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[1080p/24FPS] Korosensei's gossiping: Assassination Classroom | 暗殺教室

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__EDIT 02/19/16__ Since this video has gotten quite popular, let me make this clear: I don't own this content, so don't go sending me strikes for this video. Actually, to be honest, I don't give a shit if you do. https://u.pomf.is/jcsyse.png Korosensei gossips on the love life of the male students of 3-E. Really hilarious scene from the amazing anime Assassination Classroom. Don't forget to check it out!
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Text Comments (460)
ß λ (15 hours ago)
Episode please ?
Marktan Estremos (5 days ago)
What ep is this?
Bluue Charky (1 month ago)
Totally ship okuda and karma, who’s with me? There cute! I really wanna ship rio with someone but I don’t see her with anyone there, maybe a boy soemwhere else
Kate Noswatudidthere (1 month ago)
If you dont like information getting out dont write it down Secrets 101
バスケ愛 (2 months ago)
What episode was this
What episode was this
べータ (2 months ago)
あいうえお (3 months ago)
カルマと奥田さんお似合いだと思う(⑉・ ・⑉)
Y S (3 months ago)
渚誰に入れたのかな… あと磯貝くん
K B (3 months ago)
tenmei yuta (3 months ago)
Erick The Spider (3 months ago)
Nagisa definitely choose.... Kayano?
Najla (4 months ago)
Karma looks good in green
체링ᄅᄒ짱 (4 months ago)
Am I the only one that thinks goro sensei looks/acts adorable when he's pink? Or am I just wierd...
霧雨魔理沙 (4 months ago)
剛陣先輩 (4 months ago)
殺せんせーってマッハだよね? 最後の廊下長すぎね?
Bartu (4 months ago)
"Evening, All Mm-hmm. I see."
AN LI (4 months ago)
Pixel Pudding (4 months ago)
しろくま (5 months ago)
ココナッツ (2 months ago)
秘書しずえ (2 months ago)
ポテチ腐った (3 months ago)
居ませんよ ワー!ワー!聞こえなーい!何も聞こえなーい!
しろくま 居るよww
Anime Potatoe:/ (5 months ago)
OTAKU_ GAMING (5 months ago)
What eps
Lane Waln (5 months ago)
1:17 😀 Evening, all. Mm-hmm. I see (slowly close the door)
青野瑠璃子 (5 months ago)
1:17 スっ…
SHINEE 5 (5 months ago)
I like Karma and Okuda
Akmal Mustaqim (5 months ago)
Eps please?
MeagerMoon (5 months ago)
Fucking karma😂😂
CODE BLUE (5 months ago)
I know who voted for kataoka it was isogai. The anime ships them.
Kuro Neko (5 months ago)
Joshua Chhakchhuak (5 months ago)
That's a long ass hallway
asuna yuuki (6 months ago)
Koro sensei 👍👍👍
Kawaii Girl (6 months ago)
I love when Koro sensei slowly slides the door closed :y
Lauren T. (6 months ago)
The reason why maehara didn't say a girl name is because he has a thing for isogai tbh
Nerdy Slinky (6 months ago)
Which episode is this?
Itz ShadowGacha (6 months ago)
2018 any one?
Tamaya (6 months ago)
It's Episode 8 of season 1
Astro (6 months ago)
Boys Data
Ralp Raul Abing (6 months ago)
I bet this is where he got the note for the Test of Courage.
Jade Mariland (6 months ago)
"Nagisa, who do you like?" "I......uh" Inner Nagisa: //OH FUCK NO I CAN'T SAY KARMA RIGHT NOW NOOOOOOO..// "Karma, do you like a girl" "Hmm...." Inner Karma: //Will they believe it's Nagisa? Oh wait it's a boy//
Neptune CPU (6 months ago)
0:51 see? Karmas not gay. But im not gonna stop the shipping from happening (I might be in denial...)
Koro Sensei (6 months ago)
Evening ,all Mm-hmm. I see.
綾小路清隆 (6 months ago)
Silver Star (7 months ago)
I see more of a relationship with Rio & Karma
mizuhara Garnidelia (7 months ago)
Kataoka is my Type. She reminds me of Euphoria.
Gamer_ Eddy (7 months ago)
Evening,all. Mm-hmm. I see ☺️ slowly slides door
Euanne Louise (7 months ago)
My wittle sweet karma has a crush?! NOOOOOO MY HEART AHHH 😞😂 (srsly, I'm crying rn)
Flo Parsons (7 months ago)
0:28 nagisa gets cut off, I wonder why?
Mirgoace Damian (7 months ago)
1:20 :))))))))))))))))))))))
Ronaldandrei Mendoza (7 months ago)
I wish Nagisa finishes his sentence😂
Jhen Miranduque (7 months ago)
he closed da door...
