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Врр 001 (3 months ago)
Sea doo GTX limited 👍 https://youtu.be/VaMjJFrqYck https://youtu.be/QdvuSIO6dnQ https://youtu.be/9gVALCFDgyg https://youtu.be/2zi26y59DGA Sing ap
Mike BOWELL (11 months ago)
FriedWolf (2 years ago)
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Tassie1966 (2 years ago)
NEVER BUY A NEW RELEASE hang off until they bring the up grades out that gos we anything ski , car etc one thing i would like to know what tests do they put these skis and how many hoursand ski do they test do they put on them before they put them on the show room floor regardless whether its fixed under warranty or not it should fuck up in the first place
Tassie1966 (2 years ago)
as I said the suspension model suits me because i have a hip replacement and yes they are a heavy log of a ski but its suit me needs. I ride in the Tasmania jetski club were around 90% ride seadoos (288)members I Have had 3 seadoo first 1 2 stoke didnt have it lot 12 hours went fine i up graded to a 2009 rxt 255 is i always want that ski loved the yellow skis in the first 93 hours i had to replace the clustrer intercooler seadoo make a sit intercooler and they know it coolant bottle (cracked) seat ripped wiring harness suppercharger hose blow off there was a recall on that but my ski didnt get it all covered under warranty and fix right way 2 day after the warranty ranout at 93 hour easy riding the supercharged let go the bearing went in it brp give me a new 200 hrs supercharge and that was all lucky i took out extended manufacturer warranty which cover thr rest new fly wheel etc got it back on the water went great until 136 hours then the IBR went extended manufacturer warranty cover that all good until about 20 hour later then the fucking inter cooler cracked by this time i was over this yellow lemon BRP had a lot to answer forthey quality control and duty of care to the customer was appapalling i put and after market intercooler in it i lot better built the ski was put out around 280 hp better on fuel i had know more problems sold the ski12 month ago at 242 hour and its still running fine my mate brought 2010 rxt260 is rode it like he stole it sold it at 210 hrs and never have a problem i wrote BRP letter exressing my disapointment they wote back that they would pass it on yer right more like hit the delete botton lol they sent me a gift when it got it was 2 yelloew seadoo hats abd a half a dozon key rings WTF a service pack or nothing at all would have been better
Tassie1966 (2 years ago)
I have to agree with the last comments the early model supercharged seadoos where are lemons I can't comment on the New 300 as far as I know they are good Watercraft but by saying Yamaha are not faultless I was talking to an ex Yamaha dealer and he said when the 1100 came out they used more oil than fuel they all had to be replaced and one of the supercharged Yamaha models failed aftermarket kit fixed it there was also a manufacturing fault on some of the Yamaha skis where a clamp wasn't done up and the skis sunk he was a Yamaha dealer for 19 years he is now seadoo dealer now he said all skis have their faults at the end of the day it's personal choice I'm a Seadoo person myself only because they make a suspension model which suits my needs with a hip replacement and S3 hole has a nice deep footwell i am 6.2 ft but if you buy a Seadoo make sure it's a current model they seem to have all the bugs find out on them I was filming that YouTube you just watched and Yamaha was better ski on the day. The Jetski Club majority of the people in the club ride seadoos and they don't seem to have any problems with them and that goes for the Yamahas as well Yamahas are better on fuel.
Bob-A-Lou Anna Maria (2 years ago)
Tassie1966 what club has majority seadoo? Every time I ride i see double the Yamaha. And the bugs worked out? LOL, tell that to my 2016 TX300 with the blown charger at 11hours. The suspension model is a heavy log of a ski. Every time I see these comments defending seadoo reliability it's always obviously a seadoo fan boy. As I have stated in previous comments, I have zero brand loyalty and always buy what I think will be a top performer. I've owned them all, and seadoo is so painfully pitifully awful in the reliability department. This is why 98% of rental shops use Yamaha, and 75% of racers are running Yamaha. Look at the results from each week. Yamaha consistently taking all 3 podiums, or 2 of 3... it's embarrassing how much better Yamaha is at the moment. I love competition and can't wait to see what seadoo comes up with next to try and compete with the FX and new VXR SVHO (GP1800). If they make something that clearly surpasses either of those skis I'll be all over it. Until it blows up of course .
Bob-A-Lou Anna Maria (2 years ago)
Tassie1966 dude not even close. That comment is so obviously pro seadoo. All makes have had some issues, yes... but seadoo had had 50x's the issues, and 100's more individual skis die on people. And seadoo sucks for getting a warranty claim taken care of. Yamaha is seamless and often takes care of their customers out of warranty. Also, the handful of Yamaha issues you mentioned were not wide spread. You're talking about a handful of skis that slipped by some factory worker not paying attention. The issues seadoo faces are flaws within the engineering or design of the ski, even when the ski is put together properly.
Bob-A-Lou Anna Maria (2 years ago)
Tassie1966 I had a 2016 TX300 That blew its charger at 11 hours. A 2009 did the same at 20 hours. I have a friend with a px300 currently in the shop waiting for a whole new engine. Super charger exploded and the block cracked... All SeaDoos are lemons. It's just a matter of when... ride them like the are gonna explode, because it will!
Shannon Long (2 years ago)
I have a 2015 FZR and I rode a friends 2016 Seadoo RXP 300. Doesn't feel as fast. Haven't truly raced yet. He wants to put more hours on it. I'm pretty sure my ski is faster.
Christopher Lee (2 years ago)
Yamaha is trusted and tested. They are faster and more reliable than seadoo. Aesthetically, the seadoo is more appealing to the eye. Overall performance, reliability and function go to Yamaha.
