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Sea-doo RXT-X 300 Vs GP1800 Broken in head to head

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Both of these machines have 10 hours or more and running head to head to see who is the king of the hill Rick Dyer and sometimes his sidekick Audrey Dyer Takes you inside the car business with their Buy Here Pay Here Program . Rick Is the king of Buy Here Pay here and will teach you how to start a dealer for $12000 and Under with Bad Credit. We also do Car reviews and auto mechanic. Please Like And Subscribe Money Maker Auto Dealer https://www.facebook.com/groups/352511651889040/ Website https://12000Dealer.com Twitter https://twitter.com/BigfootTracker Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ZeroAutoMart/?hl=en
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Text Comments (192)
Nick Baxter (1 month ago)
I own a See Doo RXT-X and have done for the last 5 years. Goes like the clappers and looks great but wouldn’t own one again even for a bet! Broken engine mounts, intercoolers, rusted parts (even with a lot of care), broken seat and front cowling brackets etc etc Very poorly made, you can’t go past the Japanese made machines!!
Birdman (2 months ago)
Not a fair race! The Yamaha has a larger displacement engine with "4" cylinders and is lighter in weight.
Bu3amraz (2 months ago)
What do you think of the rxt 2012 black/orange ? Im thinking if getting one, what to look at before buying ? Any advice ?
Cullan Strong (3 months ago)
Has the Sea doo had its first scheduled maintenance yet? I was told the computer doesn't let it put out 100% until that first maintenance. I just got an RXP X 300 today so I'll find out soon enough I guess.
Andrew Fazz (2 months ago)
I have had many near misses of falling off. I only fell off once when sitting still and tying a rope to it
Cullan Strong (2 months ago)
+Andrew Fazz mine just hit 22 hrs I went to schedule the first service and they told me I could wait until 50 hrs If I wanted to. But it unlocked all of its power at 5 hrs it bucked me off because I didn't notice the timer
Andrew Fazz (2 months ago)
how many hours is that? I am at 21 currently with the 230 GTX
Kevin Lamb (3 months ago)
Rode the GP1800R last week (always been a SeaDoo owner) - the GPR was scary fun - scary because the steering feels effortless and a little bit of steering results in a really sharp response - all most like being out of control and this is at 3/4 throttle - when you are moving that fast and the boat wants to go almost perpendicular with just a small shove of the handlebars it wants to throw you off like a bucking bronco. NOW, I am sure if I got to spend a full weekend with it I would get used to the way it handles - but it is different than a SeaDoo. But the acceleration is a THRILL RIDE and the turning response makes it feel like a piss-in-your pants amusement park ride. I am thinking the 2019 might be what finally gets me off of a Sea Doo after 25 years.
jasmin acosta (3 months ago)
great vid bro keep leaving the live , cus haters always will talk shit , yamaha all day but i dont hate sea doo or kawasaki in my personal opinion sea doo is like suzuki in bikes the cheepest in there category...
michael knowlden (3 months ago)
As a aircraft mech who's worked on Bombardier products I am bias to the sea doo. I had a Yamaha and a sea doo but they both were stolen. That Yamaha was great straight but couldn't turn at all. The sea doo didnt have much speed but it could turn on a dime. It seams to me the roles have reversed. But I'm just nuts . I still want my 91 Yamaha stand up back. It got stolen too. Fn punks.
Foxtrot 515 (3 months ago)
My gtx230 will smoke both of those.
Andrew Fazz (2 months ago)
we could just empty out our storage bins and really fly
BahamaObama (3 months ago)
Tommy Gunz (4 months ago)
The neon green sea dookie looks badass and I wish Yamaha GP1800 had a badass paintjob but they dont. Fortunately they have wraps for these kinds of issues so I will probably get a yamaha.
Diesel Sweden (4 months ago)
Nice video<3
Phu Dang (4 months ago)
Waverunners are sexy as hell with them water shooting out at the back
Terry Cox (4 months ago)
The common everyday rider will not notice ounce difference in speed of these two. But talk features. Both creature comforts & more importantly safety features. The wise person will get Sea-Doo. Speaking from personal experience. You simply won’t get better handling more comfortable, ease of operation Jet-Ski. Plus it’s safer machine to boot! Sea-Doo 💯%
Jeff Coats (3 months ago)
The common everyday rider will notice the difference in longevity and dependability. The Rotax engines are NOT comparable to the Yamaha for longevity, never have been. But it is your money to spend how you see fit. My money goes with Yamaha.
