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Sea Doo Spark vs Yamaha VX Features | Watercraft for sale in NC (704) 394-7301 | Team Charlotte

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http://tinyurl.com/ma8qyml Sea Doo Spark vs Yamaha VX Features | Watercraft for sale in NC (704) 394-7301 | Team Charlotte http://www.teamcharlottemotorsports.com/ http://www.teamcharlottemotorsports.com/inventory/v1/Current/Yamaha/Personal-Watercraft/Versatility/2014-VX The Sea-Doo Spark - Rotax 3 Cylinder 4 stroke 899cc engine - Some easy access to engine - Optional Storage 7.42 gallon bucket - Polytec Plastic Coating - Max weight= 452lbs - 7.9 gallon fuel capacity - Weighs 405lb - $4,999MSRP Yamaha VX - 10502cc 4 Cylinder 4 stroke Marine engine - Full easy access to engine, oil, and battery - access to full engine - standard 15.1 gallon storage - fiberglass reenforced sheet molded compound - premier automotive compound - max weight= 530lbs - 18.5 fuel capacity - 750lbs - $9,799MSRP Come check out the Yamaha VX for sale at Team Charlotte Motorsports!! Yamaha’s best-selling VX Cruiser has been reengineered with lightweight NanoXcel® technology for an all-new riding experience that’s responsive and big on fun. Give us a call at (704) 394-7301! Nanotechnology is engineered on a molecular level making it possible for Yamaha designers to create a revolutionary hull with more strength and durability while shaving 65 pounds off the total weight – giving this nimble craft a lighter weight that’s superior to the competition. Team Charlotte Motorsports - (704) 394-7301!! The benefits are quicker acceleration, faster mid range and top end speeds and better fuel efficiency. And for families riding three up, Yamaha’s exclusive Cruiser® seat provides all-day cruising comfort. Team Charlotte Motorsports 3004 Freedom Drive Charlotte, NC 28208 (704) 394-7301 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoB18t86r-M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR7CtApKVWE&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnRXou2iplEbVgRuj3wA_Lw https://plus.google.com/112848864662015834851/about Team Charlotte Motorsports, Sea Doo Spark, Yamaha VX, Personal Watercraft, Jet Ski, Wave Runner, Charlotte NC
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Text Comments (93)
Villa Holm (1 day ago)
The Yamaha has 110 horsepower and the spark has 90 and its a smaller machine so its not the same thing
John Fischman (2 months ago)
I have been a seadoo fan since 96 and have a couple, but that spark seems like just cheap garbage. I would take the Yamaha on this one.
cameron householder (3 months ago)
Yeah but spend about 500 more get the trixx that has trim adjustable handles and is way nicer
mack etherington (4 months ago)
“Tests you can trust”
fcs3ren (5 months ago)
Yeah i wanna buy a new spark. but i like to do my own maintenance sea doo seems unpratical
Phobo Phobia (5 months ago)
btw most people hate working on sea doo or ski doo stuff since they always make them so hard to work on !
Phobo Phobia (5 months ago)
well sea doo spark is pretty cheap and junk ! I would never buy one spend little more get way more !
Ah sea doo, the walmart of pwc's
Shannon Williams (5 months ago)
Seadoos are junk
Ron Dog (5 months ago)
buy the spark. I'm gettin an EX Yamaha. di whatever dafuk u wanna
john frias (6 months ago)
Not a fan of Sea Doo but this isnt a fair comparison. Spark vs ex series would be more accurate.
Mofo Jones (6 months ago)
I also fell for the BS of the scrap! Sorry the spark and after riding it with friends and just being left behind by all other skis i decided to get rid of it! Even my 1996 XP was faster than this rubermaid container, save your money and skip the see doodoo scrap
Jason Van Dyken (8 months ago)
That’s not an engine mount that for the closed cooling you moron. I’d choose spark over Yamaha
Carl Dea (9 months ago)
I know this is back in 2014, but really the comparison should be a 3up spark (ibr, vts, etc) and a Yamaha EX. I think making the price closer (even) let's people make better purchasing decisions.
