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IB Style - Bloopers and BTS

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The Bloopers and some Behind the Scenes shots from our "IB Style" Music Video Special Thanks to Brock Burczyk and Terry Travasso Parody Written, produced and performed by Rohit Iyengar Karaoke Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHd0NKGUfYQ (ADreamOfficial)
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Lance Jackson (2 years ago)
love your video you guys ... i show it to my DP students every year since you made it ... just at the time when I give them the TOK essay ...
Rohit Iyengar (2 years ago)
+Lance Jackson Hahahaha that's hilarious! A lot of TOK ideas have stuck with me since I started working! My boss sometimes gets annoyed at how far out of the box I get with my suggestions.
Shail Shah (4 years ago)
CAS? It includes service as well passing students message to the IB for FREE :D
iamsamira (6 years ago)
what subjects did you take? :)
Maia Petrova (6 years ago)
Shit, 45!
ssvidoez (6 years ago)
This is so great, I am currently neck deep in Essays, English IA, History IA and TOK essay x_x Your channel is great, do you get CAS credits for it? because you totally should :)
Eva Henslee (6 years ago)
soo cool! :D I wish I could meet you guys! :D
Ben Weir (6 years ago)
Damn, now I realize that I have nowhere near enough creativity for CAS Goddammit.
Cat the human. (6 years ago)
That IB english 4 book was a shit ton of money, it takes balls to shower with it(;
MarkfromInfectous2 (6 years ago)
well played sirs. Well played indeed.
MayitO krdnaz (6 years ago)
Awesome the last part !!! lmfao. XD
Ramesh Iyer (6 years ago)

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