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IB Style - Gangnam Style parody by Rohit

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Special Thanks to Brock Burczyk and Terry Travasso Original Artist of Gangnam Style: PSY Karaoke Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHd0NKGUfYQ (ADreamOfficial) Parody Written, produced and performed by Rohit Iyengar Free Download: http://soundcloud.com/rohitiyengar/gangnam-style-parody-ib-style --------------Lyrics------------ Working all day my IA is due in an hour I had 8 months to finish it, but facebook was just better Procrastination ruined me and now I'm in a hurry I just write some bulls*** essay This is IB You've got to do the Theory of Knowledge, In IB You've got 150 hours of CAS, In the IB Extended Essay is the killer, of the IB Of the IB The hexagon is going to screw you, so run away, HEY! just run away HEY! 45 is your favorite number, 45 HEY! All sevens HEY! You just keep working your a** of till you go go go go go... This is IB Style IB Style I-I-I-I this is IB Style IB Style I-I-I-I this is IB Style Yaaaay I did my essay I-I-I-I this is IB Style Noooo there's another one I-I-I-I IB-style, I need 3 HL style To get my diploma I need to have 3 HL style IB-style, I need 3 HL style To get my diploma I need to have 3 HL style This is IB Style Yaaaay I did my essay I-I-I-I this is IB Style Noooo there's another one I-I-I-I This is IB Style
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Text Comments (648)
Orhun Polat (6 months ago)
CAS creativity (done)
SHARK ODON (1 year ago)
I wonder if they used this as cas xD
Montero Entertainment (5 months ago)
SHARK ODON they did after graduation :(
So how many points did you guys get? 😂
neethy (1 year ago)
where's the time
Sparsh Singhal (1 year ago)
sick vid!
Allan Frasheri (1 year ago)
Best CAS project
Emily King (1 year ago)
best iB song that there is.
Rohit Iyengar (1 year ago)
Emily King thank you!!!!
Caroline Caceres (1 year ago)
I watched this in my Theory of Knowledge class and we were all laughing but cried cause this is so true.
Charlotte L (1 year ago)
2 years after the IB and I still have anxiety attacks because of it
Breed Cratton (2 years ago)
shet should i drop out of this now while im only three months into it?
Blustery Bumblebee (2 years ago)
Am I the only one who is struggling with IB History ? I'm drowning under tons of photocopies
Saad Mirza (2 years ago)
Watch the dude in the 1:37 in the corner
Sally Ahn (2 years ago)
"To what extent is TOK IRRELEVANT?"
Carlos Martinez (2 years ago)
How many CAS hours took you to do this?
RichCoffey (2 years ago)
Why bleep Ass in the subtitles if you say it?
Rohit Iyengar (2 years ago)
That's a very solid question! I have no clue what was in my mind 4 years ago haha
Nooh Abdulaal (2 years ago)
I have an essay to do, but i have to do this one first. I'm done with this essay, now i will do my other one. 2 seconds later Another essay? I will do that first. Ok now i'm done i will do my other essay. 2 seconds later More essays? When will they stop giving us essays?
Evan Huynh (2 years ago)
Perfect song
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Motions Of Myth (2 years ago)
never seen more accuracy in a song tbh
Nickwan Pulugurtha (2 years ago)
The first 30 seconds explained my life story of Junior and Senior year 100% thx dude u made my day
Sam Iezzi (2 years ago)
we watched this in class on our last day. and when he said "facebook was just better" my whole class called me out and roasted my ass. why u do dis :,( i am cri. but tbh yeah fb is better than IAs and exam study lol
Milena Suastegui (2 years ago)
Just started IB, my biology teacher played this...
Rohit Iyengar (2 years ago)
+Milena Suastegui Your biology teacher know's what's up!
Sarah L (2 years ago)
I really hope you got CAS for that. 😂
Rohit Iyengar (2 years ago)
Almost there!! For what it's worth, you have our blessings! :D
Sarah L (2 years ago)
+Rohit Iyengar thanks, I just need to pass the exams in May and then, finally it's over and I'm out *_*
Rohit Iyengar (2 years ago)
+Sarah L That's awesome!!! I love to hear stories like that Hahaha best of luck :D :D
Sarah L (2 years ago)
+Rohit Iyengar haha ok 😂 anyway, my history teacher showed this video in class before we got our first draft back and he said "I guess this is what you were like when you were writing your essay" 😂😂 this video perfectly summed up the past two years of my life >.<
Rohit Iyengar (2 years ago)
+Sarah L Haha we actually made this after IB - didn't want them to disqualify us for spreading the truth!! Not sure if it would have counted, I wouldn't be surprised if they'd said no!
