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Toddler & Baby Haul - Cat & Jack Brand Feature and more!

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Audra Granath (1 year ago)
I love baby clothes! Can never have too many onesies or sleepers. I love all of the clothing you chose. they're so cute.I love sewing them too. As far as diapers. I haven't bought them for a long time but before my first baby was born I was working so every paycheck I would buy a package of diapers. All different brands cuz I had no idea which ones were the best cuz my Mom cloth diapered so she didn't know. Anyway, when Timmy was born he broke out in this horrible diaper rash. I thought I was a terrible Mother because I just could not get rid of this diaper rash. The doctor then suggested that maybe he was allergic to his diapers. So I had to try a different brand every few days. Found out he was allergic to everything except Pampers. So that is what I had to get. When my 2nd baby came along I didn't want to take the chance of him being allergic so I just bought Pampers. One time someone gave me some Huggies & I liked them & he was fine wearing them so I switched between the 2 brands. Now I'm just waiting for grandbabies to come so we can start buying them again lol. As far as what I would like to see. I loved your cooking/baking videos. Those were cool. I also like your grocery hauls. Oh & I saw in the nursery tour you said you crochet. I also crochet.My Grandmother taught me when I was around 6 or 7. I would love to see other things you have made. Do you sew? Have a great night!
XiongTV (2 years ago)
I love the Cat and Jack brand as well! But I love your channel content and subscribed. I have a channel as well, if you don't mind, please check it out.
E Family (2 years ago)
Great haul! We are loving the Cat & Jack line at Target as well......I also like your top with the lacy detail at the sleeves. Take care! TFS! ~*~
MommyTiff (2 years ago)
Great haul!
Em's Essentials (2 years ago)
Super cute stuff! I'll have to check out the Cat & Jack stuff for my kiddos. I don't get out to Target nearly as often as I'd like. Loving all the gray for your sweet baby! Very nice haul. :-) ~Em
The Purple Alphabet (2 years ago)
Cute stuff. I'm really liking the Cat & Jack brand too.
buffalo bill (2 years ago)
Just to save you time and money its a boy :) nice little haul though, i myself enjoy vlogs but dont mind sit downs, also some updates on the new baby is nice
RoxannaJ (2 years ago)
For your q & a- do you this the baby is a boy or girl? any mother's intuition. And why do you think that? ;) You got some very cute items. I may have to get that same jacket for Yonatan! too cute.
The Shuiligans (2 years ago)
Eekkkkk I am so excited for it to be winter, but yer winter is so much better than ours THERES ONLY SO MUCH RAIN I CAN TAKE....annnnnndddd breath! Cant believe little man is nearly two, its so exiting just shopping for little people stuff!!! Love the little lumberjack jacket I'd wear it if it came in grown up sizes xxx
Madlen Muir (2 years ago)
aww.. was glad to see you put up a vlog...girl you got some of the cutest clothes for the new baby and of course Ryker...that jacket and those boots are adorable...like a lumberjack outfit...Ryker going to be so cute as if he ain't already...lol...just keep us up to date on this new baby and how you are feeling...in this video you looked tired....don't over work yourself take it easy...I'm praying you have another son...nothing bad on having a girl but just looking for a brother for Ryker...you have such sweet babies anyway...you all find a house yet?...Well hugs to you all ...have a good week.... .
Kassie Moon (2 years ago)
I'm so jelly of the colder weather you're getting already. It's still so hot here in SoCal
alaskanspartan89 (2 years ago)
I hope the new baby is a boy because Ryker needs someone to play with
Charity S (2 years ago)
Super cute boy clothes 😍😍😍

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