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Cities Skylines - Water Physics - Tutorial

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Welcome to the Water Tutorial for Cities Skylines, from BonBonB. Do you have trouble understanding the Water Tool in Cities Skylines, either in the Map Editor, on in the live game itself. Well struggle no more as I walk you through step by step all the things you need to know about controlling the water physics, the sea levels, water flow in your rivers, or even creating a stable lake that won't polute when you tip sewage into it. Extra Landscaping Tools by BloodyPenguin http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=502750307 Merrickstowe Map by BonBonB http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1188640712 The FULL "What Map", Map List (over 200 reviews) https://www.patreon.com/BonBonB/posts ********************************************** Support the channel on PATREON ~for only 4 pennies a show~ https://www.patreon.com/BonBonB Follow me on social media... Twitter: @edgeofthesofa Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/citiesskylinesplay Tags: Cities Skylines, Sim City, What Map, Map Review, Asset Review, BonBonB, Bon Bon B, Water Tutorial
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Text Comments (99)
UpClimb Bike Trial (12 days ago)
i just set up 2 slit to let water flow into my shallow equal depth lake, i wonder any wave interference, sth like superposition occurs, however the wave interference pattern cannot be observed, i wonder whether it actually exists but too small to be observed or there are no such thing in the game...
UpClimb Bike Trial (11 days ago)
+BonBonB btw ur videos are awesome, i like ur voice
UpClimb Bike Trial (11 days ago)
+BonBonB it is just entry level physics and if the game simulate water like waves, the interference pattern may occur but if the game has simulated the water flow in a more simple way, like simple water chunk directions, the water jelly in the game will not form any wave patterns... however, when the water go through one slit, the water behave like waves, there are simluated wave frequencies based on its depth according to the physics theory, but when it go through 2 slits, it seems that 2 waves merged into 1 wave and didnt have the intererence pattern occured as 2 waves intersects each other and form superposition lines, i wonder cities skylines did this to save computing power in order to run more other things or it is just too small to be observed.
BonBonB (12 days ago)
I think you've studied this more than I have.
Supremo (18 days ago)
why is you water looks so realistic? my water looks like shit! is there a graphic mods for that?
BonBonB (17 days ago)
+Supremo No extra mods. Just find a nice well designed map, use a nice theme, add a nice LUT. Might I suggest my new map, Saint Catherine's Point.
Supremo (17 days ago)
+BonBonB Thanks bro! but I'm not talking about the color/LUT coz I already installed them as well as the ultimate eyecandy but my water doesn't look anything like yours... I wish you could've just told me what mods it is lol
BonBonB (18 days ago)
Check my previous replies, someone else asked the same thing
Jerimiaz (23 days ago)
Thank you! I've been looking for an explanation like this for a long time!
BonBonB (22 days ago)
Glad I could help
Enzo Says (29 days ago)
very nice guide, thanks :)
BonBonB (28 days ago)
Hope it helps :-)
Stiggy Stiggy (1 month ago)
So if a pond doesn’t curve and a lake doesn’t curve this means an ocean wouldn’t curve
BonBonB (28 days ago)
Because the Earth is flat. And square. Skylines proves this.
Constantin Stiller (1 month ago)
Lol nice Thx
invisiblenothin DJ (2 months ago)
Can u do it on Xbox?
BonBonB (2 months ago)
Sorry, I don't know exactly what tools are available on the Xbox version.
Jurian 234 (2 months ago)
How did you get your water so realistic
BonBonB (2 months ago)
Just find a theme and LUT combination that you like :-)
KayCee Fry (2 months ago)
I was trying to make my own map and didn’t understand how to make the water took work. Good tips. Also...... my experimenting may have worked except for one thing. I didn’t unpause the game! Lol for some reason, I didn’t think of it for making a map. The water never went anywhere or did anything for me. What a brain fart!