Luis Fernandes (4 months ago)
i love RXP X
ricky rhodes (4 months ago)
Dude why the theatrics?? Its a video about pwcs not days of our wives. Just sayin
D Goode (4 months ago)
Shouldn't this comparison been down with the Rxpx not the Tx
i have RXTX and friend has GP1800... both machines are awesome but believe me when we go on long trips (Miami to Bahamas) the SD beats GP in every aspect... speed being equal... the storage space, xtra fuel capacity, the ride quality, the fuel economy, the speakers... its what i appreciate about sea doo in gen thy push the envelope of the jetski design .... I love my friend GP but i wouldnt trade it for actual use
Alex Stelling (4 months ago)
You make a good unbiased argument for both machines. I don’t know which one I would get lol.
Andrew Fazz (2 months ago)
check out the Luxury jet skis if that helps you out. smooth fast ride
Patrick Forni (4 months ago)
not cleer
Alex C (5 months ago)
I wish I bought a seadoo rxt300. My gp 1800 has 8.6hrs on it and ruined 2 rides already. Something keeps going wrong with the ride system and puts the ski in limp mode 9mph. And I'm not even sure they fixed it this time. I read online that people been having same problem since ride was introduced and from my experience That's always been Yamahas week spot to fix the bugs on many of their products. So yea Yamaha so much for "lagendery" reliability.
Josh Jones (4 months ago)
I'm a PWC tech, and the new Yamahas keep coming out of the crate with the "Ride" system coupler not snapped together. Causes intermittent limp mode, just like you said. Took me forever to track down the first time. Follow the wire harness that comes from the inside rear of the ski up along the left side of the engine. It has two couplers (gray and black I think). Make sure they are clipped together tightly
Alex C (5 months ago)
Rick Dyer I hope so because if it happens 1 more time they're keeping it
Alex C This is my second GP 1800 and I ride them rough as hell look at my previous videos I’ve never had any problem out of the ski. Good luck with your problem. I started by new skis because I didn’t want the issues that you’re having. I’m sure Yamaha will fix it
Donnie Mars (5 months ago)
Let's be honest this guy is channel changing awful. I feel bad for the 40,000 people that though this video would be informative. The only thing funnier is on forums in greenhulk they talk about what a retard he is
Will Belsterling (5 months ago)
basically just get the one u want
Lifestyle Sports (5 months ago)
I agree that the Yamaha might be faster but it’s ugly and the seadoo is a way better jet ski
G King (5 months ago)
thank u bro, now u kinda made me want both, sea doo looks better, comfert, etc etc but like u said race is a race, Sea doo should play and make it faster before than want so much more mula for the "performance"...:) love you took the time and showed us properly who's the winner.
ProDriver (5 months ago)
Dont care yamaha is still fugly.
ghostridah73 (5 months ago)
Also worth noting that the GP is 250hp and the seadoo is 300. and also the GP costs about $1,700 less msrp than the seadoo
Grey Goose 4x4 (5 months ago)
Yamaha !
June B (5 months ago)
I just got the EX Deluxe and I'm very happy. 50 mph is enough.. My first Waverunner I own now.
Andrew Fazz (2 months ago)
you say that now but you will crave the speed later.
Garry Smith (5 months ago)
GP all the way.... I have a small GP800 for my boys..... dirt bike on water they love it
joe b (5 months ago)
I have to agree the rxp-x would be a BETTER match.
Xzavier Holmes (5 months ago)
Finally someone who not paid off to lie
Panagiotis Kogias (5 months ago)
Shannon Williams (5 months ago)
Man that ring keeps hitting the skis and I'm shitting myself
Fred Fungus (5 months ago)
My Kawasaki JS 300 stand up is the best ..😎
Mike J (5 months ago)
My seadoo spark all day long 😊
Jetski Jay (5 months ago)
Have fun when the oil cooler fails followed by the god damn intercooler. Yeah In the shop 3 times still never fixed and had to fix it myself eventually and void my warranty. Worst purchase ever! I would like others to be aware if you buy a seapoo buy it used for dirt cheap never ever buy new.....then fix it if needed. BRP warranty ain’t worth a dam if the techs don’t stick to the manufacture specs and procedures. Yamaha rules suck it seapoo you lost my loyalty!
