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Riding 2018 SeaDoo 300’s, Yamaha Waverunners on Lake Travis Austin, TX

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About 16 PWCs got together to ride on Lake Austin and Lake Travis. Saturday we rode Lake Austin and on Sunday Lake Travis. We had guys from Missouri, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Killeen and Austin meet up to ride despite the weather forecast looked unfavorable it turned out to be a good weekend to start out 2018. Thanks to Alvaro for organizing this meet up!!
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GO Hogs22 (2 months ago)
What ski is more reliable the seado or the Yamaha?
M St. Louis (1 month ago)
GO Hogs22 The YAMAHA with the 1.8 liter has the best reputation as it’s a true marine engine with open loop cooling.
Billy Duplessis (9 months ago)
Great job on the video! Billy D
M St. Louis (9 months ago)
Billy Duplessis thank you Billy.

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