BonBonB (2 months ago)
Hahaha yes, we've all done that. I've waited 5 minutes for the other empires to take their turn in Civilisation 5, only to realise I hadn't clicked "End Turn". FML :D
Crick120 (2 months ago)
Tutorial: GET A MOD
Nuki-Booki (3 months ago)
I lowered my river level and it didn't look good thanks this looks much better
CreeperPlays_MC (3 months ago)
How do i get the inventory with anything from the not infinite money mode? What mode do i need to play?
BonBonB (3 months ago)
The links you need are in the description
Seecooty (4 months ago)
CC-5052 (4 months ago)
Hey bro, I was wondering what the mod for the color of the water is. I have been looking all over the workshop and community but cannot find the water mod. Can you give me the link to it?
BonBonB (4 months ago)
At the bottom you'll find an option for colour correction. This affects all the colours in game. I review a different "LUT" each week on What Map in the Theme Review section. For water check the shows these days: Monday - Running water - Daytime Tuesday - Still water - Daytime Thursday = Running water - Dusk Friday - Still water - Dusk To change LUTs simply go into the Options Menu, choose Graphics, and select a different downloaded LUT from the Colour Correction box. Or better still you'll want a mod called Ultimate Eyecandy which will let you change LUT in the game window. Hope all this helps
Harald Postmyr Aspelund (5 months ago)
Thnx alot for this explenation, struggeled with source lvl to make my rivers flow nicely ;).
Harald Postmyr Aspelund (5 months ago)
Always a pleasure!
BonBonB (5 months ago)
Thanks for watching :-)
Carlos Alfaro (5 months ago)
Another super helpful video 👏🏻 For real, I watch your tutorials and then I am: BUT OF COURSE! HaHa
Carlos Alfaro (5 months ago)
A little bit lol
BonBonB (5 months ago)
Like when I get stuck on level three of any platformer and have to watch a tutorial from an eight year old to progress #everysingletime :D
alameachan (6 months ago)
Nagdammit, thank ye! Finally I can fill that hole in my central park!
BackSeatJunkie (6 months ago)
Finally, someone who doesn't spend 20 minutes telling us what they are going to show us while they get ready to show us and then it only takes 6 minutes to show us. Brilliant. To the point and helpful. You are my new King.
BonBonB (6 months ago)
Bring me grapes ;-)
bertjesklotepino (6 months ago)
You can use just 1 watersource in a lake and have it pump away the sewage.
BonBonB (6 months ago)
On a small lake, perhaps. But on a larger lake the more active water movement with two sources will draw the sewage away much faster, especially useful if you have multiple outflows.
gripps2211 (6 months ago)
Brilliant just what I was looking for.
BonBonB (6 months ago)
Great. Glad it helped
Buğrahan (6 months ago)
I need water source for dam when I try the map is under watet game create water sources how I can do this?
BonBonB (6 months ago)
Not that simple to answer my friend. But the game won't create new water sources. I suggest practicing on an empty map until you are happy you know the basics. You will still probably flood some areas, we all do that. So long as it is temporary then that is okay.
Peter Gill (6 months ago)
Really clear and informative tutorial (as you would expect from BonBonB). I wonder ... is there a way of constructing an underground river such as we enjoy in limestone landscapes?
BonBonB (6 months ago)
Hi Peter, thanks for the kind words. No method of making an underground river right now, so you'll have to be creative. Looks like there are caves added in the Parklife DLC, so placing one where you want the water to disappear underground, and then putting a 'drain' there (as shown in the tutorial), and then another cave where you want the water to emerge, and then a water source at that location; that would be an effective way of simulating an underground river.
RadicalEdward2 (7 months ago)
Great tutorial but what about getting water to flow out of the map?
BonBonB (7 months ago)
Hi Edward. I should make a tutorial on this too. But you have two options: 1. Only one side of the map has water exit, the other three feed water (look at an island map, go to the edges with fog switched off to see). Get your river exit point on a exit edge and you are sorted. 2. Place a water drain point (as shown in this tutorial right at the edge of the map. The water will appear to flow off the map, but actually drain just before the edge.
Matthew Lee (7 months ago)
Great video
BonBonB (7 months ago)
Thanks, hope it helps
yonderTheGreat (7 months ago)
Superb, thanks!
