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Amazing Facts About Gulf Of Alaska Where 2 Oceans Meet But Dont Mix

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Amazing Facts About Gulf Of Alaska Where 2 Oceans Meet But Dont Mix .gulf of alaska where two oceans meet gulf of alaska where two oceans meet underwater . These are gulf of alaska facts . So here is where two seas meet but don t mix . Well its not an indian ocean meets atlantic ocean video because it is gulf of alaska oceans meet video which contains . Atlantic ocean And pacific ocean meet at this point. Hope you will like the video thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe and let me know any other video you want me to make in the comments Subscribe to our channel : https://goo.gl/qCiemj Join us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Informii-786719934773878/ Follow us on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/informii/ Follow us on twitter : https://twitter.com/informiii
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Text Comments (417)
What is ur problem everyone God made the oceans like this so disrespectful never thank god for anything!!!!!!!
Allah released a barrier [an unseen structure that bars passages] so that they don't transgress or mix, one, is sweet and fresh, and one is salty and bitter so which of your lord's favours would you deny? That's an explanation, this not exactly the translation, I can't make up things in Qur'an Al - Kareem, so I'm explaining using my own words
Vixorr (4 days ago)
Why dont they mix
Tabassum khan (5 days ago)
It is in holy quran surah rahman
Feza Doto (6 days ago)
Lord is Lord this miracle
Here is a real test of your faith? Can Allah stop this from occurring? Recreate a halide water stratification of varying temperature, and then pray to stop the water from mixing make sure you have lots of people pray so were sure at least one of those prayers will be answered. ,kek, . If the water never mixes then your prayer has been answered and god is assured. If however, the waters do slowly dilute one as they warm one another, predictably with chemistry and repetition eventually becoming one, then your god is weak and a liar.
Abir Hannan (10 days ago)
James Coulson (20 days ago)
It’s actually sediment from the Fraser river in the main of videos and some images (the river that the city of Vancouver is on)flowing out into the pacific and I can prove this in many ways 1.I live there 2. The flag on the boat is the British Columbia ferry’s flag which is the main way of transport for people moving from Vancouver island to Vancouver 3 . The point the two oceans actually meet at the southern end of South America is way too cold for people to not be wearing winter coats. the boat is also a make completely unique to the the B.C. ferry’s fleet and are made in Poland(due to lack of skilled workers) then taken all the way to Canada .
Noushad Ebrahim (21 days ago)
One I am saying it is BLACK AND WHITE MAGIC.
Noushad Ebrahim (21 days ago)
You are the new god of West to explain it. One Stephen Hawking gone one god gone from earth to next level.Another God's are coming with new magics and tricks and speech.Go and work in the agricultural field to make for eating .So don't teaches me.
Noushad Ebrahim (21 days ago)
Yah Alyah (1 month ago)
Basically, People id fighting when a comment says "Allah is great" so lemme tell you, the word "ALLAH" is translated "GOD" to English, MUSLINS DO NOT PRAISE ANY gods EXCEPT GOD, THE FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST, so if your asking, "so if muslims have allah or God, Why do they just read the Bible? If they just praide One GOD?" the answer is,, in saudi Arabia, lotbof people don't understand English, so Muhammad (a prophet) made it for muslims to read it in Arabic instead of english.. so don't tell other people that thr bible and Quran is different. The difference is just the words, in bible, it may be English,Filipino, etc. In Quran it may be Arabic or etc. so please! Don't judge! respect! Love people around you! As people love you too, God Bless us All❤️ (Like this so It will go to the top of the comments, and people to read before they judge, for the creator of this video, please pin this,❤️)
Zeph (1 month ago)
A wonderful illusion. Love Mother Nature!
Hafsan Faisal (1 month ago)
Allah ki qudrat
birdieroad (1 month ago)
Silly. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/merging-oceans/
mo. mohsin (1 month ago)
OPPORTUNIST UZB (1 month ago)
Thanks to science. It's proofing Quron.
Doshcool 54 (2 months ago)
This is so amazing
unknown Number (2 months ago)
It means each sea is deeper and little bit deep the deeper is the blue one if u guys see the water is blue it means the sea is deep and the side one is not tooooo deep so the other one is not too deeper so u guys don't think now WHY NEVER MIXED ahhaah
unknown Number (2 months ago)
Make common sense
Afrasiyab Khan (3 months ago)
Surah e Rehman Al Quran ....
