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Bursting some more balloons :) Again with a banana for a scale #9gag lol

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Welp, what are you looking here? :D If you want me to pop your favorite balloons, PM me, I guess I could :)
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CraftItUp (25 days ago)
do it again
CraftItUp (25 days ago)
do sitting balloons
ALCACHOFA PEPINO (2 months ago)
Rich hot wuapa busting all the balloons you want; D
Tim Atkinson (2 months ago)
Balloon popper plz sit pop round Geo Donuts balloons
JJE Football (3 months ago)
Can you sit pop Mylar balloons in leather
roov10tdi (10 months ago)
Forgive me for asking, but are you male or female? Hard to tell. No nail varnish, but not hairy arms. Lol
roov10tdi (8 months ago)
Not always. I have seen many cross dressers on YT. There are no real obvious shots that show or prove this is a lady. I would liek to hope it is though.
Sepp (9 months ago)
Ehm yeeeeeees *BUTT* which male is wearing these black pants? its pretty easy she is a Woman.
William Cambero (1 year ago)
put that ass in my face plisdd
Sepp (1 year ago)
You can pop some R32 Cattex they are pretty good. and all who ask ''where did you get them'' i got them from Balloons-united.com/ ;)
Sepp (1 year ago)
But if you do it before 10Pm you can do more noise then :) But only in Germany i think
BalloonPopper (1 year ago)
The bang I guess is much louder than these. I live in an apartment, im afraid it will be too loud ;D not because im afraid but because neighbours will come
Tim Atkinson (1 year ago)
did you save these poped balloons for me plz plz let me know
uNaMEd PeRsON (1 year ago)
Very nice nail pop some
lolita torres (2 months ago)
Puto sexual nino

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