BonBonB (7 months ago)
Wayne (8 months ago)
Top marks for this and it helps a lot but would be great to see a tutorial on making a small riveror stream flow through a map aswell
Wayne (8 months ago)
Super gonna to be looking foward to it! many thanks BonBonB
BonBonB (8 months ago)
It's on my very long "things to do list". Not quite near the top, but it is in the second tier of things to do.
David Cunningham (8 months ago)
So helpful to have the difference between a water source and the fill to function explained. I have a dam where I just can’t get the water flow right to create enough power and I now know why! Thanks BonBonB.
Watching TrainsgoBy (9 months ago)
Great tutorial. I use this trick with a deeper hole, but 1 water source.. large area but the water level is lower than the hole and it stays brown which is gross, but looks like a sewage plant.. it has never overflowed on me. the water being pumped in doesn't actually add to the amount of water,, HOWEVER if the holes water level is too high, the sewage pumped in causes the water to slosh around and that can cause small overflows depending on wind power. lowering the water a couple meters fixes that. You don't need roads or services for your pumps or treatment plants so I create a large rectangle with a road, dig out the inside about 20 -30 meters deeper, erase one side of the road at a time and use the quay tool to build a perfect edge around the rectangle. the sewage drains and treatment plants sit perfectly on them. I've had up to 8 treatment plants so far. It's a little tricky because the quay has to be on the shore and it is sometimes tricky getting the shore straight while you delete the road for the quay. Then I put the flood wall around the entire area to make it look somewhat industrial. Plus if you misjudge the water level at first, it saves you. You will only need to connect the pipes and tall power lines. It keeps lakes and ocean clean and it costs nothing for the terraforming so you can do it early on in the game.. as soon as you get the landscaping tool. I even leave little hills inside the hole and use sand and little weeds inside to make it look nasty and like stuff is growing in the water.. lol sorry if you're eating right now.
seawolf77079 (9 months ago)
BonBonB, thanks for another insightful and informative tutorial. Now, if my brain had the capacity to retain what you and all the creative CS youtubers have tried to show me, I might be able to make a map and produce a city that doesn't look like it was finger painted by a psychotic chimpanzee.
BonBonB (9 months ago)
I'm going to have to do a tutorial for that some day. My best tip for the map, take your time, and test it. Do a BonBon flythrough. Anything not 100% to your liking, make a written note, then go back into the editor with your notes and fix, then test again, more notes (hopefully fewer), fix, and repeat. When you're done, build a test city, just to make sure everything works. THEN publish. All things being well, you should have a good map :-)
seawolf77079 (9 months ago)
I appreciate all that you do. I am going to try my hand at publishing a map on the workshop. I'm not sure if I have figured out how to do it correctly. Crossing my fingers :-)
BonBonB (9 months ago)
My cities are similar. I have a grand vision.... but I end up with vision impossible.
Neetah (9 months ago)
Best tutorial, period.
BonBonB (9 months ago)
Thanks :-)
Fistandantillus Flinx (9 months ago)
I didn't know about that drain trick, thanks!
BonBonB (9 months ago)
Then the tutorial was worth it :-)
cam Marks (9 months ago)
I've been experimenting with the water tool and this tutorial helps a whole bunch. Thank You
BonBonB (9 months ago)
Cool. Have fun with your perfect rivers :-)
Derrick Brown (9 months ago)
You are so kind for tutoring would be map makers who want the coveted Seal of Approval! Well done!
BonBonB (9 months ago)
Not really. I'll just increase the standards required for the SOA instead :D
Michael Bunt (9 months ago)
Thanks! Very informative.
BonBonB (9 months ago)
Thanks Michael
MrVegas (9 months ago)
The best Skylines tutor on Youtube. Thanks again B.
BonBonB (9 months ago)
Thanks MrV
Construction Gaming (9 months ago)
Very helpful, thanks for sharing
BonBonB (9 months ago)
Thanks CG
James Hines (9 months ago)
Well that is a good lesson for all those poor drowned trees.
BonBonB (9 months ago)
Save a tree today.
