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Slime Balloon Mystery Challenge! Making Giant Slime with Giant Balloons!

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Today I'm trying the Slime Balloon Challenge! My mom filled giant balloons with all kinds of slime making ingredients! https://www.hopemarieslimeshop.com/shop-1 She filled the tub with all of the balloons and I'm going to guess what's in the balloons and the challenge is to make two bowls of mystery slime from the ingredients in the balloons! It gets really messy and fun! Have you tried slime balloon making yet? Let me know in the comments if you have.Hope's Heroes Subscribe http://bit.ly/1S0o7G3 Today is an exciting day! Want to win a shoutout in my next YT video? Here’s how: 1. SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel here http://bit.ly/1S0o7G3 2. Comment #SLIMEBALLOONCHALLENGE in your favorite video telling me WHY you love it! 3. I'll read everyone's messages and choose my favorite comments & give you a shoutout in next week’s video! Don't forget to watch the last slime making video https://youtu.be/9oIYKxgnM1I when In California to meet the KIDZ BOP kids, we went on a slime ingredient hunt to see if we could find slime ingredients and make slime in our hotel room! We only had one hour to see if we could find some ingredients that would work and then make the slime. Noah was having trouble playing with the slime without it sticking to him! Get SuperHeroKids Stickers for iMessage here http://bit.ly/superherokidstickers Play Cookie Jam here https://rcksr.com/pl/184557814/129 JazzyGirlStuff here http://bit.ly/1FlcCaL Annie Rose here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHVSseA5eTTguk_o5InXu9w SuperHeroKids here http://bit.ly/1KA3pfX
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Text Comments (14690)
RIrin Prasetyo (4 days ago)
Is better slime 😧
monica thomas (22 days ago)
monica thomas (22 days ago)
Omg, blos
Stacie Kirkman (1 month ago)
Hi hopeee loved this video... FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS: LOVED the video... LOVE your channel.. can I please have a shout out #balloonslimechallenge
Brooke Castilleja (1 month ago)
24 was sooooooooo easy to find like if you agree
Thomasina McGee (1 month ago)
9 was behind you
Arcelia De La Torre (1 month ago)
Laura Hancocks (1 month ago)
Chris Snow (1 month ago)
did u notice she didn't add any color??
Camilla Maldondo (1 month ago)
Trisha Garg (1 month ago)
It is behind her
Hxtem Hxssn (1 month ago)
24 is basic
Hxtem Hxssn (1 month ago)
Yeah i did
guacamole Ole 14 (1 month ago)
SummerSlime (1 month ago)
SummerSlime (1 month ago)
i see 24 it's black and white she doesn't see it yet LOL! :-)
Cortez Reliford (2 months ago)
U petty cute
CHARLES IVORY SR. (2 months ago)
hope marie you are cute
Rick Nelson (2 months ago)
Beside her
Rick Nelson (2 months ago)
It is behind her
jeyappiriya prathees (2 months ago)
yes i saw nuber 24
Mark Christian Ramirez (2 months ago)
Down the big ballon
Audrey Marquardt (2 months ago)
did she just say : "handy dandy"?????????????????? WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Mariam Ahmed (2 months ago)
It would help if she got out the tub 😂
Kwabena Nantwi (2 months ago)
Hi Nana Kofi
Bridie Cover (2 months ago)
Zoey Duhme (2 months ago)
Olive Roni (2 months ago)
24 is right there
Gatcha blogs rock!!! O-O (2 months ago)
I found nine right behiend her and I fond it earlier and UNICORNS
Serria scott fagan (2 months ago)
I found it
the fam (2 months ago)
Nola Garton (2 months ago)
Anastasia Kostopoulou (2 months ago)
Unicorns so easy
Its Kawaii Time (2 months ago)
The Book Craze (2 months ago)
Found it
PomPom TheLlama (3 months ago)
she spelled comment wrong
Wendy McKinley (3 months ago)
You should sell it
Wendy McKinley (3 months ago)
I found 30 she's holding it
Rowan Alshakergi (3 months ago)
Whydid u do it in the ball tub lol
The Babies (3 months ago)
I found 9 and 24 escy
Cute Kitty (3 months ago)
I☁💟💟☁💟💟☁ 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟 💟💟💟💟💟💟💟 ☁💟💟💟💟💟☁ ☁☁💟💟💟☁☁ ☁☁☁💟☁☁☁
Cute Kitty (3 months ago)
your vidoes
TT Tari k (3 months ago)
Uappi Dopmul (3 months ago)
I found 9 behind you
tarra en rafi (3 months ago)
I saw nummber 24
Todor Todorov (3 months ago)
ai no lail you😐😲😞😤😫🤐😯
Raquel T (3 months ago)
I won't some slime.
