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Assassination Classroom S1 E1 English Dubbed

5309 ratings | 415430 views
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Text Comments (827)
Aleena Utley (8 hours ago)
Why can’t the blue haired kid be a girl instead of a boy.
Black Hope (12 hours ago)
2018 coming to 2019
aphikees (14 hours ago)
*Top Ten Characters Even Thanos Can’t Defeat*
Black Knight (1 day ago)
Hope this doesn't get copyrighted
Skylar SCM (1 day ago)
Back at the beginning for the 5th time in 2 months XD
xXcoolkidXx _ (2 days ago)
Soo in every anime is that a girl or boy?
Gacha Hannah (2 days ago)
Kaede, Ryoma... Sounds familiar? ;)
Silver -Chan (2 days ago)
DrAw A cIrCle ThAt'S tHe EArTh
Silver -Chan (2 days ago)
why dose the teacher remind me of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls?
shabo xx (2 days ago)
'I'm the one who blew up the moon' Smooth.
The gaming Gigan (3 days ago)
Haven’t they thought of begging “sir” not to destroy earth
Malachi Penalver (3 days ago)
I hear Eren from attack on Titan
Malachi Penalver (3 days ago)
Japan be making some crazy anime
Zivi (3 days ago)
The opening is the best part
Cherille Crafts (3 days ago)
Ok so just ignore this comment. Started watching this anime: 12/15/18 . 9 PM Finished Watching (All seasons,episodes): ---
Somebody from my school told me to watch this and uh.. The first thing she told me was nagista is a boy Me is confusion
RyuukiX (4 days ago)
I already watched this anime 3 times..now it's my 4th time. I can't stop watching it everytime I see this anime in an video. ;-;
sugurr wolf (5 days ago)
Omg carflo yandary nagesa i new he got that from something
Moth (6 days ago)
Attempts to kill him were made and they failed
Moth (6 days ago)
Thx for the eyebrow groom bro
Moth (6 days ago)
The intro dance tho
Chloe Kan (6 days ago)
I like how the whole thing is dubbed and then you hear the opening in Japanese 😂😂😂
yep I'm tray (6 days ago)
That teacher is bad ass
fairy tail 101 (6 days ago)
The blue haired kid is cool he looks like a girl so 2 personality's if u think of it really
Ryan Rocks (6 days ago)
Ah I always somehow come back to this series
English dub is cool
xatss 5226 (7 days ago)
7:41 that girl in the back looks like Koutora-san Is that an Easter egg? 🤔
Tomo Senpai (8 days ago)
re watching this anime since it always makes me cry at the end T^T
Lola-Blu Star (8 days ago)
Full screen Good audio Good lighting Is this heaven?😱
angel (8 days ago)
Can we all just appreciate that this is full screen😍😍💜 tnxx
M M (9 days ago)
Smoke weed everyday
Jose Aguirre (9 days ago)
Rewatching this for the 10th time
Noelle Silva (9 days ago)
The original Boku no hero Academia
shiota nagisa - (10 days ago)
Aidan Cheung (10 days ago)
So the teacher is an....Something? Octopus Alien something!So he is a strong alien won’t he be in A facility because yea he looks like an alien not to be shown around the world but this is differ...YEA screw my idea
Emily Patricio (10 days ago)
Why are they are doing that to the teacher for the target they love but why are they doing that cause there assain class
Emme Le (10 days ago)
*Wipe It Clean Wipe It Clean Wipe It Clean*
Rejjie Antipala (11 days ago)
Imagine a anime cross over with one punch man and assassination classroom Saitama vs the teacher comment if you know who will win
Rejjie Antipala (11 days ago)
Saitama would with one punch also Saitama would not get hurt not even once he even was able to survive inside a black hole which is impossible
lonelycloud 247 (11 days ago)
Thank you
Broken Heart (12 days ago)
Spoil alert!!! That green haired girl is a monster!! And in the ending sensei will die and everyone cries!!!😭 me as well...😭😭😭😭😭😭
i really need to do my homework
Denasia Brown (12 days ago)
wth wrong with the intro
Queen Of Memes (14 days ago)
watching this because my friend is obsessed lmao
ArtsyIdiot QwQ (7 days ago)
Ha same bro
Sage Smudge (14 days ago)
Senseiz (14 days ago)
It's like watching an abridge version of an serious anime
Spoilers:Nagisa(The blue haired kid) killed their teacher And the reason why they cant kill the teacher cus hes TOO FAST!!! And he wanted to die. when he died he said (I am so happy to die to you all) And he wanted to be killed cus he was going to Destroy the world after 1 year and btw hes weakness:If hes tentacles get cut off he will be more slower and they killed him by Puting a barrier infront of him and shot him like theres no tommorow and nagasi killed him and btw hes a kind person but he threats alot:(/Hes the fastest charachter in the whole Anime history👌💯 and there all rich now lmfao and The teacher is funny af haha... Rip teacher😢 Thats all for spoilers😂👌
farhana mannan T (15 days ago)
What is this anime about?? This teacher is the best teacher ever
Kiara Khosravi (15 days ago)
Thank you so much~♡
hot singel (15 days ago)
i dont think the teacher is actually going to end the world, and hes training them or something
Ruby Cooper (15 days ago)
I’ve never watched anime in my life but my friend does and she’s obsessed with it so she recommended this to me and if I don’t watch it she will kill me. Well I might find something new that I like..