Ecania (9 months ago)
Well explained tutorial and very basic , just think of the water as some kind of jelly and u be fine after learning those basics and now we need an other tutorial from BonBon , and thats how we are hiding our watersources in a nice and smooth way. A common mistake is using to big watersources in rivers , just use big watersources in the sea where the rivers enter to create streams in sea from rivers...I just use bigger sources in big rivers if I want a powerful waterfall.
Hoodat Whatzit (6 months ago)
Thanks, Ecania! I was wondering if it was necessary to place a water source a the river's outflow point into the sea.When I first started playing Skylines, I once played a map that had a beautiful beach that became "Poop Shores" rather quickly. Also.. I'm still working on hiding my water sources in a more realistic way. Definitely trying your rocks trick. BBB... that's a tutorial we definitely need. I've seen many people ask how!
BonBonB (9 months ago)
Thanks ecania :-)
Max Mustermann (9 months ago)
You can make a water source as small as 0.001 by typing it in the box manually. Also, when you have long and steep rivers, continous water sources help prevent waves and "resonance disasters" making the river run dry for a moment. Great tutorial though. Entertaining, too! :)
Hoodat Whatzit (6 months ago)
Thank you, Max! I've been trying to figure out how to get rid of waves in one of my rivers. Came back to this video to get a water physics remediation lesson and suddenly realized I should probably peruse the comments. Glad I did so!
BonBonB (9 months ago)
Nice extra tip there. I did know about typing the digits, but was keeping it simple for the video. That said, I didn't know about 0.001. I'll certainly be using this myself
Harry's Place (9 months ago)
Controlling the water is a pain in the ass, it took me ages to build the seaport https://i.redd.it/zqfzel3f4nf01.png
BonBonB (9 months ago)
Nice work Harry :-)
hendrik de jong (9 months ago)
Ah - Owl .... he does good stuff!
Harry's Place (9 months ago)
it's owl's merchants bay , i only added the seaport https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=826475528
hendrik de jong (9 months ago)
Great looking map!
John Fenney (9 months ago)
Thanks for the tutorial. Water is a real pain in the game. Hopefully your tips will help me take control of my devilish floods. :)
BonBonB (9 months ago)
As long as your cims are all dry :-)
Thie Skellan (9 months ago)
Great tutorial, thanks very much, really useful.
BonBonB (9 months ago)
No probs :-)
hendrik de jong (9 months ago)
Great tutorial ... I didn't know the solution for a good looking and functioning lake - but now I do. thank you!
BonBonB (9 months ago)
Thanks H
Morgan (9 months ago)
Excellent tutorial :) What I have learned about CS and water is..... Do NOT touch water :D On my current map i wanted to widen the river so that i could place a shipping route to travel its full length, the river joins together two seas. I did that without much issue, I can cut and chop land with the best of 'em. Gotta love BP and his Extra Landscaping tools. It kinda worked out but even the best and fastest of my liners and cargo ships would beach themselves on some dry parts of the river. This is where I got creative with raising and lowering terrain, not knowing about the tool you have used so well here. The results was a deluge of water, and we are talking biblical here. Think of a tsunami on steroids. My 180k Cims didn't know what hit them. I did the very best thing I could, left the game on 3x and went to make a cup of tea. I'm sure that I was away for around 15mins. My city resembled what Atlantis must have looked like, the day after. Things were better after removing six large water pumping stations (from the workshop) and moving over to water towers. Boy can those pumps suck a river almost dry....! Afterwards I decided to play around with canals, I'm glad that we can build multiple pumping services, with trucks :) Going back to a previous save I now feel rearmed with more knowledge and power. Muaaaaaahh Thanks as always Mr B.
BonBonB (9 months ago)
Hahaha... we've all been there :-)
João Ribeiro (9 months ago)
Very nice tutorial. Not everybody knows how to water well there it is. Keep up the good work.
BonBonB (9 months ago)
Thanks. This will certainly help a good few people.
DaequAdam (9 months ago)
I am almost done with my map : )
BonBonB (9 months ago)
No rush. Take your time. :-)

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