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Magic Mike - Official Trailer - On DVD and Blu-ray now!

5720 ratings | 3589126 views
▶ Available on DVD and Blu-ray Now! ▶ Starring: Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConaughey ▶ Directed by: Steven Soderbergh Synopsis: To a rebellious 19-year-old kid (Pettyfer) looking for independence from his family, Magic Mike (Tatum) seems like the perfect role model: he’s got a nice car, a nice apartment, and a seemingly endless supply of women. What’s his secret? He’s a male stripper, and when the kid dives headlong into Magic Mike’s world, his mad dancing skills and hunger for excitement make for an unforgettable summer… ▶ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LionsgateUK ▶ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LionsgateUK ▶ Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=LionsgateFilmsUK
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Text Comments (857)
Suriya Khaled (3 months ago)
I want to watch this for Alex pettyfer. I promised myself that I would not watch until I graduate. I don't know if I'll ever graduate. But, I need an Alex pettyfer in my life with those gorgeous blond locks. A girl can dream 😉😉😉😉
smart girl (11 months ago)
i wish I dance like that hi mike
Shilina Golez (1 year ago)
not half as funny as I thought it would be :/ Still my eyes were blessed by Alex Pettyfer 😍😍
Cleide Vieira (3 years ago)
aa11ff (3 years ago)
no i dont think so it will not if you dont hawe some hiden gay things inside othewise it will make you to undestand a little bit better women )) and it will make to think about making sport much more to giwe women to tuch nice sexy stomach))) so lets giwe ladyes what they wont )))
11viewer77 (3 years ago)
Will this movie make me gay if I watch it ??
Logic hype (2 years ago)
:D hahhaahha :D maybe you can learn a lot :D
Danuta Gromowska (3 years ago)
Super Man Channing Tatum Magic Mike :) Film wyłącznie dla kobiet :-)
nanda goulart (4 years ago)
muuuuuito booommmmm....
Yeibert Casneiro (4 years ago)
Como se llama la musica de fondo?
antonela gomez (4 years ago)
Rihana we found love
Alexander Elvis (4 years ago)
Uhmmm....i think movie z jst...."there"...yh..ts jst der. A movie to WHILE AWAY TYM
Alexander Elvis (4 years ago)
Uhmmm....i think movie z jst...."there"...yh..ts jst der. A movie to WHILE AWAY TYM
Gabriela Vázquez (5 years ago)
tss!!!! que interesante *o*
Aody Helberg (5 years ago)
Perfect! Wow! Who think about this?
WoW maaaadre mia los amigos como estann buuuuf :)
MC_Pablo (5 years ago)
kinda gay!!!!
Cinthya Helena (5 years ago)
Matt s2
Ale Brito (5 years ago)
Cuál es la canción del inicio?? 0:18- 0:25
jassu h. (5 years ago)
channing tatum ♥_♥ the best movie ever <3
soyverito1 (5 years ago)
Alex Ndubi (5 years ago)
Marcin Pietko (5 years ago)
and where the fuck is Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias? HUH?! BASTARDS!!!
DarkEvilAngelx (5 years ago)
hotty i love him
Jane Doe (5 years ago)
sim quente!
mon garcia (5 years ago)
Matt 3
Alexander Orfanopoulos (5 years ago)
Where is Fluffy?
Fernanda Sicre (5 years ago)
Matt Bomer es un dios griegoo ♥_♥
Marsh Marlou (5 years ago)
Jesus I need a body like that!
linusoonks (5 years ago)
waitwaitwait isnt alex pettyfyer that kid in stormbreaker?;/
Camille Endrenal (5 years ago)
channing so stunning!!!!:)
Tiffany Hernandez (5 years ago)
Matt Bomer
Valeria Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Matt! :*
KK Suwanna (5 years ago)
Where is the fluffy???
majakowac (5 years ago)
Ken is adorable!!!!!
Javiera Antonia09 (5 years ago)
Esto es venganza pura, despues de tantos años soportando asjdsahdjhasjdh la tengo q descargar
trine2401 (5 years ago)
Camila Maressa (5 years ago)
Lupita Soto (5 years ago)
Dr Zaro (5 years ago)
lol at 2:20 when fluffy says raaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrr if u know what i mean :P
Jeppe viborg (5 years ago)
Am i the only one here that came to find Gabriel Iglesias?
Millie Star (5 years ago)
Stupid Film!!!
Karoline Andrade (5 years ago)
sweemare (5 years ago)
This was the basic idea ... but they lost the way during production ... crap
randomuploadsism (5 years ago)
does this movie have a storyline?
Ambrose (5 years ago)
Edgar Nicolás (5 years ago)
We Found Love ------>Rihanna <3 1:15
rai x (5 years ago)
i f-ing love you Channing Tatum.
Suzanne Cheung (9 months ago)
rai x no good pictures rell rell rell rell rell rell
Ingrid Oliveira (5 years ago)
Just love the beginning!
