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Animate with Cartoon Network – Online Animation Course for Kids

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Kids will learn to write, direct & produce your own animated short with help of a professional animator & illustrator. Hundreds of hours of engagement for kids, zero work for parents. Learn more: https://jam.com/courses/10/become-an-animator
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Sparkle Beast (2 months ago)
naw. i teach myself.
baskaran kasimayan (3 months ago)
What software it is on 0:55
Cool person (4 months ago)
I hope to work for CN some day
Buddah Rogers (5 months ago)
That's Kool
Emma linn (9 months ago)
I don't get it. dell is my computer brand om nom I want 2 eat no eating on my computer tom is a name get with me everything is cool tall is a difference I'm cool toenails are kind of weird .
how old do i have to be to git in? i currently do stop moition and would like to improve click on my cannle to see!
It says on the site 9-16
SillyDouglas (11 months ago)
First you need to spell consistently.
Vic Z (1 year ago)
do you need a college education to become and animator?
No you can be animator by try 😊😊like me😅😅😁
SillyDouglas (11 months ago)
Hell no. Do ya think egoraptor went to an animation school? No. Case closed.
Mermaurice 26 (1 year ago)
MixMasterShone (1 year ago)
Did you not watch the video?

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