
Mattias Emilsson (1 year ago)
Thank you! =)

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