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Girl Popping Balloons | ASMR |

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Hii everyonee, a lot of people asked me if I wanted to make a part 2 sooo here it iss! I pop about 100 balloons Xx Don't forget to Subscribe & Hit the bell Xoxo K --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Balloon #Popping #ASMR -------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to follow me on my Socials: Instagram: _xkarinn : Tag me #Karrot Snapchat: karin.x
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Text Comments (59)
Marius Breier (3 days ago)
Pop big balloons
poopleton (3 days ago)
What sort of balloons are those? They remind me of the Fantasia brand, that I can't seem to get hold of anymore.
shang2222 (4 days ago)
blow to pop pls
MrKatyperry1984 (6 days ago)
Great video Karin, thanks so much for sharing. If there is a part 3 could you try and blow some up until they pop. Keep up the great work!!
FUN LEARNING (6 days ago)
This is fun
roov10tdi (7 days ago)
Fearless! Wonderful. Here's hoping for part three! You are amazing. I'd love to see some more foot popping. Nice and slow and cruel to the balloons. Make them suffer; lol Thanks for doing your videos. x
Atol Pienkoski (7 days ago)
Great !!!
Great video! Like the whole "having fun" aspect of it. How about another one? This time, have same amount of balloons. Just pop them only by sitting on them. And you can make it as a game. To see how fast you can pop them all.
I am freakin (8 days ago)
Verry nice i like... Do you can do this with giants balloons?
prince nomi (8 days ago)
Wow...please pop more with long fingernails
현대엑시언트 (8 days ago)
Look at it sitting on it, leaving a balloon above the chair. Do not edit.
Lucky Looner (9 days ago)
Love it :-) Maybe you can do a video in which you pop lots of those balloons only by siting on them on a chair?! Or sitting, jumping and laying on them on the bed in your bikini?! ;-)
Lucky Looner (1 hour ago)
Because every face needs a nose ;-)
Mr. Account Name (2 hours ago)
Lucky Looner Why do you put :-) instead of :)
nadia boucher (9 days ago)
So great pop, thank you
ricoroci (9 days ago)
you´re so nice...please blow balloons with your mouth until they popped...
MrAdrenalin17 (9 days ago)
See how many u can blow up with ur pump in 5 min n then pop with ur fingernails lol
Keiths challenges (9 days ago)
Can you pop two 24” beach balls with your fingernails and sit on one in jeans and make it pop??
J Fischer (9 days ago)
This is really nice! Can you do this with bigger balloons? Like 17 inch?
KarinB (9 days ago)
Maybe next time hahaa, when I'm able to afford it ;P
J Fischer (10 days ago)
Love it !
KarinB (9 days ago)
I'm glad :)
Shoutout 2018 (10 days ago)
Please more
KarinB (9 days ago)
In the future ;)
Looner Max (10 days ago)
could you please wear skirt for more sexy popping like my own videos in this channel?
Music Everywhere Lines (10 days ago)
Wwooww! Thank you very much KarinB you r the best!!! Really enjoyed watching you bursting balloons!...hope your c channel grows fast and big!!! All the best 👍👍😊... And also if you r planning of making the 3rd part can you please do it with some bit bigger balloons then you used now!... Thank you vm! My favorite one was 3:55 😊👍
adarsh chavat (9 days ago)
+KarinB will be waiting 😊😊
KarinB (9 days ago)
He glad you liked :) Gonna be more in the future :)
Gniddup (10 days ago)
Looks like you had a lot of fun! Next time with some bigger balloons maybe? :D
KarinB (9 days ago)
Yess haha, next time :) When I'm finally able to afford those haha
YAN BERNAR (11 days ago)
J'adore les ballons
giron24 (11 days ago)
Wow, those balloons never had a chance to escape lol. Love it you are very good at destroying balloons. Thanks for sharing
ArrowFlash Italy (11 days ago)
Pop with all your heels!!!
ArrowFlash Italy (9 days ago)
+KarinB you have another heels??
KarinB (10 days ago)
ArrowFlash Italy thats a lot but not all are pointy hah
george Tsapkinis (11 days ago)
Beachball pop pls
EvilCruiser246 (11 days ago)
What brand are those balloons? They seem to go “poof” instead of “POP” haha As always thank you for such wonderful content! You’re gorgeous as ever and thank you for being adorable you! 😊
Wasiur rahman (11 days ago)
Ammagin video 🙏
Bajan Treasure (11 days ago)
Hi beautiful Sister cool
KarinB (10 days ago)
Bajan Treasure hii love thankss xx
Welinton Meireles (11 days ago)
Eu amei o vídeo teu estourando balão com pe
AB (11 days ago)
love it :D
Fahad Madougou (11 days ago)
I fap on it
Mr Anonymous (10 days ago)
The fuck dude Kinda rude y'know
ii Xo (11 days ago)
Why is this age restricted???
ii Xo (11 days ago)
+KarinB ah ok, that's a lil strange 😂🤷💞
KarinB (11 days ago)
ii Xo because youtube age restricted my other ballon pop video so I thought i’ll just age restrict this one myself
현대엑시언트 (11 days ago)
Also, do not do video editing, but sit your 20 balloons one by one in your buttocks.
현대엑시언트 (11 days ago)
Just sit in the balloon with her ass weight.
Kenny Moore (11 days ago)
another great video thankyou very much for sharing
KarinB (11 days ago)
Kenny Moore glad you liked xx
Surprise Hunters (11 days ago)
Fun video 🎊🎉🤩
KarinB (11 days ago)
Surprise Hunters ❤️
CutieRayyan Superkid (11 days ago)
This was amazing sounds and fun popping and loved it so much and you look so beautiful my friend 👍💖 loving the hair 😊😊👍 pliz be in touch my friend 💖👍
KarinB (11 days ago)
Hi love! Thankyou soo much <3 Ofcourse <3
Dominik Benz (11 days ago)
Amazing Video very cool i enjoy . Love your Videos. Great 😊🤨😎sexy Outfit.💚❤️
KarinB (11 days ago)
Haha thankyouu! :) <3
Thunder Clouds (11 days ago)
Why do you make these videos
Thunder Clouds (11 days ago)
+KarinB wow you have the best life
KarinB (11 days ago)
Thunder Clouds & for me it reminds me of my childhood haha
KarinB (11 days ago)
Thunder Clouds because its highley requested by a lot of people

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