Bob-A-Lou Anna Maria (2 years ago)
Christopher Lee you just stayed subjective option as fact. Aesthetics should never be stated as fact.. I think the Yamahas looks better... Who's right and who's wrong? The fact is the only real, measurable, meaningful differences are up front cost, long term cost, performance, fuel economy, technology, reliability, and maintenance costs... Yamaha wins in all of those categories class to class comparisons
Tassie1966 (1 year ago)
Yamaha was the fastest on the day
Skynet (1 year ago)
I know why the rooster tale is there thankyou. Not liking it has nothing to do with immaturity, but I did seem to hurt your feelings there. It's called personal preference. I'm an old school pwc guy. My first PWC was the 93 Sea-doo XP. Even at that time the rooster tale of Wave runners looked dumb to me. Safety concerns aside, It's defiantly going to be disconnected if I head in Yamaha's direction.
W M (1 year ago)
Yokel Perfecto I agree. FZ is sooooo sexy. My VXR SVHO is growing on me some. Not a fan of my FX SVHO, but I didn't buy her for looks. I don't think I'll ever unload my FZS with them being discontinued.
Yokel Perfecto (1 year ago)
nimaside IMO the FZR and FZS are the sexiest PWC ever made
Yokel Perfecto (1 year ago)
nimaside yamaha has had the rooster tail since the beginning. It's a safety feature to alert to on coming boats a watercraft is approaching. The original waverunners were tiny and made very little side splash or wake. So when coming head on, that little squirt of water helped signal other boaters. It has stuck since as a sort of signature mark. If you're that immature and worried about it and must have it gone, yes you just unstrap the hose clamp and remove the hose. Takes 30 seconds
Skynet (1 year ago)
Also I feel my RXPX 255 is the last perfectly sized and powered two seater that sea-doo made...also a beauty in the looks department. Subjectivity. The new rxp-x is just ugly to me and way to big, which is why i'm looking elsewhere for my next pwc. I haven't decided yet.
Middleastbeast (2 years ago)
Which is a better ski though? More reliable the yamaha looks to be the better ski from what ive heard
Bob-A-Lou Anna Maria (1 year ago)
Mark G Yamaha's worst year was 100 x's better than BRP's worst year
Bob-A-Lou Anna Maria (1 year ago)
I've forgotten twice as much about Yamaha than you'll ever know
Bob-A-Lou Anna Maria (1 year ago)
Fuck face. I have a 2015 FZS and FX SVHO both running 80. And a 2017 VXR SVHO (I can't stand calling it a GP1800), that's running 77. The Hull is fine. My dealership says Yamaha has already established a fix but they don't know if it'll be a recall yet. All 2017 model are still Under first year factory warranty. Mine has a 5 year. The 2003 GP1300R needed reinforcements too from the 10 extra hp up from the 2002 GP1200R. Yamaha takes care of shit, seaturd doesnt
Tassie1966 (2 years ago)
both skis are Factory no mods and the 300 had around 14 hours on it
Christopher Lee (2 years ago)
This past weekend we tested the 2016 rxp and the 2015 fzr. The fzr won every single time. We switched up the riders and still the Yamaha won.
Gopro Guy (2 years ago)
I have a.buddy with one in Florida and he brought it up to our lake in Alabama. I have a 14 fx svho with about 21 hours and his has about 19. I expected him to accelerate a lot faster but top out about the same but after 7 races I was ahead all 7 buy at least 4 links in about a quarter of a mile. I was as surprised as he was.
Tassie1966 (2 years ago)
sports mode work was working well when I rode it at 12 hrs i own a SeaDoo myself but you just gotta suck it up Yamaha was faster that day.
Devin Broaddus (2 years ago)
you realize seadoos are restricted and won't go into sport mode until 15 hours try again later
Tassie1966 (2 years ago)
No mods both skis are stock the 300 had 14 hours on it
woopelaye!! haha
Parrot Head (2 years ago)
LMAO!!! I told these seadoo guys that the 300hp would not help the seadoo on top speed. The new 2016 yamaha FX SVHO is king of the water.. I guess I'll go ahead and purchase one so I can embarrass the new RXP X 300 owners!!
Bob-A-Lou Anna Maria (2 years ago)
Parrot Head actually the 2014 and 2015 FX and FZ are just as fast as the 2016. It's all about luck of the draw as far as getting one that runs 68, 70 or 72... Both my 2015 FX and FZ run 71-72. My buddies 2016 FX barely hangs at 69. Another guy I know has a 2014 FZR, hits 72 all day.
mohammed aldwerji (2 years ago)
looool where is your 300 HP now seadoo xD
Bob-A-Lou Anna Maria (2 years ago)
+Mark G Yamaha uses stainless steel and aluminum. They can't rust
Mark G (2 years ago)
+Boi imma bout to roast you I don't own a Yamaha, I own a Kawasaki, I think rust is a issue of maintenance..my ski looks nearly flawless and a friend of mine has way more rust and ski is about same age.   
Bob-A-Lou Anna Maria (2 years ago)
+Boi imma bout to roast you bahahahahahhahahahhaha ... Bahahahahahaha! PLEASE tell me you're joking. YAMAHA Uses marine grade parts and materials. Their engine was DESIGNED specifically for marine use The Seadud however, total rust bucket after 3-4 years!!!! Why do you think seadud has to use a radiator?! Their non marine shit can't take salt water!!
KFCTACOMAN (2 years ago)
+Mark G wait until your Yamaha corrodes after 2 years

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