S A H i L (3 months ago)
Vatasha Powdrell (3 months ago)
Gilly Girl (3 months ago)
The things they r discovering are already present in QURAN which has been written million years ago
sososoawesome1 (9 days ago)
Gilly Girl religion is the root of all evil, and stupidity 😂
Sulaman Sam (3 months ago)
Read Quran Allah Rab-Bul-izzat already said 1400+ year ago in Surah Rehman verse number 19 and 20, "He released the two seas, meeting [side by side] between them is a barrier [so] neither of them transgresses". Proud to be a muslim😍
mmitrackman (4 months ago)
Its not surprising to me, my lord mentions this in our holy book the Quraan. Its funny that init. And alot of other things too that has only actually been looked into maybe 100 years ago. Its also funny how thier trying to always find a scientific exploration for it.
ahmed abdi (4 months ago)
this mention in the Koran us Muslims we know that and its shows you the power of almighty Allah if you become Muslim you will survive otherwise surely you will inter the hell of Allah
Kalesita Vakamosiyalo (4 months ago)
Kawkab Al Ashrafi (4 months ago)
You now it’s very funny that Muslims know this for more than a million years but some people are only starting to know this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m a Muslim btw (edited)
Ozzy Edits (4 months ago)
This is a sign of Allah which one of his miracles do you deny.
OVERRATEDCHICO (4 months ago)
this was predicted in quran
Jay (4 months ago)
Please use another voice that is not microsoft sam.
A random falcons Fan (4 months ago)
It’s in surah rahman. It’s a miracle of Allah
real talk (5 months ago)
God is amazing this has nothing to do with science but everything to do with the power of Christ. God is good
Mark Olsen (5 months ago)
This is not of the Pacific and Atlantic not mixing.Or any other ocean There is an ignorant and utterly BS internet meme or FB post that just keeps getting circulated around making that FALSE claim. Usually it is sent around with some little bit of biblical or qur’anic verse claim this to be proof of God/Allah. What you are seeing is a FRESHWATER discharge of a major river into the SALTWATER Ocean. The Freshwater is less dense that saltwater and remains on top. It is also a different color because the freshwater is filled with sediment brought from the river. That is suspended mud and dirt in the water. Eventually they will mix but not for many miles out to sea.
Paula Riley (5 months ago)
It's God
Baby Joe (5 months ago)
Oceans have different colors, GOD IS AWESOME
Farah Moon (5 months ago)
I love my Allah
Farah Moon (5 months ago)
Allah hu akber
Chetala Sivani (5 months ago)
It's amazing😃😍
informii (5 months ago)
Chetala Sivani Thanks
sean leonard (6 months ago)
The sky night and day . The water above the earth above the firmament . The firmament the dome above us that give is the greenhouse effect . The molten glass that gives the rainbow it's shape .
A Tube (6 months ago)
“He has let loose the two seas (the salt water and the sweet) meeting together. Between them is a barrier which none of them can transgress” The Holy QURAN [ar-Rahmaan 55:19-20]
sener (6 months ago)
I wish I could find some actual footage of it, not these fucking clickbait videos that show photoshopped low quality photos
wth your voice is pink sheep
John michael Mondejar (6 months ago)
Naseemuddin Ahmed (6 months ago)
AS A SIGN Quran had described  He is the one who has set free the two kinds of water, one sweet and palatable, and the other salty and bitter.  And He has made between them a barrier and a forbidding partition.  (Quran, 25:53)
Haha your God is Stupid! Because he inspires a stupid book which is wrong. THERE IS NO BARIER and the waters aren't sweet. They maybe brekish but not sweet. Allah FAILS big time. Such a weak god. Why can he not even write a book without errors??
Yas Iqbal (6 months ago)
as stated in the quran more than 1400 years ago...
mememe Khan (6 months ago)
Fathima Rocking (6 months ago)
Mirracle of allah...
+Yah Alyah Have you any proof "Jesus Christ" was real or that his father is?
Yah Alyah (1 month ago)
Omnia'quaerite ac'dubitate please, Allah is "God" in English its just translated to Arabic, if u want proof go to google, muslims do not worship any God Except the Father of Jesus Christ❤️
I think you spelled *"Natural Haline-stratification" , wrong.
yashawnna ellis (6 months ago)
What a mighty God we serve😍
Nisha Graphics (6 months ago)
It already proved by Quran sharif in islam before 1400 years ago aur beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said to us
bleezair (6 months ago)
Second video with annoying bot voice, have a downvote
jmie lyn (6 months ago)
Sea or Ocean? I'm confused male Siri.