Anime lover cagalingan (16 days ago)
Nagisa is a boy?!!! A BOY?!!!!!!!
Mvn A (17 days ago)
It looks like they're trying to do hype Edit:this is also my tenth time watching the whole series
Ceedyn Jackcummings (17 days ago)
Hey isn’t this like this game called, “Kill your boss” or “Kill your teacher” Idk their actual names but that’s how I remember
Dolly Misery (17 days ago)
Nagisa: the trap of class 3-E
Zelda maybe (17 days ago)
Is it just me or is that teacher friggin cute?
YeemGames (17 days ago)
Traps aren't gay
Demarcus Swagger (17 days ago)
I swear his fingers and palms looks like balls
Marshmello floof (18 days ago)
Here's the deal *K I D D O S*
Jasmine Minchin (14 days ago)
Hey I’ll just like my own comment since no one else will Edit: omg thank you
Jasmine Minchin (14 days ago)
Omg yay
Random_LuLu Posts (18 days ago)
His hands look like butts or a short ass dick
NyanAnimates (19 days ago)
It’s a trap
catwork (19 days ago)
if this class was real,i totally join bcuz of gun fire is legit in this school
sans galaxy mangle (20 days ago)
sean shawn (21 days ago)
This octopus sounds like Deadpool
David Shoemaker (21 days ago)
alyssa williams (21 days ago)
Just what exactly is that "teacher"?
GooseDoes Things (22 days ago)
At first when seeing the opening I saw karma and just said who’s that red haired dude...
cianna bastien (22 days ago)
Holy crap that teacher is the best lol!
Janeseimo ._. (22 days ago)
It's been so long since I've seen this... I get nosebleeds from Nagisa's cuteness
Apple on Steam (22 days ago)
i just cant get over how adorable korosensei is
Garcia Dunnon (23 days ago)
visual flood (23 days ago)
I seen this anime way to many times
Arenzoj (24 days ago)
I didn't know Saitama was a teacher Well besides Genos I mean
SKAT3 r (25 days ago)
Best anime
Straxy (25 days ago)
LIL PLANES (26 days ago)
Hinata here:o
Allama (26 days ago)
I was actually hoping nagisa was a girl 😅
Rose Red (26 days ago)
same honestly XD
Rose Red (26 days ago)
same honestly XD
Brylee Logistics (26 days ago)
he reminds me of kururu from stg frog
GLITCH boi (27 days ago)
I just wanted to know guys is this worth it?
Jay_Uchiha 1 (27 days ago)
All I have to say is 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rogue Wolf (27 days ago)
Why tf did I get called a child of nagisa and karma? My friends said I was cocky like karma who ever that is and i think like nagisa they told me to watch this an i would understand. Edit: I just finished the anime I understand now but I'm not that violent I only hospitalized 2 people this year...... ya....nvm.. -_-
Galaxy girl (27 days ago)
Wow I love this anime
Luna wolf (27 days ago)
Dis the first anime I ever watched
BishI'mFabulous (28 days ago)
Anyone else re-watching? This is my third time.
Blood Reaper (29 days ago)
I wish I had a teacher like him so I will never be late
Henson Intila (29 days ago)
this anime is the best.i cant get enough.pls make a season 4 pls.
Henson Intila (29 days ago)
+Eevee Assassin i want season 3 and 4 if possible hahahahahahaha.pls GOD let it happen pls. i want it. i mean its touching man.
Eevee Assassin (29 days ago)
Season 4?? There isn't even a season 3 yet
Eidylmarc Taghoy (29 days ago)
xxhipstergaming2 xx (29 days ago)
The blue haired kid is a trap im still fapping
ParraZition (29 days ago)
How to perfectly start a class
T Rieff (29 days ago)
Me: OK EVERYONE CIRCLE SO DIS DAMN THIng CANT GEt AWAY I'LL hOLD WATEVER THE fuck tIS BLOb IS KILL ME WITH IT i'M FUCKIng DONE THe other kids: *Silence.... me: Shoot me now then :'D
aungmyint myat (29 days ago)
Hi kid so I the one how brew up the moon next year I plan to earth Hunnnnn Thre is so muncy wrong with this picture Hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahahahhaahaahaahaahaaahaahahhaahaahhaha
African Flavor (29 days ago)
Pitch black must mean pissed Me: thanks captain obvious
Steph QC (29 days ago)
Dude thats what i feel when my favorite teacher leave the school
123 Thompson (1 month ago)
Why does his hand look like penises
Adam Tv (1 month ago)
Nice cartoon and anime!
HELP ME (1 month ago)
The teachers fingers look like dicks
Lottie Peoples (1 month ago)
It would be interesting to have him as my teacher
Violetrixia Galaxy (1 month ago)
18:57 Lol ok sugino didnt need a janpanese nameplate anyway
Izabella Earnest (1 month ago)
Just make Levi Ackerman kill him. That boi can kill anything!

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