Oliver Burton (5 months ago)
This guy has to make another video about the Seadoo spark
How2 (5 months ago)
on the Sea-Doo website the 0-60 mph for the RXP-X 300 says 3.8 seconds the RXT-X 300 says 3.6 seconds that means that it is slower by 2 seconds in a 0-60 mph just saying dont own any jetskis but I looked on there website written on June 21, 2018 if it changes then, don't ask me
Andrew Fazz (2 months ago)
That is very fast regaurdless. You have to hang on to these things without falling off. This isn't easy to do on rough waters and burns a lot of fuel. premium fuel.
Lane Davenport (5 months ago)
Great video but the only bashing worth paying attention to is that big ass ring bashing the shit outta that paint 😂
Daniel Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Well I'm very happy with my Sea-Doo, Yamaha's are pretty nice though
Andrew Fazz (2 months ago)
Yamaha has cup holders now or has been. Its neat but I will fill those up with water what ever I am driving it on.
Life of Bina (5 months ago)
DM me for performance parts! Check it out Rivaracing.com
Dirty Dino (5 months ago)
I really enjoy all the features the 18 rxtx has
James Cooper (6 months ago)
In speaking to a general manager of my local shop “cola Powersports” who’s had this shop for years and it’s a Can am/Sea do, Yamaha and Kawasaki dealer. He and others who work on these units full time say that you will get typically much less down time potential going with any of these manufacturers staying away from the super charged offerings. Buying non super charged units they all say can give you twice the reliability.
James Cooper (6 months ago)
Yea I agree. Im sure the Kawasaki product is as good as any if not better.
Fast1two (6 months ago)
Spend 200 dollars on a SCOM and the Seadoo beats the Yamaha.
Seen the Watercraft Journal shootout? How do you like them apples?
Jess Roberts (6 months ago)
Did I hear your mom holler (time for dinner!)
Doug B (6 months ago)
Seadoo rotax engines are really reliable. The styling of Yamaha is usually behind seadoo. Both are good machines but seadoo are more popular machines.
Andrew Fazz (2 months ago)
Mines is brand new so reading this makes me feel very comfortable with my machine. I am using the GTX 230 (blue version) and I am so happy being on that riding around. I have not fallen off it yet (knock on wood) and have 21 hours accumilated on it. 3 year warranty plus first oil change is free. Washing the machine is very involving and requires a lot of work but I love it with all my heart!
Doug B (5 months ago)
They did have a problem with intercoolers. But we have a supercharged seadoo with 11 years an 300 hours. No problems. The 2 stoke skis really are the best anyway. People talking smack because they crashed or sunk it don't count. By the way rotax engines power a whole lot more than you think. Look at rotax aircraft.
Jetski Jay (5 months ago)
Doug B sure and the oil cooler and intercooler never fail leading to compression and power loss and engine failure. Lol yep totally!
Anthony But (6 months ago)
The GP should be faster. It’s a smaller Lighter machine. You are also right about the RXT-X being faster than the PX. The PX has seadoos best rough water hull. It has more drag than the TX. Not to nit pick but in your race video, the GP was something like a half ski ahead before y’all hit the throttles. I know the GP will Win regardless but maybe lining them up equally might close the gap just a little more.
Anthony But (6 months ago)
I just saw that today. Even they were surprised. I have a 14 RXPX that has been an awesome machine for 237 hours so I was happy to Seadoo take the win for them.
Mark G (6 months ago)
Anthony But Actually check watercraft journal in shootout Rxtx wins from 5 to 60 mph.
Ilie Bita (6 months ago)
Where u is I come to ur lake right know
Ilie Bita (6 months ago)
Wtf u call a little bit faster
Ilie Bita (6 months ago)
Enough shit show me some videos
Panagiotis Kogias (5 months ago)
Ilie Bita (6 months ago)
Bring your shit to Michigan I will race u with my 300 and show u that the rxpx 300 is faster
Ilie Bita Why would I do that I just bought a brand new one I have both of them. I already know which one is faster...lol Are you one of those Internet tough guys.,.