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!
What will happen if the ocean will turn into fresh water and why that our nature provided salty taste of ocean. What will be the reason behind and the factors about these amazing Nature creation? Possibly consequences of having fresh water taste of ocean? Possibly consequences of having salty taste of ocean?
Oceans will never turn into fresh water. .. Nature doesn't provide it just is. Like 1+1 is always =2 .. "Reason dehind"!? Probably something to do with the way the charges, in the pure H2O molecule , interract with the salt & mineral laded molecules. .. "Factors"!? please define term. .. One "possible consequences of having fresh water taste of ocean" , is a decisions supper, it's called fish soup. (However ocean water can not be soup as it is full of toxins, salts and elements harmful to humans.) .. "Possibly consequences of having salty taste of oceans"!? Depends on ones taste buds, ie; the Norwegians love their pickled fish, so they may enjoy this "salty taste of ocean", then some people have more westernised taste buds and then that smell of the ocean alone may make them unwell.
Ravindra Prajapati (6 months ago)
Real Truth Behind Ocean That Never Meet http://knowtruthhere.blogspot.com/2018/05/ocean-that-never-meet.html
Tim Herzog (6 months ago)
i hat that narrorater
Syed Heena (6 months ago)
Its only to show every one dat islam is the true one hence it was done by mussa allay salam where as christian think as mosses
It does nothing of the sort.
Max Hunter (6 months ago)
Quran reveled it back 1400 years ago in Surah Rehman, I think the meaning of fresh and salty water that Quran reveled it, the water came from mountains is consider fresh cz its a running water and when it falls into a sea it becomes salty water, it is obvious that sea water is salty hundred times more than river water..
sososoawesome1 (9 days ago)
You know what else the Quran revealed, greed and scamming dipshits like you
ummu hani (7 months ago)
Pls read this 25:53 in quran in your mother language it my request to all
ummu hani (7 months ago)
It was told before 1400year now u are showing this . In quran 25:53 all person want to read this the allah is great u want now the truth pls read Quran for only this
Simon Mario Gondowidjojo (7 months ago)
What if we mix them up together and we pour it into a bottle what will happen?
TheRealJoeWiggles (7 months ago)
The same thing happens in front of the Columbia River on the coast of northern Oregon an southern Washington
Chad Wallz (7 months ago)
Thanks Stephen Hawking.
Mehtab Qureshi (7 months ago)
GammaCentauri (7 months ago)
Our God is great! He is almighty! Look at his beautiful creations. Sadly, mankind is destroying it bit by bit. :(( **LET ME PRAISE MY GOD. IM NOT FORCING YOU TO PRAISE HIM TOO BUT I DO ENCOURAGE YOU.
Pagla Sayyed (7 months ago)
You are fake and misguiding about the facts in your explanation
Lawrence L. (7 months ago)
Everything is explained by science, religious people like to assume ignorance and mythology.
@Solar Panel, having blind faith in someone else, IMHO is different to trusting the scientific method. SO, what you're actually doing is comparing between: -A iterative test method, which has been proven repeatedly reliable, (though even that should not be free from critique). Versus -Giving authority to a unfalsefiable life manual, written by elitist social engineers.
Solar Panel (7 months ago)
Actually, a lot of science is not provable at home by the average person. So you are actually , dare I say, having Faith in some one else ? Lmao.
Dominic Candy (7 months ago)
Dude think about it deeply science can e plain why they don't meet buy the question is who made them so?? Another stupid assumption is that they glacier meeting the salt water. Where was the salt water when the glacier was melting?? Lastly, which of the two is heaviest?? Which pushed which?? Cos don't forget the barrier is a wall till the bottom of the ocean. There is a creator dude, there is. I'm a science student in the department of living things in aqua culture. Trust me everything was designed by an intelligent being. Nothing came by chance. Things are just too perfect to come by chance. Don't forget that the animals in both oceans are different
_scions (7 months ago)
I fucking hate your text to speech bullshit videos, you lazy asshole. GET A NARRATOR.
Protyusha Dey (7 months ago)
This has nothing to do about God.. neither it proves that God exists... it's based on simple scientific facts....it is because different densities of the water...and varied light scattering...
