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Korean Couple Shirts

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sugrnspiced (2 years ago)
still so adorably cute 💖
Captain Picard (5 years ago)
mely5800 (5 years ago)
simon how tall are you??
Kathy L. (5 years ago)
I got so frustrated cuz I couldn't see Simons head!...Even though I already know it's Simon and I know what he looks like
Simon and Martina (5 years ago)
pinkygurl1000 (5 years ago)
aww they loook sooo cute and younger haha lol
RainbowStickersX (5 years ago)
ZARAxELF95 (5 years ago)
oh my GOSH!!!! I have black socks with the exact same design!!!!! Hehe... Those socks were from korea though...
Old Catx (6 years ago)
Ooo i love this thx your couple shirts show i love it :-)
Lovely2291 (6 years ago)
Kaytiebug (6 years ago)
I must acquire those shirts... so adorable!
Neri Robles (6 years ago)
i sa w som ]e kind shirt like that there are like 46 dollars including the shipment and handleling ant BOLLLOFT.COM i rconmend it god luck yall
DarkColossus13 (6 years ago)
@amandaPanda12345 I don't see any shirts for that, only mugs and cups. No shirts. D:
sujushineeroc (6 years ago)
I love how you can't see Simon's face at all in this video >.<
im19ice3 (6 years ago)
Jenny Duong (6 years ago)
I WANT THESE!! Too bad I'm broke..
Amanda Nguyen (6 years ago)
heey i know those shirts, there's a website that sells them, and a million other couple things. Like mugs, pillowcases and of course shirts.
Amanda Nguyen (6 years ago)
lila lilo (6 years ago)
warriorsfan19 (6 years ago)
You know at first I thought the title said Skirts.
Sonia eM (6 years ago)
where can i get these?
MimiOnliine (6 years ago)
@zehJazz yeahhh..kim hyun joong and hwangbo haha XD
RaiBread (6 years ago)
Aw, I want a shirt like that! ..... but then I'd have no one to wear it with LOL
c.r.e.a.m (6 years ago)
k now take the shirt off
kyuubiii (7 years ago)
simons too tall to be seen lol XD
emily z (7 years ago)
my brother and his girlfriend have couple pillowcases exactly like that! :D
mathsucksbutt (7 years ago)
lol I thought the title said "Couple Skirts." Misleading :/
NessaMarks (7 years ago)
TackyVintage (7 years ago)
@fallingoutofdreams boldloft.com/osc/long_distance_love_home.php Here you go! :') They have all kinds of cute stuff on there.
TackyVintage (7 years ago)
@fallingoutofdreams You can buy these online actually from an American shop!
ohmyfudgecakes (7 years ago)
do you know you can get the matching pillow cases with the same design as your shirts
ohmyfudgecakes (7 years ago)
do you know you can get the matching pillow cases with the same design
ScarletF0x18 (7 years ago)
Awee!!! that;s so cute!! I'd wanna give that to my lovely <3
cantabileloves (7 years ago)
"i'm sending her a love message." "totally not in e shot" you guys are so dorky! absolutely cute!
n0si11A (7 years ago)
Simon sounded like B.D. Wong....
eevee91 (7 years ago)
I would of thought those were so lame, but now that I have a boyfriend.....It's so sweet! XD
kevn123xxx (7 years ago)
oh hideous skirt
Evenstar (7 years ago)
miss the old apartment!
Alexa C. (7 years ago)
Simon sounds really different here xD
wz0077 (7 years ago)
honeysmiles (7 years ago)
iday41 (7 years ago)
aww that's so cute. simon so tall ! me no see your facee. btw. i just had to do this. 30,000 viewer (:
humorityxo (7 years ago)
too tall, simon!
Olivia Wonka (7 years ago)
Simon and Martina from the future sent me here~!!! :D
Jessica Tran (7 years ago)
Angel S (7 years ago)
where did you guys get those?! i totally have to get me some :D
Joëlle Faucher (7 years ago)
@pizywizy13 I love you BFF ! We have the same !!!
Sabrina Shy (7 years ago)
I have the same with my BBF xD
maoweiba (7 years ago)
omfg how did i not know this channel existed. ;___;
Amy Tung (7 years ago)
do you know if there is an online site to buy these shirts?!?
Bea (7 years ago)
OMG, Martina, you look so sexy!
stefy4sl (7 years ago)
omg i mean the quality back then and now.. xDDDD what technology can do in such a short time xD
jerrywongcy (7 years ago)
Thumbs up if Simon and Martina's new WTF video bring u here!
Simon and Martina (7 years ago)
OMG! Look at how old and ghetto our videos were! :D
spzimefrk16 (7 years ago)
Alicia Ouyang (7 years ago)
Lol so many people were wearing these on China's Valentine's Day. First reaction: Oh my god, they're couple t-shirts! So cute!!! Second reacton: Oh. It's Valentine's Day. Duh. XD
BlueWings15 (7 years ago)
I want one.
cuteanime96 (7 years ago)
I have those same stick figures drawings but it's in pillow form lol!
berry straw (7 years ago)
i lovemartina's skirt!!
pansyed (7 years ago)
manboobs o.0
ahkim94 (7 years ago)
i have that in black :D
xxBelovedxx14 (7 years ago)
these are in canada! LOL @ pacific mall
xxBelovedxx14 (7 years ago)
these are in canada! LOL
mrsbeautylover (7 years ago)
U guys Crazeyyyyyyyyyyyyy
mathgeekphysics (7 years ago)
This is too cute for me to handle hahaha good job Korea~
koj xwb (8 years ago)
love the shrits
zehJazz (8 years ago)
Reminds me of we got married!
Cansu Günay (8 years ago)
@hillbillyheidi I think it's a similar one because as long as I can remember Kangin and YoonJi's couple shirts didn't had a heart on
janecrocker (8 years ago)
So cute!! xD
Lucia Lee (8 years ago)
ahaha. cute
Ayumi Kimura (8 years ago)
no reli, couple shirts are the most adorable-ist things i've ever seen! they r so not cheesy so cute lolz!
toribeth15 (9 years ago)
Ok, I saw these in Seoul, and of all the same same T-shirts I've seen, these are by far my favorite!! Good choice guys!
Ki Sung (9 years ago)
OMG that is hilarious. Hmm, hope my wife doesn't want those when we go to Korea, lol.
smileitsgloria (9 years ago)
coool :D i saw the sweatshirt version of that design on the korean show we got married

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