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reborn toddler puts on brand new big girl patnies

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growing up way to fast
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little lambs momma (4 months ago)
Kelly your baby is precious and your a sweet ❤
A Bugs Life (4 months ago)
Aww, her “big girl panties” I love it! 💖 You’re so good with your babies and I feel like that makes for such sweet videos. You sound so much like my sister and I really enjoy role playing with my dolls right along with you. I can just imagine my sister and I for the duration of your video!
LianaKolohe (9 months ago)
that is a big belly on that toddler! jeez
SunnySide Nursery (11 months ago)
Awe.... I can't wait to adopt my toddler!! She's a cutie!!
Mikyra Love (1 year ago)
How much did she costs
Sweet Angel's Nursery (7 months ago)
I think she meant the toddler how much she was
I don't know I won him via a give away
Awww so cute!! Love her smiling face! I just got a smiling toddler last week. Just subbed to your channel. Check mine out if you'd like! :)
xHorrorBusiness86x (1 year ago)
She looks so cute! And you're such a loving Mommy.
Sweet Angel's Nursery (1 year ago)
I am planning on getting a toddler to reborn soon
Winterwitch (1 year ago)
So cute kelly you're a lovely mommy xxx
Love's Reborn Nursery (1 year ago)
Zyana is too cute 😊 what a big girl now wearing big girl pantys

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