Trenton Hurlburt (7 months ago)
I like your video
informii (7 months ago)
Trenton Hurlburt thanks for your love
file115 (7 months ago)
Fuck you and fu k your science.
Zulfqar Ali (7 months ago)
What ever you say it doesn't matter.. the matter is how a book can claim1400 years ago about this point ? If it's not from God the Allah
Yah Alyah (1 month ago)
Zulfqar Ali by you own logic. It would mean Ant-man is real. Because the Ant-man novels (Quiran), describe the quantum world (water phenomenon) , and as we all know the quantum world is quite real, thus so is Ant-man (allah). Yes!?
SSS JJJ (7 months ago)
Was he muslim?
Zulfqar Ali (7 months ago)
You idiot we don't say Greeks don't know about it ..we say it's true cause it's GOD words in Quraan.. it's not Muhammad saww personal opinion ..but it's Allah who is the owner and creater of world
alex m (7 months ago)
all you muslims are nothing but fools,,the greeks knew about the two waters not mixing long before mudslime,oh sorry muhammad was born.
Shelly sherry (8 months ago)
Name these oceans
Woow amezing
Иосиф Сталин (8 months ago)
your voice sounds like pink sheep
Called By God (8 months ago)
Job 38:8-11 Who shut up the sea behind doors when it burst forth from the womb,9 when I made the clouds its garment and wrapped it in thick darkness,10 when I fixed limits for it  and set its doors and bars in place,11 when I said, ‘This far you may come and no farther;  here is where your proud waves halt’?
+yashawnna ellis So Great infact, that when "He" throws a hissyfit. Killing everyone man woman and child on the planet, (even though the screw up was ultimately his) . He gets worshiped and sacrificed for/to. Instead of being frowned upon, like a juvenile behaving in a childish and careless manner.
Slicc Pulluh (6 months ago)
Prophet Tabitha TRUTH
yashawnna ellis (6 months ago)
Prophet Tabitha 😍😍😍 our God is great
Cynthia A de Leon (8 months ago)
pink sheep
jass sidhu (8 months ago)
where it is?
informii (8 months ago)
The Gulf of Alaska is an arm of the Pacific Ocean defined by the curve of the southern coast of Alaska, stretching from the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island in the west to the Alexander Archipelago in the east, where Glacier Bay and the Inside Passage are found.
SilkStringsMusic (8 months ago)
because the ocean is races
Fizza Shah (8 months ago)
In two chapters of the Holy Quran Allah Subhan has told about these two seas that they look.like same but there is huge difference that they don't mix
+Max Hunter I'm pretty certain it was "reveled", way before 1400 years ago. I guarantee there are Chinese records/potery dating back waaaaay before the Quif'rAn was manufactured. Also I take it you aren't aware that the water in the oceans "runs" as well !? FYI There are giant currents in the ocean which dwarf the amount of water any surface river has. So why are the "running water currents" in the ocean also not fresh??
Horulus Dalius (2 months ago)
+Max Hunter No its about rivers and ocean.
Max Hunter (6 months ago)
Fizza Shah Quran reveled it back 1400 years ago in Surah Rehman, I think the meaning of fresh and salty water that Quran reveled it, the water came from mountains is consider fresh cz its a running water and when it falls into a sea it becomes salty water, it is obvious that sea water is salty hundred times more than river water..
Ramoel Vicente Bautista (8 months ago)
Come to think of it, we are living on top and in between the north pole and south pole of earth. Magnetic field controls it.
JKzWifey .13 (8 months ago)
Roblox sub.
888,888_ fiery_mercaba (8 months ago)
Very attention-seizing phenomenon of this aspect of the Creation created by the Lord Almighty! Thanks for uploading this intriguing video, informii, & for the explanations offered.
