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♡ DIY Couple Shirts ♡

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Text Comments (23)
Lenora Albertin (5 months ago)
what paint did you use?
Ishani 's Scrapyard (10 months ago)
orhyge lecy (11 months ago)
,.its soooo cute,. Like it :-)
Leah Sumalinog (1 year ago)
is it arcylic or textile paint?
Criss Filemon (1 year ago)
what you call the paint
Shreya Sachdeva (1 year ago)
can we wash this ?? without loosing colour
Emma Maree Art (1 year ago)
+Shreya Sachdeva If you use fabric paint, then yes.
werewolfbitevictim (2 years ago)
But how do you get a measurement without ruining the surprise for the the guy in question? hmmm...
Kenteria Murph (2 years ago)
I like. Your move
Smita pawar (2 years ago)
which paints are that?
Wiiarerock (3 years ago)
Couple Shirt Love ♡-♡
MiahHalloween11 (4 years ago)
I think my bf would maybe wear it if it was either a black shirt with a red heart or a red shirt with a black heart. <3 so cute.
Emma Maree Art (4 years ago)
The red heart on a black shirt would look really good!
marijunca23 (4 years ago)
OMG! So Cute :)
Desirexxdarkxvon (4 years ago)
Awesome idea,looks so cute (:
kam (4 years ago)
Would any guy actually wear that?
Blinktech (6 months ago)
change your bf
kam (4 years ago)
They look good but I just can't imagine seeing my boyfriend in it.
Emma Maree Art (4 years ago)
Yep - me and my boyfriend wear them on Valentines day.
neeturd (4 years ago)
So cute!!
Tomy Cruz (4 years ago)
I might be wrong but didn't you wear that like last year with Kieran?
Clarissa Ferreira (4 years ago)
Really cute idea :)

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