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Xbox 360 Warface | The Secrets of Farm

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Hello Everyone! This is the first episode of a new series I'll be doing in which I'll show you alternative routes to popular spots -- and potentially spots you've never seen before -- on maps on Warface! Please be sure to rate the video and subscribe for upcoming content! Thanks!
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Text Comments (13)
Xbox 360 tho. :D
Angelo Yt (2 years ago)
how do u land?I keep falling when i tried to land!
p0358 (1 year ago)
These glitches were making this game good :|
Sharl Sherif (2 years ago)
its fucking 2 years ago ! :3 they fixed it.
thedoctor382 (4 years ago)
1080p and that quality? try some mp4 container+H264
Logan Scott (4 years ago)
Great commentary man!  I subbed, LIKED and Shared the Video! :)
JoeInTheBean (4 years ago)
Derpy Cactus? haha. Thanks man!
JoeInTheBean (4 years ago)
Unless the annotations say otherwise, all jumps are possible with the default shoes. Thanks for watching! 
VTranslanka (4 years ago)
Were certain shoes required to make some of these jumps?
JoeInTheBean (4 years ago)
Hello VTranslanka - I couldn't say definitively whether or not you needed the "Light Weight Shoes" so I went back and checked all of the spots. See time stamps below with an answer, if I have written "LW" next to the time, you need the Light Weight shoes in order to do it, as they increase your running speed, whereas the running shoes only increase the duration of your sprint. 00:05 LW 00:20 Default Shoes 00:28 Default Shoes 00:51 LW 01:18 Default Shoes 01:29 Default Shoes 01:52 LW 02:22 LW I will add annotations in future videos so that it's more clear what is needed, also, there will be a VO to explain anything unclear. Thanks!
Donovan Harris (4 years ago)
HMMM nice moe JOe
ShotyFTW (4 years ago)
Hey how about adding in u talking about the spots and things ?
JoeInTheBean (4 years ago)
Shoty, thanks for the suggestions man! I've got a mic and for the next episode, I'll commentate on some of the spots, It will be AUL and I've got some crazy shit to show you guys ;)

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