^Gobbledegook^ +yashawnna ellis There are mountains of evidence for the Big Bang, exactly ZERO EVIDENCE FOR ANY GOD. (Also the BB is still more of a hypothesis, with many equally valid competing hypothesis which also fit the evidence. None of these suggest that some "Gawd Dunnit" BTW.) Also FYI the big bag has little to do with star formation, however if you ask an astrophysicist they could probably explain to you where that exact star came from and how. Though by the sounds of it, you're too logically challenged to understand what they would be explaining to you (don't feel bad though, most religitards are logically challenged, I suggest you go learn basic logic) . Just like you probably think that the big bag means that everything came from nothing, when it means nothing of the sort. Your ignorance, is not an argument against the things you do not understand. Just like love. Love is a chemical reaction in the brain. It has been defined and proven, if that chemical reaction is not present neither is the feeling of "love", no Gawd needed. The burrito comment is not my BTW it is what is called a catch 22. The fact that you can not see the contradiction is further indicative that you are logically challenged. 1)God can heat something so very hot (even though there is no evidence he can do this) that he can not eat it. In this case he is not omnipotent because he heated it so hot that he CANNOT eat it. 2)In the second case he can eat it, but thus he CANNOT heat it hot enough. Again means he is not omnipotent. "When god comes back" blah blah blah. You asinine theists have been claiming that he'll return for centuries. Why would he need to come back if he is omnipresent? Also you'd think a prefect all powerful being could write a "Life Manual" which didn't have any errors. Yet the Holey Babble is so contradictory and erroneous that it is beyond a joke now. Where did I contradict myself? I said some scientist can lie but because of the iterative nature of science the truth will rise to the top. I never said god is the truth. Seems you are so blinded by your delusions that you have developed a selective reading. THERE IS ZERO PROOF FOR ANY GOD, other wise you would have provided it. FYI I have looked for evidence as a youth I was quite religious and spent man a night on my knees in sincere prayer asking for a sign. None forthcoming means that either there is not a god or your god is sadistic tyrant who only created me to be tortured in hell. In both cases your imaginary god is not worth worshipping. Tell me please as an African/Black heritage person, how does it make you feel that Slavery is justified by the bible , qu'ran, torah ... and that these "Holy Texts" were used as a pretence to keep your fore-bearers in chains, but now you worship them?
yashawnna ellis (6 months ago)
And also you Just contradicted yourself agreeing that scientists lies but God is The truth . There's always poof to back him up you just Got to look for it just like everybody else and when you look.. you WILL find something I guarantee u..and that's a fact and if you don't find something you just ignoring what's in front of you all you gotta do is look outside and if you don't get what I'm saying Your slow.
yashawnna ellis (6 months ago)
Come up with a better comment other than that stupid burrito in microwaves that's lame as h***... The fact that you came up with that weak saying shows that you have a lack of knowledge about who created this world and you
yashawnna ellis (6 months ago)
So since there's proof in science they need to show proof about the big Bang theory right where did this random a** star come from you know? There's plenty proof that God is real just because you cannot see him doesn't mean he does not Exist. For example you can't physically see love but you believe that love is Real and it exist.. Also that dumb comment about a microwave is trash. There's nothing new under the Sun God-created things way hotter than what a damn microwave can do. See we not cut from the same cloth because the fact that you mention something so little like a microwave and try to make it powerful way more powerful than God something is seriously wrong with you. Honestly you wrote a lot of stuff and I can't remember everything you said but really it's Irrelevant. All I have to say is when God comes back you're gonna have the most stupidest look on your face have a blessed day.
+Yashawnna ellis In such a case, god can't microwave the burrito hot enough, now can he!? So there is still something which he can not do. Thus he is not all powerful. We "can't believe that all this is made by god" because, there is no evidence for it. Also almost everything we know can be explained by natural physical process. Some scientists can lie sure (ie Anthropogenic CO2 driven Climate Change). However because of peer review, data and evidence, and many other people repeating the experiments/models prove that the scientist lied. Soon they would be discredited as the truth eventually comes out. Just as it has come out about religion being false. Hence it is not in the scientist long term best interest to lie. However it is in the religious types interest to lie, because without the lies these reality incosistant ideologies fall apart. . Science is a self correcting method for explaining the universe and get more correct with time. Religion is a static fallacious ideology/dogma created to control the ignorant masses with fear and false hope. Ask yourself honestly which would you prefer to base your life around!? .. Your asinine example, is just that, freaking stupid AF. As no, people would not just believe that. Because they themselves can run an experiment by getting an apple, planting it, growing a tree and seeing that it fruits (in general) during a moist and sunny spring. There is no such experiment with religion. There is zero proof for any god, except some fanciful fairy tale which typically require magic, and you're supposed to take it as real on mere faith. Also by definition as god is incorporeal, there is not a test we can use to determine if god is real. Hence that which has no evidence can be dismissed without evidence, simply because it is irrelevant (incorporeal) to our reality. Science is evidence, logic and experiments, not just reading someones fanciful explanation and believing them on faith, this is the epitome of Religion.