Xavier Bachop (10 months ago)
#making the spark look bad when it’s good
sharkcraft (11 months ago)
Reliability and build quality is everything to most Australians. I bought a Yamaha due to their reliability shown by their outboards. Commercial fleets are getting 4000hours out of their outboards and the Waverunners in excess of 1000 hours. Yamaha has a national support network whereas SeaDoo is only in capital cities. When I am 40 miles out to sea doing tow ins (next stop is Antarctica) I want a machine that won't crack, won't break down and handle ocean chop. I have to tow the damn Spark 650 miles to get it serviced or repaired by a SeaDoo dealer. Keep your plastic crap back in America
Thesasha Friberg (1 year ago)
The Yamaha looks like its 20 year old
Peyton Petzold (1 year ago)
Who rides on a jet ski like that (the second person) you’d fall off in an instant😂😂
noctanol (1 year ago)
Worst part is yamaha is advertising spark for free. Haven't seen spark advertising for others😅😅😅😅
Jaime Sarabia (1 year ago)
The front storage on the Yamaha isnt waterproof
disney886 (1 year ago)
What a joke the video itself is sponsored by yamaha and the YouTube channel "team charlotte powersports" isn't a seadoo dealer do yourself a favor, if your looking into buying a rec lite pwc go to a dealer that sells both skis and decide urself
Hunter J (1 year ago)
The front storage on the Yamaha isant waterproof
Fabian Vargas (1 year ago)
must have been in touring mode for 0-30 sparks do it in like 1.9 seconds
1dashcamboatsandcars (1 year ago)
Yamaha seems to have the upper end on most comparisons, that spark looks rough, and I was all about one for next year. Its like a old ladies power wheels.
1dashcamboatsandcars (1 year ago)
wheres the boat saftey kits? :P :)
Chris Burger (1 year ago)
I heard the entire Sea-Doo line up is now made in Mexico. Hmmmm.
Jess Roberts (1 year ago)
Chris Burger they are. I have two gti130's. One made in Canada and the other in Mexico and if I pulled the sticker off you would not be able to decipher which came from where.
Mofo Jones (1 year ago)
yeah this scraps are garbage! i had one and the best day ever its when i got rid of it
gureno19 (1 year ago)
that Spark will not be around in 10+ years. that yamaha VX will. long term reliability, serviceability, superior fit, finish and quality of materials are what set apart a Yamaha from a Seadoo. The end.
mack etherington (4 months ago)
gureno19 you do know that 7 marine uses a Cadillac CTS engine right?
Ben Wells (1 year ago)
gureno19 so true 🙌🏻
gureno19 (1 year ago)
horsepower doesnt mean much when your broken down in the ocean! enjoy your snowmobile motor buddie, ill stick with a dedicated marine engine.
Gopro Master (1 year ago)
You forgot to say horsepower, oh wait yamaha can't make that much Hp
Beaux Dishon (1 year ago)
They have different purposes dumb ass
Beaux Dishon (1 year ago)
The Yamaha is smooth luxury the spark is ajile and fun
Nick Grigorakos (1 year ago)
This is more a case of which one is less retarded jet ski rather than which one is better...
Dan L (1 year ago)
what a joke you can't even compare the 2 they are both 2 very different machines an a different purpose
Hypoflow (1 year ago)
This guy sounds like this is his first time seeing a spark
Mofo Jones (2 years ago)
even Boates had to admit! the spark is a piece of shit
Junito Punto Comm (2 years ago)
Sea doo Spark sucks !! Get the Yamaha VX Limited.
Lumilan (1 year ago)
You want to give me that extra $4,000 for the Yamaha?
Harold Webb (2 years ago)
I have a Sunseeker Predator 60 for which I purchased a tender (a brig 400 with a 30hp Yamaha outboard) and a Jetski (a Sea-Doo Spark) and I used to own a Sea-Doo RXP. From my experience I can say that although Yamaha engines are built like tanks, the reason I and a lot of others I know have the Sparks over the Vx is for a few reasons. First because of the weight, I lift my Spark onto the bathing platform with a passarelle and it would really put too much pressure on it to lift the Vx, second, the Sea-Doo looks ten times as modern (I like to make sure my pride and joy doesn't look shit), and lastly because those stupid telltales wreak havoc in the marina spraying water over people. If I was on the poor end of the spectrum and used a jet ski as my main watercraft (like a yob) I could maybe understand the Vx but I'm not, and you guys have to understand that this is what the spark was made for, being a fun tender for a boat like mine, not a rival for the Vx.
Konor Sacks (2 years ago)
they should make the disclaimer that this video is sponsored by Yamaha more clear
W M (2 months ago)
Lol what a faggot. They never directly dissed the spark as the piece of shit that it is but you know they wanted too. BoatTest.com is exceptionally unbiased. They say it as it is
OCTOOZZY (3 months ago)
I agree with the OP
Peter (3 months ago)
sharkcraft (9 months ago)
Stop being a sook and face facts
Pong The Boy (2 years ago)
The Yamaha just looks so dull
Phobo Phobia (5 months ago)
better look dull then to use a spark that craps out since its cheap plastic !
Kale Sander (8 months ago)
Mitchell Tomlinson it is.. but id it still proves to be solid and capable, why change? Don’t think the spark is still in production in 2028
Kale Sander (8 months ago)
Might be true.. compare it to a Toyota Corolla, not the sexiest car in the world but will never let you down.