Jack Liu (2 years ago)
did u guys use this for cas
Mai Ar Her (1 year ago)
lol and that's when you realize why there are so many ib videos
Selin Dikici (2 years ago)
ahmad aldhaheri (2 years ago)
i feel god about ib all my marks are good but what the fuck is tok why why i dont understand its the most shitiest class ever but somehow o got the highest mark on it and i have no idea how
Jazlin Perez (2 years ago)
Finishing up my TOK essay which is due in a couple of hours and I'm here :)
Ebaa Al Buloushi (2 years ago)
that book in the shower, ahahaha
akriti sethi (2 years ago)
Wow are you an ex-ryanite? How is ib in ryan? I'm moving from cbse ryan to cis in Bangalore any tips for the transition from cbse to ib?
Ausgezeichnet !!!!!!!!
dushyant dasot (2 years ago)
Too good and too true... ;)
Fiona (2 years ago)
I've just chosen my IB subjects and I'm doing HL Maths, Physics and Chemistry I think I've signed my death warrant
Ro-ah S. (11 months ago)
Fiona so, how was it?
It's Gibby! (1 year ago)
I had like no options at my school though, the only options were chem or visual arts and whether you were a beginner french or intermediate, which isnt even an option its decided by whether or not your are in the immersion program which I am so not beginner.
It's Gibby! (1 year ago)
Fiona Math, Chem, French SL, and Bio, English, and World History HL
JxRaid (2 years ago)
Physics HL, Math HL, English B HL (Easy 7)
ThisWorldOfEpicness (2 years ago)
November 2016 Session here. HL Maths, Physics, Economics, Chemistry - SL English A, French B HL Maths is most challenging by far, but you'll get through! Don't procrastinate on your EE or IA's though, and study early. Just had my mocks and am predicted a 44, but it's been a lot of work... If you can get 45 that's pretty insane. Chemistry is alright, and physics is manageable. Economics is one of the easiest HL's you can take I think. French is what I got a 6 in, was only 2% off a 7, but that shit is hard, man. Probably won't get it in the final exams.
AKoonita819 (3 years ago)
it's sad how accurate it is
kitsterangel (3 years ago)
I wrote my ee back in august so im cool but i have friends who only wrote it last weekend (it was due wednesday) and ughhh IA's are killing me!!
Yassin Mellouki (3 years ago)
I wish to commit suicide T_T
Leena Phil (3 years ago)
I should really start my Ia and get off of YouTube
Nassira N'faly Kanté (3 years ago)
Fernanda Roig (3 years ago)
My EE is due this monday and I'm watching this :]
shayan kohler (3 years ago)
i was looking for EE tips but now i landed here
shayan kohler (2 years ago)
haha thx
Rohit Iyengar (2 years ago)
+shayan kohler Best advice: Start Early and don't do try to do the survey 2 days before your draft is due :P
Cristinact (3 years ago)
It says: "Check our bloopers here!" --- I thought the whole video was a long blooper itself :)
jjj31iii31jjj (3 years ago)
I watched this during IB = I laught a nervous laught. I watch it after IB = I cry (tears of joy)
Quynh Trang Nguyen Thi (3 years ago)
Babagite TV (3 years ago)
i'm Asian Canadian
Babagite TV (3 years ago)
toilet part toilet
Babagite TV (3 years ago)
ib rpg horror game brought me here
Arsyn (3 years ago)
lmao me too XD
iamjewishnub (3 years ago)
It's 4 am, final extended essay due in 5 hours, 1.5 k words to reach 3.5 :). All good here!!
AlphaOmegaSon (2 years ago)
+iamjewishnub ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
iamjewishnub (3 years ago)
Pretty sure a solid D coming my way.
thatblondboy 00 (3 years ago)
How did it go?
sross1606 (3 years ago)
I am a writer for my school's IB magazine, called "IB Leaf". I'd like to write an article regarding similarities and differences in the culture of different IB schools around the world. My focus will be on the political views of IB students, but I am interested in hearing about differences in the academic atmosphere as well. If you feel comfortable discussing these topics, I want to interview you via e-mail. If you would be willing to interview, please respond with an e-mail to this adress: [email protected]
Hiba Khalidi (3 years ago)
it's sooo sad bc I find it so relatable :(
appselon (3 years ago)
Army swag (1 year ago)
I'm happy for you
appselon (2 years ago)
+Mera Kristina LOL, now my uni math courses are screwing up my life lol
Mera Kristina (2 years ago)
+appselon HAHAHAHA FEEEL U! But now I'm at university :P hahaha
Blue Cosplay (3 years ago)
idk if to cry or laugh
Zidni Hendrazid (3 years ago)
I have my ib maths exam tomorrow HAHA why am i heree?