Ganesh reddy Pillanam (8 months ago)
It revels that the LORD is ALMIGHTY
shamie Ziyambi (8 days ago)
+TT’s Blessings TV your a fool
+shamie Ziyambi So which is it? Because if the burrito is too hot to eat your god can not eat it , thus god is not omnipotent. Alternatively he is unable to microwave the burrito so ridiculously hot, so still not omnipotent. To me all gods seems impotent under scrutiny of logic and in the face of nature.
shamie Ziyambi (9 days ago)
+Omnia'quaerite ac'dubitate yeah dah if you cant he can
WU (1 month ago)
There is no "Lord" or "God", that's bullsh*t created by man to control the weak minded through fear of supernatural retribution.
Abdul Sheikh (9 months ago)
that explanation didn't convince me at all... Allah said through his prophet Muhammad 1400 years ago that there are two oceans of different colours with which there's a border btwn them that they never mix... if u r really truthful give us a video of them mixing... Allah is never wrong and can't be proven wron
C Par (14 days ago)
Google "Fraser river meets pacific ocean"
Melike Yucel (16 days ago)
Larsson71 H The Coran is not a book like the others, it's given by Allah to our prophete and you can't talk before reading because there is too many evidences and miracles that human intelligence can't explain, even on 21th century ! So imagine if a men like you or like me wrote it on the 7th century...
Melike Yucel (16 days ago)
Larsson71 H religion is something that only clever people can understand, all this science is given by Allah, how do you think this universe has been apparead? What do you think you will become once you are dead? Science is not enough for explain everything... and this life is only a test for people... and we're not deranged, terrorrist or 'muslim' countrys have nothing common with our religion pls stop listening to medias and learn more before talking... :)
Larsson71 H (2 months ago)
+Gilly Girl What would I want to know about a cult for? It's not a religion, just the ramblings of a 7th century fruitcake, who certainly wasn't playing with a full deck up top! Guess what though? He fooled all of you anyway! That speaks volumes about you and the rest of Islams followers! I prefer to live in the 21st century, not the 7th!
blackhawks81H (9 months ago)
STOP with the fuckin Quran stuff. This is totally different. And the waters do mix. It just takes a while. Furthermore, I'm familiar witjyhe Quran, and it specifically says that God made the fresh water pass through the salty water without mixing so its safe to drink. Go ahead. Go out there right at the edge and drink a whole bunch of that water and let me know how it "didn't mix at all" geniuses
Di Vepets (9 months ago)
The majority of these comments are why Aliens do not visit Earth. They think we are fucking retards, which I can understand why. Imagine if they came way back then, they'd be worshipped by people.
mohd nayeem (9 months ago)
Dan G (9 months ago)
Everyone remember to press the bell?
Paula Riley (9 months ago)
Praise God.,... You're Awesome
He is even better in an threesome.
IMRANX (9 months ago)
I read in holy Quran it is real
+qudsia ali you're going to do what with whom??
qudsia ali (2 months ago)
And which of the favours of your lord will you deny❤️
js.gobin yadav (3 months ago)
Muhammad copy from india holly book
Why no answer for so long. + Minimum Huntress
mick green (9 months ago)
Just use you voice you'll get more viewz
wolf (9 months ago)
قال الله تعالى : ( وهو الذي مرج البحرين هذا عذب فرات وهذا ملح اجاج وجعل بينهما برزخا وحجرا محجورا ) هذا دلالة على عظمة الله وقدرته انه فصل بين الماء العذب والمالح وجعلهما لا يختلطان وان الاسلام دين حق وهذا امر لا يقدر عليه الا الله , لو سكبت ماء عذب ومالح بنفسك سيختلطان الا هنا فقد فصل بينهما خالق الكون وخالقي الله عز وجل
9 Quranic Miracles - Debunked (Feat. Genetically Modified Skeptic) https:// www. youtube. com/watch?v=xnJvuXpU6SU
Park Lane (6 months ago)
مرج البحرين https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-XBukiyfFU
Anubis Ma-At (9 months ago)
technically the Pacific and the Atlantic only meet by the gulf of Patagonia. the two oceans that meet at the gulf of Alaska would be the Pacific and the Arctic.