Rebekah Naranjo (3 months ago)
Found 24
Tobias Clover (3 months ago)
Tobias Clover (3 months ago)
Ana Kittie Kat (3 months ago)
Addisyn Smith (3 months ago)
you should name the blue slime blueberry
Addisyn Smith (3 months ago)
found it
Grace Olivia (3 months ago)
It was next to you haha 😆
Rachel Wilkie (3 months ago)
there was 2 left
Greg Healy (3 months ago)
Found 24 sooooo easy love yah 💗
Abbie- Live, Laugh, Love (3 months ago)
Found 24 it's in the cow bloon
nikki valencia (3 months ago)
Nicole Willis (3 months ago)
Amelie Hedgehog (3 months ago)
I saw 24
Megan's YouTube Channel (3 months ago)
Found 24
Nany Morales (3 months ago)
I saw no.9 lol behind her
Yashaya Nicks (3 months ago)
why did you have jeanes on when you are makeing slime
Richxps (3 months ago)
I love ur vids . #bsllonslimechallange
NARWHALE CHAN (3 months ago)
number 9 is behind ya :P
Tee Jay (3 months ago)
sell it
Alictube (3 months ago)
#9 #24 your so cool l can not look away from your videos
Orange vs Pink (3 months ago)
I found number q it was behind her in the beginning
Kai Marie (3 months ago)
found 24
Kai Marie (3 months ago)
found nine
Fearless D (3 months ago)
Found 24
No Name (3 months ago)
Braces anyone?
OriginalCUPKAYK (3 months ago)
I saw that one forever lol it’s beside her
Shelbi Dion (4 months ago)
number 24 was right next to her! :0)
bfolz2416 (4 months ago)
Found 24
laser ninja target (4 months ago)
Dound 24
Payten Perfect Panda (4 months ago)
yes sell it to me please
Alba Luz Nuñez (4 months ago)
24 was just by your side
Mia Garcia (4 months ago)
Found 9 and 24
The Queen Bee SLIMER (4 months ago)
Yea I found it . it was right beside her
Michaela Gilmore (4 months ago)
I found 24 right away.
Summer Channel (4 months ago)
Unicorn !!!🦄🦄🦄🦄 love ur channel ur amazing
John Slurps Ramen (4 months ago)
I found 9
Paul Souza (4 months ago)
also 9
Paul Souza (4 months ago)
Paul Souza (4 months ago)
found 24
Zim Kids (4 months ago)
It was my brothers birthday and you said happy birthday
Liliana Faiers (4 months ago)
Behind her
friv player (4 months ago)
Keisha Cassanova (4 months ago)
It by you
Kyleen Brown (4 months ago)
unicorns=24 (found it) and I found number 9
Amanda Mulder (4 months ago)
Aprill Love (4 months ago)
Marie 206 (4 months ago)
I found 24
Daniella Akinyemi (4 months ago)
Found 24
Yoli VAUTHERIN (4 months ago)
found 24
Babiii. Isaa (4 months ago)
When she had a hard time looking for number 24 was it just me or I was looking dead at the 24 balloon next and just thinking * it is lidget right there*. LOL 😝
Seri Jeans (4 months ago)
In the back on the bottom
saysomethin4humanity Hi (4 months ago)
lol cool
Cynthia Razo (4 months ago)
Found 24 unicorns 🦄
Clumsy Pigeon (4 months ago)

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