Mitchell Tomlinson (2 years ago)
i know it looks like its from 2005
samuel broach (2 years ago)
he is not moveing houses he is an idiot
I pick the Yamaha.
Mike Dean (2 years ago)
They may be both their respective manufacturer's entry level ski, but they aren't targeted for the same crowd. The only reason they compete with each other is, because Yamaha hasn't come out with a ski that's as basic as the Spark. In all actuality the VX compares more closely to the GTS, with price, standard features, and specs. They failed to mention some of the most attractive traits the Spark has going for it in this video. Personally I'd rather have a VX, but I don't like how unfair the majority of reviews and comparisons that are available have been.
Bass N Cat MASTER (3 months ago)
Mike Dean What are the most "attractive traits" of the Spark?? I'm shopping around for a jet ski.So I'm new.
James Winfield (1 year ago)
Mike Dean I was thinking the same thing. The GTS would have been a more fair comparison.
Ron Opfer (2 years ago)
I love the idea of the small sporty Sea Doo Spark. So much so, I purchased 2 of them. Then one weekend, I was skipping across Lake Mead with one of the Sparks, (something I have done for over 30 years on a PWC) and the recycled plastic hull cracked big time on a wake. That shouldn't happen. When the recycled plastic cracks, it keeps going and keeps going. The hull is completely ruined. I would recommend looking into a PWC not made from recycled plastic.
Mofo Jones (1 year ago)
same thing happened to mine cracked hull, broken steering column and 5 wear rings! just got tired of crap breaking on this POS
Ron Opfer (2 years ago)
No. I don't work for Yamaha. I am an avid boater with over 40 years on the water. My first PWC was a Kawasaki back in 1978. I can tell by your tone that I have more experience and knowledge than you have wisdom. My point is that recycled plastic is a bad idea for a PWC. Take a one gallon milk jug and drop it on the ground. The "single" long crack is the same thing that happens to Sparks. Plastic is a bad idea for a boat.
Oren Kieth (2 years ago)
Do you work for Yamaha? I've seen you make this comment word for word on many spark videos. I've pounded waves on Lake michigan ( some of the most unforgiving waters in the world) launched off of 4+ feet waves and landed flat with out a single problem. Take your propaganda somewhere else.
Stinky Potatos (2 years ago)
lololololol thats what you get for buying a shit seadoo. lololololol. sorry I feel bad for you. did you buy a yamaha?
Man Stuff Channel (2 years ago)
the sparks engine compartment rarely needs to be accessed.. "it's not really breaking a seal" it's the same as removing the seat on your yamaha. also flushing the system is a lot easier on the spark.. the access point is next to the jet drive and not inside the engine compartment. the sparks sponsons are not adjustable.. they are replaceable if you want a firmer cut when making a turn I personally enjoy powersliding my spark around corners.
fcs3ren (5 months ago)
Does anybody have videos about this how to flush and accesing the engine
R3ACxEMPEROR (2 years ago)
actually it does cuz yamaha engines are the most durable on the planet so you won't be going in for repairs. on the spark on the other hand, it has a huge problem with its shafts which 2 out of 16 people have to change which costs at least 3000 dollars. If your going to be going into repairs every weekend then it wouldn't be very pleasant to take off the entire plastic hull xD xD
Man Stuff Channel (2 years ago)
the metal bands beneath the hull of the spark are heat exchangers.... as the spark has a closed loop cooling system they act like the radiator.. the spark has half the fuel capacity because it drinks half as much fuel.. the spark is much faster out of the hole than the vx... it has 20 hp less.. but weighs half acts much... you decide.
W M (2 months ago)
The real comparison is the spark vs the ex ...ex wins
W M (2 months ago)
Aaron Pritchard Yamaha has the largest market share since 2015. Largely impart thanks to the shit•doo Spark. The only reason Sea•don’t sells at all is because of their excessive marketing and people know the name. There’s a reason 97% of rental shops use Yamaha, and 2:5% use Kawasaki. 😂
W M (2 months ago)
Aaron Pritchard Yamaha has the largest market share since 2015. Largely impart thanks to the shit•doo Spark. The only reason Sea•don’t sells at all is because of their excessive marketing and people know the name. There’s a reason 97% of rental shops use Yamaha, and 2:5% use Kawasaki. 😂
W M (2 months ago)
Man Stuff Channel the spark is the biggest piece of shit made
W M (2 months ago)
Hahahahaha heat exchangers??!? NOPE... supports for the shit plastic hull
Man Stuff Channel (2 years ago)
hahah.. this is such a fucking hose job

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