Mr Traumaboyy (6 months ago)
Any idea of fuel economy and range on the Sea-doo? Can not find figures anywhere and I noticed it has a smaller fuel tank. Great video!! Thank you!!
Joe Ross (6 months ago)
Great video. Seadoos cooling system gets two thumbs up for saltwater.
Austin Sandoval (6 months ago)
All I know is if you set your two trim settings on the sea doo you can do a lot better! I use to race our rxp x against our rxt x and beat it every time by a whole ski an half or two an half ski lengths! Set your trim to all the way down on the first setting. It keeps the ski from coming up out of the water and losing momentum! An as you get to like 15-20mph your double click the trim setting and your second preset goes to full trim up and all the drag from hull in the water is gone for the part. I’d race other top of line stock skis an win all the time! It’s all in rider weight too. I weight 150-155 so there was never a time when I had a issue winning!
ermiller271 (6 months ago)
Umm nice "head to head race" video... couldn't see who won... I guess seadoo since you didn't show the whole race
Arnold C A (5 months ago)
ermiller271 I'm guessing yam since we didn't get to see the end
Dean and Vine (6 months ago)
I think the GP 1800 would win
Dom Chomów (6 months ago)
Full respect to yamaha for building reliable motors in all there products. But if I’m not mistaken and from personal experience as I own a rxtx300 Ive had my fair share of races over the last year against gp1800 and have smoked them everytime. Ive been informed that in the States and Canada all watercraft come restricted, in Australia/Oceania they dont and yamaha just doesnt come close to seadoo down here both for acceleration and topend. In saying that yamaha still a badass ski. Loved the videos!
naynay and charlee bvg (6 months ago)
At 2:25 the Yamaha is in front by at least half a length taking into account some camera angle.
Mark Jacob (6 months ago)
The GP is more made for flat water conditions
Mark Jacob (6 months ago)
To be speed is not everything, yes I want some top speed, but I want handling in ocean conditions, waves..i want one made for bigger guys..can handle big wave conditions
Stanley Freeman (6 months ago)
Awsum test rick... u kept it real.
David Dallas (6 months ago)
My question is was this using premium fuel or cheap
Ramon Arroyo, Jr (6 months ago)
David Dallas GP only uses premium
Fred Head (6 months ago)
You talk too much
Fred Head (4 months ago)
I never said I own everything. Dude can't even read lol. He said I'm broke at home with a bicycle. He called me out. Then ran like a little ho. So you want to play? Let's bet 5 Bitcoin. Stop talking, let's do it!
Jerry Moody (5 months ago)
Fred, damn dude...I was on your side till you wrote all the "I own everything" crap. Nobody cares much for a bragger so I won't even go into how much more I own than you. That was douchebag talk man.
Fred Head (5 months ago)
Chirp....chirp.....chirp I love broke people at their moms house. Get well soon. Oh and get a job so you can play my game. Broke fucks are way too easy. They always run when asked for proof.
Fred Head (5 months ago)
I love when people talk shit at their moms house. Let's play... Let's go to Reddit. Post pics of all the titles and deeds you have. If its financed it doesn't count. Ownership only. Then we will post our public Bitcoin addresses and send each other .001 to prove ownership. I'll even sign my transaction with your name. If you don't have at least one house, 4 cars, 4 jet skis, 2 boats, a motorcycle and 44 bitcoins it's going to be a bad day. Let's bet a Bitcoin too. Bet? Remember this is the same guy crying about wear rings while running his skis on shore. I've never replaced a wear ring on any of my skis. Then again I don't run them in a foot of water.
Jason Alfaeljefe (5 months ago)
Fred Head is his channel for people who owned watercrafts is helpful stupid. you must be sitting at home with not even a bycicle foh.