All World Misanthrope (6 months ago)
Hey there Anubis Ma-At ..........if you weren’t too quick to play Mr. Wizard, they point that out in the video
James McFatter (6 months ago)
Anubis Ma-At ,
Boutaou (9 months ago)
This phenomenon is mentioned in Quran.
midoune (5 months ago)
like a a carpet in our language بساط it is also refered to as spread out in which we can walk on it and we still feel as if it is not rounded perhaps you the one who is lying to your self i already told that Quran mentioned that shape of the earth in another versus why you keep iqnoring that ! and u said that quran was erased from history , this book challenge every single thinkers and linguists to come with a single versus that is similar in its literary and amazing deep meaning such as the quran do but no could and no will be able to because it is not created by a human being like the exemple of laylat el qadr , it is a special night for muslims the 27 th night of ramdane month to be exact this night was mentioned in the quran to be a night that so special as it comes every year there was a discovery just in those last years saying that not a single meteor falls on earth during this night and there is more and more discovery just in those years that are 0 % possible to discover in that time but quran mentioned them and they are 100 % true
midoune your stupid facebook post is not evidence for anything. The stupid page is not even referenced and these out of context N.Armstrong quotes and claims about NASA finding radiation or the centre of the earth are lies and utter nonsense. There is not centre to the outside of a ball, the actual centre of a sphere is inside it. So on Earth that would be deep under in the core of the planet. Are you saying that Mecca is actually in the centre of the planet which is by all measures akin to hell, as it is where all the molten rock, iron and lots of pressure exists!? Hahahah You're grasping at straws that aren't even there.
midoune Hahahaha even your apologetics are weak and indicative of your severe indoctrination. The key words to focus on is not madda-"spread out" but "like a carpet" or "like a bed. A carpet same with a bed are FLAT, thus indicating that who ever wrote the book thought the world to be flat. Also you quote Q 39:5 as proof that the Quran says the earth is round. Well your taqueya fails. As Q39:5 has nothing in there about the shape of the earth. 39:5 talks about the cyclical nature of Day/Night, the Sun, Moon and following one another. This is in no way indicative of a spherical Earth. It is merely another truism which is observed by the ignorant writers of the asinine book. Again Muslims claim that the Quran is the perfect word of god, but how can it be perfect if it is so misstranslated and how can it be the word of god if it is written and re written by humans. Further more What say you about the fact that, the Quran itself was written long after Mohammads death and a lot of the original Quran was erased from history because many of those who memorised the "original" it died in battles, before it could be written down? So the "original Quran" as you know it is actually just an interpretation and compilation of the book by Uthman (see here http://www.studytoanswer.net/myths_ch1.html for proof) Who then specifically burnt/destroyed any of the other copies that didn't allign with his own creation and his own agenda, not Muhammad, nor Allahs.. FFS STOP LYING to yourself and others.
midoune (5 months ago)
heres another fact about kaaba teh center of the earth : https://web.facebook.com/notes/razi-aliakbar/nasa-says-about-kaaba-/663803987009550/?_rdc=1&_rdr
Vladimir Eduarte (9 months ago)
Acts 27:38-41 38 And when they had eaten enough, they lightened the ship, and cast out the wheat into the sea. 39 And when it was day, they knew not the land: but they discovered a certain creek with a shore, into the which they were minded, if it were possible, to thrust in the ship. 40 And when they had taken up the anchors, they committed themselves unto the sea, and loosed the rudder bands, and hoised up the mainsail to the wind, and made toward shore. 41 And falling into a place where two seas met, they ran the ship aground; and the forepart stuck fast, and remained unmovable, but the hinder part was broken with the violence of the waves.
Dark Devil (8 months ago)
Vladimir Eduarte thats insane different ppl(muslims) different story..!
The Amazing Spiderman, The Spider the man. Marvel C.G. - 2 edition pg 45 - strip 3 *Spiderman sits atop of a New Yourk spire* , "If only the goblin was intelligent enough to realise that stories in books aren't always true, ooh my spider sense is tingling" *Seeing smoke in the distance spider man leaps off and swings toward the fire* pg 45 - st4 *Suddenly peter is struck by something flying and hard in the head knocking him side ways.* "NAWWww U DAMN STRIPY QUEER, stay away from my balcony" *screams a demented old lady while loading up her arm to throw a second bible at him.* pg 45 - st5 *Peter quickly regaining his composure dodges the second book and give the crazy old goat the finger* "Get back on your meds Grandma." pg 45 -st6 *I wonder why my spidey sense didn't pick up that book being thrown.* *Suddenly the suit lights up and Karen AI replies* "My fault Sir, religitards are so unpredictable it was beyond my estimation for the old hag to throw her very treasured but asinine book at you." "No worries Karen, while you're here can you help me rub one out through the suit" Replies Peter. +Vladimir Eduarte I got stories too, *NOW WHAT???*
Lakshmi Lakshi (9 months ago)
Prise the Lord. God is great
Michael (8 months ago)
i believe the moon is made of green cheese. Belief doesn't make it so.