Cow Norris (2 years ago)
How did it go?
Lucille Brobbey (3 years ago)
Loool this is actually my life. This cheered me up for my English exam tomorrow
StartwithS StartwithL (3 years ago)
Anyone taking IB exam on this May, Good luck, and good luck for me as well. Thank god we made it haha
Michelleine Acheampong (3 years ago)
did u get cas for this
Gonzalo Pantoja (3 years ago)
+Michelleine Acheampong hahaha good one!
Olivia esddms (3 years ago)
Ha ha seriously I have labs to do, but I'm totally here watching a youtube video.
pandannep (3 years ago)
Lol who cares if my TOK essay is supposed to be uploaded tonight, I'm just gonna watch youtube videos
Mikkel Sharwar (3 years ago)
Haha IB diploma, oh u get a sticker on your disploma, congrats! It only shows that you are too stupid to do core AP classes, and you would prefer to waste time talking about politics in IB Bio etc. why not just take core AP classes like AP Bio and AP Chem, and take a few IB classes like IB English(since it's easier), and IB Spanish(bcuz it looks good on ur transcript), and take an Academy your junior year of high school, for example I did the Bio Medical Engineering Academy program my junior year of high school, it's great, your get 4.5 credits in 2 periods, including AP Bio, & it takes care of one of ur art requirements, if u do this this you'll have a better chance of getting into a nice college, than u would with a bullshit IB Diploma, maybe it looked cool when it first came out, but now a days, top notch colleges know how common it for students to want an easy way to get into a nice college by doing the IB Diploma, when in reality it just shows that your too stupid to take core AP classes... Lol don't waste your time with the IB Diploma, there r much better ways to get into a top notch college ad I explained above, is a sticker on your diploma really worth it? Haha xDDD
Wafelek (3 years ago)
Actually, they changed it so there is no set amount of CAS hours... you just have to do constant reflections...
Umgubular Slashkilter (1 year ago)
I'm in the last f*cking class that had to actually count the stupid hours... At least now I am done forever with this bullshit :)
Rohit Iyengar (2 years ago)
+Wafelek Not sure if that's better or worse, at least with hours you could do a lot in your first year and be done with it!
Javier Carrillo (3 years ago)
Recently I passed to that level, and the only thing that I can tell you is that be an IB student is just a lifestyle, you live for the college
Nishadi Gaitonde (3 years ago)
This video makes my day..
mcSpicyChicken (3 years ago)
Have an IA, and FOA slash  a Bio project but yet here I am doing it IB styles ;/
chinmayee g (3 years ago)
Why am I here when I have two IAs to work on...
Olivia esddms (3 years ago)
LOL ditto.
marchery (4 years ago)
i have a lit iop first thing tomorrow morning. WHY AM I HERE
Martin Jacobsen (4 years ago)
How did it go? I have mine the 18th of Dec :(
AnHiVa (4 years ago)
This helps in my procrastination while I should be doing my TOK presentation and EE
Héctor Magallanes (3 years ago)
TOK presentation due tomorrow yet here
EpicJoeKing (4 years ago)
HAHAHA I relate to this. EE and TOK essay due next week
Canberk Bal (4 years ago)
good job
Fah KK (4 years ago)
The first time I watched this was when I was in grade 10 and I didn't get it. Now I'm in grade 12 and I can FEEL the lyrics. [i submitted EE late for 5 hours and I wrote like more than a thousand words at the last minute] ia, tok, ee please get out of my mind
Albert Brav (4 years ago)
Why I Hate School But Love Education||Spoken Word
Sofia Sulopulos (4 years ago)
Did you pass it??
Josuke Higashikata (4 years ago)
uza3 (4 years ago)
+Sakutaro Morishige  :| Awkward moments.
Josuke Higashikata (4 years ago)
*hugs back while blushing really hard*
+Sakutaro Morishige *hugs*
Josuke Higashikata (4 years ago)
*blushes* M-mayu 0////0
+Sakutaro Morishige :) (i used to be a naomi but i switched since being naomi is boring) *blushes*  *kisses ur cheek*
Josuke Higashikata (4 years ago)
I should work on my Pre-Calc Essay and My Teachers SMART
Nawal Khalid (4 years ago)
is ib that bad? i mean do you get homework everyday and its due like THE NEXT DAY? Because i really want to do this program but i'm scared that i'll procrastinate too much and be under too much stress..help
Gaby- chan (3 years ago)
In my country is difficult but I think the person who teachs, make the subjects and the program difficult or maybe your mind, whether your choose to be an IB student, you will never be the same, and then you will have benefits. -An IB student of Ecuador><
RandomBrowser347 (4 years ago)
+Azaria Martinez As a senior, I honestly felt junior year was MUCH worse. There's IA's and the EE senior year, but there wasn't exactly a shortage of IA's and other IB projects junior year...
