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"The Wolf" 狼【Nagisa Shiota AMV】

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Anime: Assassination classroom ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The reason why nagisa looked like a girl isn't because he wants to.. Because he's forced to. Nagisa's Mother wanted a girl so she makes nagisa dress up like one. If nagisa Refuses he often gets abused by his mother This 'Bloodlust' His mom has... Also has been passed to nagisa shiota. --------------------------------------------------------------------- I believe that nagisa's Bloodlust came from his psycopath mom Tbh XD
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Sunbal Khalid (1 month ago)
0:48 Nagisa looks hotter and cooler than Karma standing in an alley like that.
Unicorn 25966 (2 days ago)
Shadowfoxx842 •v• (3 months ago)
I can relate to him, it sucks but hey ive seen another character i relate but him (and now todoroki)
ShadowWolf (3 months ago)
God, one of my favourite music and anime and, charakter in one video!!!
Rosemarie Hill (4 months ago)
Rather than it being inherited from his mother, I like to think that Nagisa developed it in response to his mother’s abuse and then unintentionally suppressed it because his father can’t stand conflict.
Shadowfoxx842 (5 months ago)
It fits him, kinda...ish
Anonymous User (22 days ago)
Do I know you from Amino and Wattpad?
Veyda Díaz (6 months ago)
wonderful <3
Nice video :3

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