+Ely Wade Have you made that prayer yet? If so, it doesn't seem to have worked. Also IMHO exposing fallacies makes things better not worse.
Ely Wade maybe you should pray for me to stop. ROFL
Aminata Ndiaye I don't really care what age you are or whos' account you're aledgedly using. If you do not understand basic logic!? You're a problem for humanity.
MarkyPants - (10 months ago)
Genesis 1:6 ⛪️🙏🙏
Najey Rifai (8 months ago)
This is by no means a recent discovery. People sailed in various seas since the invention of sea-faring boats at the end of the mesolithic era. It is very likely that many sailors who crossed through the trade area in which the writers of the Old Testament lived passed this story on. I wouldn't be surprised if this was common knowledge in seafaring communities!
Prothletiser - Oh so you don't believe in the Holey Bible!? Nontheist- Yes, I DO not believe in any Deity or contradictory Holy books! Prothletiser - Well here's a verse from the Bible with no context or evidence what so ever, to convince you otherwise. ROFL 🙏 *May PEACE BE UP-ON the YAHWEH Consumer ERIC THE GREAT!*
Text on a page are *not evidence* for anything, except for Inc and paper, (in the current context for ordered electrons and a computer). BTW *Harry Potter books, taught me about Eric* the God Eating Penguin who consumed Yahweh in 1763, Book iv , page 666. *NOW WHAT!?* 🙏 All Hail! He Who Shall Not Be Named. 🙏 May Peace Be Upon *Eric The GREAT, oh fantastic Yahweh Consumer*.
Shah Faisal (10 months ago)
Allah has mentioned about this phenomenon in the 'Holy Quran' 1400 years before... And u people are just busy in giving your own bullshit theories ...fuck off
Shah Faisal (10 months ago)
Its a miracle of 'Allah' subhano wata'ala
S W (6 days ago)
+Fritz Kobe there is no God retard
S W (6 days ago)
It's not a miracle you idiot...dumb religious people.
ontah mano (28 days ago)
+Omnia'quaerite ac'dubitate because agnostic is stupidity.. That's why
+ontah mano how/why would I or scientist know what that single point is? The B.Bang is just a good huposthesis FFS, that is all. *Also, as I have stated prior, the "Big Bang" theory, is not the only plausible theory out there, nor is it even the predominant theory amongst physicists of this day and age. Funny how it is only, the never evolving hence forever self deluding theists, who always argue against stuff that has no relevance to reality. **In any case, it doesn't really even matter how it all began. What matters is the present and the future. Thus the keys, are those things that allow us to understand the present and anticipate the future. We do that through; reason, logic and evidence. .. BTW The "burden of proof" is a key consept for all humans to comprehend in order to be able to make true and honest life choices. But ask a Theist what "the burden of proof" is reguarding their particular deity" , and they get cognitive dissonance so hard, I'm sure half of them crap their pants. FYI I'm not at all confused about the matter, it is you who seems to struggle with delineating what is real and relevant, vs what is not.
ontah mano (1 month ago)
+Omnia'quaerite ac'dubitate what is that single point?... O Mr confused
MEthat LovesCats (10 months ago)
what scientist can't explain they try to explain it to trick us.
Najey Rifai (8 months ago)
What do you think the lie is, here? This is a know phenomenon, and you can imitate it at home with basic kitchen tools.
Aminata Ndiaye (9 months ago)
wow you didn't get it did you
Aminata Ndiaye (9 months ago)
+Aminata Ndiaye WTF are you the fucking internet thought/speech police?? LOL Get back to me when you find a reasonable theist. K!
Aminata Ndiaye (9 months ago)
Omnia'quaerite ac'dubitate finally your not saying something hurtful , this is what you should do, ask questions of why this person belive in this or that not stfu and show proof like in the other replys you made...:/

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