Alex Wencel (6 months ago)
I think they are two very different sleds. The RXT X would be a good two up lets go to the beach boat, and the yamaha would be a single , let's go party boat. For touring I would pick the sea Doo and leave the Yamaha for would be racers. A good analogy would be boy racers on their sport bikes vs sport tourers. You never see sport bikes more than a hundred miles from the city, they hurt too much.
noctanol (6 months ago)
Cody Riser (6 months ago)
That's some dirty ass looking water...
Haitham El Nfeshe (6 months ago)
Why no clear video like the firs one ??Fake news
James Cooper (6 months ago)
It’s bugs me that Dyer never mentions ultra 310r’s or other Kawasaki’s. They’ve been making skis for 40+ years. It’s not possible they can “crappy” rigs. I’d bet the 310r could blow the doors off those two.
James Thomson (6 months ago)
Gday mate" did the Yamaha take that beard off? Thanks for the videos anyway cheers
Jess Roberts (6 months ago)
It should be faster it's a few hundred cc's bigger
JDRTRM JDRTRM (6 months ago)
Yamaha is an Engine company . They know how to build engines .They make more stuff engines go into !
Andrew Fazz (2 months ago)
I am proud of my Yamaha speakers I own (one is blown but replaced with Sony). Yamaha 6.1 Reciever is very amazing. I know its 10 years old but its still amazing since the day I purchased it! the 6.1 is a back speaker that goes behind your head. Dont watch scary movies with it on....
Kevin Lamb (3 months ago)
I have a Yamaha XS7 synth! And a Yamaha Grand. So, I know!
JDRTRM JDRTRM (3 months ago)
Kevin Lamb yes they are.also supply many schools with band equipment,and I believe there pianos are one of the best made .
Kevin Lamb (3 months ago)
It's an electronics company too.
Marc D (6 months ago)
I have a 2016 rxtx 300 and have raced a gp1800 last year and i have won 2 out of 3 races not by much so i was suprized that the yamaha won every race that you have conducted also we found that the yamaha was very light and boucy where the seadoo was more stable and straight now dont get me wrong i think they are both great machines and like you said both are rockets but wondering if water conditions have something to do with both of our different outcomes
Jae Regan (6 months ago)
I was one of the guys giving you crap for your first video. I can respect what you're saying here. My issue was not whether or not it was faster, it was how you said it. I may be wrong, but in your second video you said that you 100% mentioned the fact that your first video was talking about from out of the box, but I don't recall you ever saying that? Regardless, I enjoy the videos and at the end of the day, Yamahas are definitely faster. Preference is the only key and you have BOTH so you are a lucky mother fucker.
Chris Speer (6 months ago)
The rxpx is only a little slower than the gp1800 .I don't get why seadoo owners are so up set over it . Rxpx is still a nice machine. Some times you just have to piss with the cock you have and be happy Lol
Jeremy Nelson (6 months ago)
sea doos are way more fun. From the video it looks like the sea planed first.
Andrew Fazz (2 months ago)
the 3rd seat is removable on the seadoo and you can lay down and nap off it. I did it and I am a big guy.
Jovany Formoso (6 months ago)
And the gp1800 is not faster than either one
Jovany Formoso (6 months ago)
It’s not faster than the rxp at all I have both and the rxp takes it every time
Ramon Arroyo, Jr (6 months ago)
Jovany Formoso LoL! Really?!
Liljoker (6 months ago)
jamie jangula (6 months ago)
My gtx is faster then the rxp and rxt these guys are where pissed they got pulled on by a 3 seater
ShitFromShinola (6 months ago)
Two bad ass skis.. im super happy with the power and pure fun of my 17 sea doo gtr230.. it makes tons of power, holds three and was only $10.5k out the door..
Bruce Wayne (5 months ago)
ShitFromShinola dont know who this guy is just stating I got my 2018 gtr230 a few weeks ago for 11,400 the 12,099 is MSRP what is listed on sea doo website, if you go to a good dealership they will never sell it as listed
ShitFromShinola (5 months ago)
Guess Rick Dyer should visit his "buddies" dealership more often...
Bruce Wayne (5 months ago)
ShitFromShinola sounds about right I just got a 2018 and my price was 11,400.00.
ShitFromShinola (5 months ago)
The msrp in 2017 for the gtr230 was $11,499.. for 2018 they jacked it up to $12,099..
