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Diy Mickey Couple Shirts - Crafting with the Hubs!

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Bianca Lugo (1 month ago)
Was wondering when you cut your image did you use your printer to print the image then have the cricut cut it?? Asking because I am new to this & I just got my cricut maker explore air 2
Sally Martin (2 months ago)
You guys sound like me and my hubby down to swinging stuff around near my face. Lol
Allium Wingbub (2 months ago)
No dots
Dora Tavarez (3 months ago)
I have a cricut and I haven’t give it a real used 🙄 I’m an event planner and the reason I bought it was to create labels for the sweet table jars etc and candy boxes like cute ones but I don’t know how to do it! Do you have any videos that can help me?
Oscar Oxon (3 months ago)
how come auntietay coupon at cricut.com is not working
Tanya Prevost (3 months ago)
Couldn’t find sticker paper. Please send link. [email protected]
Tiffany Edmonds Clapp (3 months ago)
I have just ordered my Cricut. Where is the best place to buy shirts at to do iron ons? I love the Bella canvas soft shirts but not sure where to buy them cheap.
All Things Danielle (3 months ago)
Omg she’s not being mean to her husband. As she has said before the last one yes she was a bit grumpy but surely if she was being mean he wouldn’t do it? It’s not like she is insulting him in any way they have that kind of relationship! Every one needs to chill man. ☺️ lets all be happy and do some cool af crafts 😁👍🏻
CranberryHorn (3 months ago)
glue moss to the mickey head and make it a fake topiary ice cream!
Julie Carr (3 months ago)
Watching this is exhausting. Im so confused on what this video is about.
Showahnee320 (3 months ago)
once you have design all pressed and in place...all transfer backing off...you can cover and reheat with press again to remove the lines left by the transfer backing.
Renessa Troyer (3 months ago)
I want to watch and enjoy.... but the back and forth “banter” really distracts from the project.
RRMBGPGL (3 months ago)
All these adds every couple of minutes is so interrupted takes away from the project
Really Good Planning (3 months ago)
Great shirts friend! I need glam in my house, lol!! TFS! Blessings! 💕💕💕
MzDivaShy (3 months ago)
Wish the camera was directly over the shirts. It’s hard to see exactly what’s going on for newbie’s.
Noreen Checkie (3 months ago)
Get to the point, way to much ...
Love ya back in forth so cute. Hey from Texas, guess the ya gave it away.:)
Belle Cruz (3 months ago)
Back to the mickey come can you make a mickey head out of white ball foam and just make a bigger one?
Finding Myself VSG (3 months ago)
Omg! You guys drive me crazy1. You need to have your own show because you run all over your poor hubby . Sorry but you put him down horribly.
Belle Cruz (3 months ago)
Finding Myself VSG they play together ALL the time on their videos. They throw funny loving jabs at each other.
JESSICA GARCIA (3 months ago)
@auntietay I tried using the code auntietay for cricut website and it says the code is invalid, Why?!?? Help!
JESSICA GARCIA (3 months ago)
Belle Cruz thank you so much! 😀
Belle Cruz (3 months ago)
You can use MelodyLane until auntie tay figures out why it’s not working.. I just tried auntietay and it didn’t work for me either.
JESSICA GARCIA (3 months ago)
No just vinyl
JESSICA GARCIA (3 months ago)
Belle Cruz no not trying to buy either one of those items. Some htv
Belle Cruz (3 months ago)
JESSICA GARCIA it doesn’t work for some items like the heat press or the machine. Are you trying to use it on those?
Zulema Robinson (3 months ago)
I feel so bad for him. She's mean.
Diana Curtis (3 months ago)
Trying to shop but it is charging shipping? What am I doing wrong?
Crystal Wiggins (3 months ago)
It reminds me of the hidden Mickeys throughout Disney. I like it
AuntieTay (3 months ago)
Crystal Wiggins that’s so true!

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