Louvimnazcel Magbanua (5 years ago)
Channing Tatum + Matt Bomer = *q* (drool)
uchiicemaru dao (5 years ago)
And for gays out there!
Suzanne Cheung (9 months ago)
uchiicemaru dao picture I see is awful picture rell rell rell rell rell rell
Sari Farsi TV (5 years ago)
guys i just watched the movie , to be honest Hmmm its ok you know boring but ok , if you have nothing to do just watch it ,
cathy sarzano (5 years ago)
Amanda (5 years ago)
That dude in your profile pic looks gay.
Michelle Grey (5 years ago)
Matt Bomer <3 es l unica razon por la que la vijejej
Jolly Ann Bilad (5 years ago)
my guilty pleasure :3
Apoorva Baranitharan (5 years ago)
omg i want to strip channing! ;)
KING SOLLOMAN (5 years ago)
i really fancy channing tatum...porn for gays :)
Lula (5 years ago)
y alex pettyfer ♥ ♥
Lula (5 years ago)
yo veo esto por channing ♥
Yummy Sounds (5 years ago)
And for some Guys too...! ;D
elena (5 years ago)
0:53 Neal Caffrey?
superstubes (5 years ago)
nice bit of flesh ,but not a great film.
Japanese please
courtney pevensie (5 years ago)
Channing Tatum+Matt Bomer+Alex Pettyfer... i think i just died and went to heaven.
Yo Bruin (5 years ago)
i wish i was this girl at 0:14
holanoobs (5 years ago)
The Full Monty did it better
Nel Joli (5 years ago)
Alex Pettyfer!!!!
Leby Jose (5 years ago)
Dion-lea Richards (5 years ago)
i love this fim
Sonia Luján (5 years ago)
Y me caso con Mike... *.*
Ale Wang (5 years ago)
Simeon Baker (5 years ago)
You had to watch this before you had a crush on Channing Tatum o.O
Rossy Trujillo (5 years ago)
:O << my face during the whole video.
Estela Fernando (5 years ago)
I wonder if I can get few strippers to dress up as cops hahah hot as fuck
Busra Ali (5 years ago)
OMG mi gusta
maribranicio (5 years ago)
fun fact: Channing Tatum did such a good job in his part as a stripper because he was actually one when he left high school.
Nataša Stojkovic (5 years ago)
this is great :DDDDD
MrStelena (5 years ago)
Same to me :)
Paulo Freitas (5 years ago)
0_0 what the, ... what?
Bibiana Avalos (5 years ago)
Ooooohhh myyy goooood!!!! I mean like omg -3* Girl porn yeah like....
Vikinka Vojtkova (5 years ago)
The whole movie I was like "Can I touch you Matt?Can I....touch you pleeeease?"I have a big obssesion with Matt Bomer -_-
Aylla Sousa (6 years ago)
We need more movies like this for woman!!! I support porn for woman LOL
gabi richardson (6 years ago)
why can't alex say to me-hey gab, I think we should be best friends????
eden817 (6 years ago)
OMG *~* SO HOT ♥
Yo Bruin (6 years ago)
Nasia Gr. (6 years ago)
1:46 now I see the Magic! ;)
Minnie Mouse (6 years ago)
Thums up if you stop or pause on 1:50 your gonna yummy
hugo salazar (6 years ago)
Suzanne Cheung (9 months ago)
hugo salazar no thank you picture is no good rell rell rell rell rell rell rell
honeynut clusters (6 years ago)
alex pettyfer<3
kanatapaw (6 years ago)
ewwwwww oh ehh a little bit of sick came up fill the area with asian men , you can count me in this movie looks shite
myrthe0097 (6 years ago)
we found love - rihanna x
yham (6 years ago)
Channing is LOVE <3
inday taratitat (6 years ago)
sexy chicks?awesome movie. see at icefilms.co.nr
Carlos (6 years ago)
ae esse filme é engraçado ? eu ia assistir mais vim ver o trailer e num achei legal,quem ja assistiu pode me dizer se é bom mesmo o filme.
Berk öztürk (6 years ago)
Miyo Mankanshoku (6 years ago)
watched this for Matt Bomer ♥
Luis Rojas (6 years ago)
I watched this with my girlfriend and now I think things about myself.
ChristaCarolina (6 years ago)
Channing Tatum is soo hott!!!!!!
lollylaura216 (6 years ago)
Me and my friend watched this when we both had boyfriends, and felt so awkward, now we are both single, and we both love this film ;D
Alex punisher (6 years ago)
Fuck..seriously is this a movie that a fucking dude can watch,,?
Irmelin Angell Losvik (6 years ago)
Alex AND Channing in the same movie!!! <3 OMG it's a dream come true, now all that's missing is that I could star in the movie and be able to watch them strip irl!! <3<3

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