ShitFromShinola (5 months ago)
July 4th weekend last year was $1000 off msrp and 0% interest... but I paid cash so that didn't matter.. and since i paid cash they gave me a single trailer for $500 bucks.. it was $11k counting trailer..
Jeff Wells (6 months ago)
I also own both skis, and a GTR X 230... Both skis seem to be neck to neck to me. I usually ride them with my brother, we are very similar in weight. Our conditions where we boat we get a lot of chop and large boat wakes. In rough conditions I'd take the RXT everytime. And in chop, it seems to be faster. On calm water it's really a toss up. There are lots of variables. But if I could only have 1 I'd keep the sea doo. The ergo, and controls are hands down better. Actually, if I could only keep 1 it would be the GTR X 230. So much fun and more playful, plenty fast.
Pronder k (6 months ago)
If you're going to be drunk you should at least be funny
Tom Wise (6 months ago)
I'm one of the sea doo owners. And I thank you for doing this test again. I didn't mean to bash you. I wish I had the funds to do what you do. If you were in central Texas I would still like to ride with you , just for fun, and I would hope you brought the Yamerhammer. Thanks for the retest. I wonder what the Kawi 310 does. Seems it wins the endurance races. And for some reason you don't see my ski the Sea Doo. Good job Rick.
Tom Wise (5 months ago)
What are you running? You ever go to Lake Travis or Buchanan?
Alvaro Davila (5 months ago)
Tom Wise I'm in central texas. Let's run em....
Yamaha all the way.. I have a seadoo and a Yamaha.. The seadoo spends more time on the trailer and in the shop than the water. Seadoo hulls are trash by comparison also .
Andrew Fazz (2 months ago)
to inform everyone. Ford used the Yamaha engine in the 2002 -2006 Ford Thunderbirds. Check the review of those cars about their engines. You may not like what you read or hear from the Thunderbird owners.
Fred Head (5 months ago)
I was a Yamaha guy by default. Then I started researching and saw the numerous problems Yamahas have. Then I realized I was just like you at first. A low IQ arguing brand. Both brands are good and both have issues. So I smartened up and you should too. Ford is better than Chevy. Mercedes is better than BMW. See how stupid you are now?
Jess Roberts (5 months ago)
PJ Walchshauser The Trailer Guy that's not been the case for me. I've owned five Sea-Doos the oldest being a 92 with over 500 hours on it and never any issues. I had a Yamaha twin carb 701 wave Venture it blew up at 120 hours. My brother has a wave blaster that's a pos as well.
Luis Manuel Negrin (6 months ago)
james c (6 months ago)
how about a Kawasaki 310r.   decent ski?
Alfred Peters (4 months ago)
Check out my YouTube
Alfred Peters (4 months ago)
I have a 310R and I love it no shop time for me... a machine at a dealer told me flat out not to buy Sea doo because they stay in the shop.. but i believe because there are more Sea doos then Yamaha and Kawasaki is why there are more seen in the shop. This 2018 New 300 RXT X is nice but overall Yamaha is better and will be my next choice. And also a lot of times skis are in the shop because of erresposible owners. Know your ski inside out.
Alfred Peters (4 months ago)
james c I have a Kawasaki
Luis Jimenez (6 months ago)
Keith Payne I should have been more specific on my first comment. When I said kawasakis spend more time in the shop I was referring specifically to the supercharged versions. Im a supercharged seadoo owner and I've had to work on mine as well. That being said, I'm part of a ski club that has seadoo, yamaha, and Kawasaki skis. All the seadoos have required some work and they are all low hour machines. The Kawasaki is going into the shop soon as well. The yamahas have never had 1 issue whatsoever.
Keith Payne (6 months ago)
Andre German yeah you know what it seems like every one that has a yammy says sea doos are always in the shop and sea doo guys say yammys are always in the shop and they both say kawis are always in the shop and then a guy pops in and says well I have one and have never had an issue so by the looks of it this in the shop story is made up and no matter what way you go now days you’re getting a pretty reliable machine
kurt santos (6 months ago)
Oh got it thanks
kurt santos (6 months ago)
Where the race
PocketTrainer Support (6 months ago)
Sincere question...which one handles better???