아사랴 (4 years ago)
It really depends... if you learn to sacrifice your weekends then it'll be better and to separate assignments out so everything isn't piling on. I HEARD from my teacher that senior year is the worst because seniors have all their IA's and essays due all at once and it's overwhelming. Hope that helped :) ?
RandomBrowser347 (4 years ago)
Major assignments typically have a fairly distant due date...it's just that pretty much all IB students procrastinate, and when it's 2 AM the night before you have to turn it in, you will hate yourself so much. 
detroyist (4 years ago)
pierre henry capelle (4 years ago)
Were you at RIS when you did this?
pierre henry capelle (4 years ago)
Is mr pinto still there?
Rohit Iyengar (4 years ago)
I'd just graduated from there!
Mera Kristina (4 years ago)
Did you get CAS for this? HAHAHA
Rohit Iyengar (2 years ago)
Thank you! #Creativity
Angelina Lee (2 years ago)
This is creative man
Omar Khashab (2 years ago)
+Mera Kristina Im in my first year of IB, any advice HL Business, economics, arabic SL Biology, English, Math
Mera Kristina (3 years ago)
Haha. I don't think it would :P
Rohit Iyengar (4 years ago)
We made this after graduation, so not sure if it would have counted! :D
Timo Kuerten (4 years ago)
thought of the OP: "does this count as CAS?"
Allan Frasheri (1 year ago)
Timo Kuerten Lmao 4chan lingo on Youtube. I will give you a bump for that
Monica Tamayo (4 years ago)
EE due tuesday slowly dying inside....
Dana Nagata (4 years ago)
Should be writing my final Geo essay that's due in like 3 days...yeah such a great IB student....:P
Juli B. (4 years ago)
Yep I should be revising for my IB mocks yet I'm watching this :P
Salman Kameshki (4 years ago)
Candy Cane (4 years ago)
Half way through my exams now :')
Candy Cane (4 years ago)
Many thanks :) Just Maths, History HL and Russian Ab Initio to go now!
Rohit Iyengar (4 years ago)
Good Luck!
appselon (4 years ago)
God... I should be doing my ee instead of watching this....
Lau Espinosa (4 years ago)
I should be doing my extended essay...
Eisenhower Tsang (4 years ago)
Aditi Dhamanaskar (4 years ago)
Mac15001900 (4 years ago)
Seems like everybody just comes here to procrastinate... And I should really go back to my economics IA...
yoyonothinmore (4 years ago)
couldn't have nailed it better xD
Kevin Spolarich (4 years ago)
Things to do instead of the TOK essay due tomorrow include: watching videos like this.
MilkyLyrics (4 years ago)
I should probably start studying for tomorrows Physics test : )
jsmiley411 (4 years ago)
marry me please. why are so great Rohit. I feel that heat you are on fire;). My life IB. I think we just connected….well on the internet; my browser is up;)
Babagite TV (3 years ago)
mary isn't real she just one of her last guertena's work
Sarah Powell (4 years ago)
Rohit Iyengar (4 years ago)
aww thanks :D Your comment made my day!
Simran Shah (4 years ago)
IB why you no get over faster :'( 
Senthuren Sivarupan (4 years ago)
lol nice song!
Paul Lam (4 years ago)
You've wasted 2:29 watching this Now go back to work and revise for HL Physics test tmr gg
SilverFang (4 years ago)
should be studying for math but watching this
Manisha (4 years ago)
Do you think they got CAS for this? 
lfrohling (4 years ago)
Love this! You can seriously rap/sing!
Karol Brito (4 years ago)
IB style  I know,  was really funny ¡¡
Laidback G. (4 years ago)
Guys really return to studying your IA or EE and stop wasting your time here! ...I should too
FlyingToastersUnite (4 years ago)
I haven't started my TOK Presentation and it's due in 11 hours. 
David Cash (5 years ago)
Should be finishing my HL Theatre PPP but I'm watching this... (I'm at 160 pages)
frances theron (5 years ago)
You guys got CAS hours for this didn't you? 
Kamal Chadde (5 years ago)
LOL! That's pretty funny! =P

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