Kawaii 01 (7 months ago)
XxDetektivXxConanxXFanxx (7 months ago)
1:23 😂😂😂😂👍
Lexi loo (7 months ago)
Warning: Opinion with Facts oh no . . . . . . . . . Fact: Karma stated Okuda because of her chemistry and so his pranks will go up. In the Official Character Book its stated Karma does *not* see Okuda as a love interest. Ship it. Go ahead. But its not canon. Opinion: Isogai asked "What girl do you like" he didn't ask "who do you have a crush on". I personally ship Karma x Nagisa, so. Go ahead and ship what you want, just don't bash me for *my* OTP. Kay? ^~^
シスコルサx (4 months ago)
Lexi loo you made my day Your my Holy Know!
krissu olen (6 months ago)
Lexi loo i agree and i ship Karma and Nagisa too!😺
Katsuki Bakugou (8 months ago)
Karma always thinking strange , but i love his devil face nyehihihihi😂😂😂😂
Loneliness Eric (8 months ago)
Nagisa was gonna say “Kayano” lol
Mackenzie 1D Styles (8 months ago)
What’s the episode ??
It's Shina (8 months ago)
Karma X NAGISA 😂😂😂😂😂
Mohammad Mateeb (8 months ago)
What episode is this clip from
Mystical Donut (8 months ago)
Um.. Sorry that I am late ;-; But may I know what episode is this???
ᴏᴍᴀᴀᴡ (8 months ago)
I wish I was Okuda-*cOUgh*
E M M A (8 months ago)
I ship KarmaxNagisa...huhu. <3
Illy. boo (8 months ago)
Pinky Winky. (8 months ago)
Does anyone know what episode this is? Because, I can't find it...
Sardrellas (8 months ago)
Crisp 24fps hurts
Toshii Gaminggt (8 months ago)
Koro senses weak point Is.............. LOVE GOSSIPING!
SHELL SHOCK (9 months ago)
What episode is this I didn't seen that part anyone please
Basil9 (9 months ago)
Anime doesn’t go at 24 FPS
たすぎ (9 months ago)
SonaCz (9 months ago)
amy allen (9 months ago)
Karma with ANYONE seems like a problem. I bet he could turn just anyone to the dark side
Miyoko Quinene (9 months ago)
1:22 thank me later
김수연 (9 months ago)
Carly_ Cake (9 months ago)
Lol this is hilarious lol i can’t stop laughing
Assal Khaldi (9 months ago)
Koro Sensei 😂😂😂😂
HeyIm Wolf (9 months ago)
What episode?
LORD ALPHA (10 months ago)
Nothing to see
Unusual Child (10 months ago)
Choose 1: Karma x Nagisa Karma x Okuda Nagisa x Kayano
Unusual Child (10 months ago)
Since nagisa was asked about a girl, most likely it's Kayano. Otherwise Karma
Unusual Child (10 months ago)
They should have given nagisa a chance I WUZ CURIOUS
TashiroMiyumi (10 months ago)
1:23 everybody's favorite part
Shadowtrollswords (10 months ago)
i love how this is the same shit women do
Mufidatul Khoiriyah (10 months ago)
karma likes okuda :")
Thewindsthoughts (10 months ago)
DAMN IT! I wish Koro-sensei was my teacher! Damn it
SpiffyGAMER YT (10 months ago)
Koro-Sensei When he peeked out the door and closed it slowly 😂😂😬
Muna Shrestha (10 months ago)
Who does nagisa like ...?🤔
Loli hag (10 months ago)
Fact: Nagisa was suppose to be a girl and Karmagisa was supposed to be canon but they changed it
Tushti Sinha (7 months ago)
Smokey Fox 0600 (10 months ago)
Loli hag WHY?!
Caligulas Catnip (10 months ago)
Weakness 12: Loves Gossip
Emo Nightmare (11 months ago)
Which episode is this again...?
Amai Neko (11 months ago)
I ship Karma and Okuda,nerd deserves love too....but....Karma x Nagisa is still my OTP!!!!❤
Satans Sweetheart (11 months ago)
In the background
Satans Sweetheart (11 months ago)
Whats the song called
Poop Goo (11 months ago)
Why not throw ur knife it is a hallway so it will be hard for him
ailin chiang (11 months ago)
12 votes 12 guys yet some didnt vote hmmmmmm
lucy uchiha (11 months ago)
When maehara ask nagisa who he like I bet in his mind he was trying to say "I like karma"
Harvey Manaloto (11 months ago)
Sir Quacc (1 year ago)
I think this is the moment when everyone found out Nagisa was a guy
蒼井碧 (1 year ago)
クロロホルムwww 怖いw地味に怖いw

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