Andrew Fazz (2 months ago)
Seadoo cuts through the waves. Yamaha bounces all over the place.
Ben Rollins (6 months ago)
i own a sea doo gtx 300 limited and have rode a gp1800, and the sea doo rides a hell of lot better and handles extremely better
Brendan Hynes (6 months ago)
seadoo lol
Brendan Hynes (6 months ago)
im pretty sure the seafood does
Greg Brown (6 months ago)
I wouldn't expect anything less. the Seadoo has a bigger hull. personally would pick the Seadoo over the Yamaha due to how i ride.
Andrew Fazz (2 months ago)
I put a charcoal barbaque pit in my storage bin, umbrellla on my side step, yeti cooler (will not do again) tied to the rear seat with a drunk tall friend sitting 3rd seat moving around like a fish. 602 pounds is what I needed for the machine. I jumped a huge wave and the yeti fell off. thank goodness they float!
Mike Britton (6 months ago)
Break-in makes a big difference. They ran neck and neck. Could now boil down to rider weight.
kwalt21 (6 months ago)
I mean I guess if you want your jetski looking like it came from Wal-Mart you pick the GP. I've never considered Yamaha because their machines look like they are 5 years in the past.
Islanders83 (1 month ago)
And that’s why you’re a dumbass
Jeff Coats (3 months ago)
Beauty is ALWAYS in the eyes of the beholder, remember that. As for who makes the best? If you are going to pay for what I ride, I'll ride whatever you want to pay for. As for my money, I'm buying what is PROVEN to be the most reliable, durable, and fastest on the water......YAMAHA.
Phu Dang (4 months ago)
Because no change is needed Too perfect
Sprutulf Jr (5 months ago)
haha same
Branch Tana (5 months ago)
To each their own. I've happily chosen Yamaha over Sea Doo for the past 20 years and will continue to do so.
Pinky Racing (6 months ago)
thanks to you i bought the 2017 GP1800 last year after watching your review last year on it. Proud to own GP1800. I use it to pull 3 person tube with no problem like a freight train.
ryan rooks (6 months ago)
Thanks for taking the time to make another video post break in. I own the the sea doo and I was very excited to hear the results, glad to hear I wont get completely smoked when I go up against a 1800 Haha thanks again for the video!
965 HD (6 months ago)
If you would get rid of one which one will it be?
shawnomack45 (6 months ago)
How about seadoo spark is faster than both 0 to 30. Or 0 to 40
Michael McMenamin (6 months ago)
shawnomack45 lmao spark your convo in Gaga comment section instead
Jim P. (6 months ago)
Sea-Doo owners are like Polaris owners.....They go fast for a little while but in the end, in comparison to Yamaha, re-sale, quality and reliability is not even close. Sea-Don'ts are just Chinese POS's. Yamaha for the win!
Andrew Fazz (2 months ago)
My Seadoo was built in Illinois 50 miles from where I stay. It holds 602 pounds and its supercharged! Yamaha holds 530 pounds and has less space for personal belongings. I almost bought a Yamaha but my gut and heart told me not to.
joe CAS (4 months ago)
Jim P
William Armstrong (4 months ago)
the go fast to the shop for repair!!
Doug B (4 months ago)
That is funny. I sell way way way more seadoo than yamaha. Yamaha styling is dated always has been. As for engine issues well i have had good luck with all. Yep even polaris di. The internet is full of opinions. Truth though they are about all the same . Shit happens. Hear stories all the time. But yeah you funny guy. By the way the newer seadoo won't allow full throttle till it is broken in.
Chrisd5341 (5 months ago)
the whole canadian assembled mexican assembled american assembled is BS. Has anyone been in these factories? theres no real americans or canadians in them. Maybe high up the ladder but not on the assembly floor. Pure immigrants from india, mexico, africa etc.
The General (6 months ago)
Have you got any drone footage of the two to see how much is not much of difference in speed. Ps love the reviews
Blake Bratton (6 months ago)
What app do you use for your speedometer on your phone just wondering because I would like to see how fast my 2 jet skis are
Luis Jimenez (6 months ago)
Blake Bratton if your a android user I searched for speedometer app and saw one with a green 69 as the icon. I calibrated it with my car and it was spot on.

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