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LA throws 96 million 'shade balls' at its water shortage — and it's mesmerizing | Mashable

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Los Angeles is throwing shade at its water problem — literally. The city has deployed a total of 96 million "shade balls" into the LA Reservoir in an effort to save 300 million gallons of water. California is currently in the midst of its worst drought on record, and all hands are on deck to conserve the state's precious water supply. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, for its part, is contributing to the effort by rolling out thousands of small, black plastic balls to protect water quality by "preventing sunlight-triggered chemical reactions, deterring birds and other wildlife, and protecting water from rain and wind-blown dust," according to a press release from LA Mayor Eric Garcetti. http://www.mashable.com LIKE us on FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/mashable.video FOLLOW us on TWITTER: http://twitter.com/mashablevideo FOLLOW us on TUMBLR: http://mashable.tumblr.com FOLLOW our INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/mashable JOIN our circle on GOOGLE PLUS: http://plus.google.com/+Mashable Subscribe!: http://bit.ly/1ko5eNd Mashable is the leading independent news site for all things tech, social media, and internet culture. http://www.youtube.com/mashable
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Text Comments (10259)
Michael Lemontzis (11 hours ago)
Isn't it the color black however that when exposed to sun heats up to higher temperatures than other colors???
Russian Troll (1 day ago)
Meanwhile in San Francisco.......
Hassan Khan (1 day ago)
Why don't they install multiple Nuclear Powered Desalination Plants on the Pacific Ocean? What's really STOPPING them?
AIO Tattoo Studio (1 day ago)
Unless those balls are made up of the ceramic tiles on space shuttles they're going to speed up the evaporation of the water because of there color. Dark colors absorb sunlight where as light colors reflect sunlight.
NINJA GAMER (1 day ago)
What is the heli doing 0:53
John C (1 day ago)
I almost could not believe this
Yoshidex WGY (1 day ago)
I want to jump in there
Keahi A. (1 day ago)
"protecting water from rain"
Ibrahim Nasir (1 day ago)
They cost mire water to make than they saved
aditya pawar (1 day ago)
I will play cricket with these balls😁😁
Jay C (1 day ago)
Dummist thing even seen dig for more water great just waisted 10 million dollars
Suffer In Silence (1 day ago)
My cat would be going totally apeshit with all those balls.
Curtis Tisberger (1 day ago)
Stupid government officials
Homie Cheetah (2 days ago)
*_So many balls..._* 😏
Md hasan Mahmud (2 days ago)
Joshua Polamalu (2 days ago)
Dont know how I got to this video but I have to admit, This video is just satisfying.
SL twentyeight (2 days ago)
Update? Cali dead yet?
Yusuf Aboobaker (2 days ago)
You mean 2 TEU’s of shade balls
Kim Namjoon's Trash (2 days ago)
Imagine if that truck door opened on the highway
mattp1482 (2 days ago)
But let's ban plastic straws
WickedZZzY (2 days ago)
Californians are idiots. The solution is to move... Not that I want any of them near me.
kawartha paddler (2 days ago)
Running out of water and you Cali's think you should import more Mexicans ,,, silly people
JP JP (2 days ago)
Extremely clever and very easy to look at!!
Greg surles (2 days ago)
Sure am glad I recycled my bottles so they don’t end up floating somewhere. Lol
Fortnite Livestream (2 days ago)
Sat shits accutally mad smart
Frank (2 days ago)
Enjoy your plastic suckers!
Barry last (2 days ago)
Sooo, put cheap poison (in the form of plastic, what ever the colour) in your water so you have more chemicals in your water to enjoy. That way you can spend the the money saved (??), to buy more chemicals to treat the ailments you get from ingesting the ones leaching into the (shaded stagnant) water you're trying to store. ??? Another good plan.
Tamir Farahat (2 days ago)
This may increase evaporation
Otacon 1029 (2 days ago)
Wouldnt Black Balls absorb heat & in turn make the water surface hotter?? Wouldnt it make sense to use White Balls to reflect sunlight instead of absorb it?
commieman (2 days ago)
Someone teach these people the definition of mesmerizing.
suhailio45 (2 days ago)
Shouldn't the balls be white? Doesn't the colour black absorb heat?
+chet kincaid water heats up and evaporates right. So wouldn't it better to use a white ball since the colour white is a good reflector.
mattp1482 (2 days ago)
+chet kincaid so I ask a question and your an asshole.
chet kincaid (2 days ago)
well the balls are made of high-density polyethylene with carbon black additive to protect the plastic from ultraviolet radiation so the plastic heat to much and it protects water from a substance that is called bromine you learn about that gas in like second grade.+mattp1482
mattp1482 (2 days ago)
+chet kincaid so they absorb the heat and then relay that heat into the water from absorbtion?
chet kincaid (2 days ago)
thats the point smarty
Liberty Girl (2 days ago)
Poison, hello!!!!!!!
PaniK (2 days ago)
Mmmm nothing like good ol cancer in the water.
Kk Bkw (3 days ago)
STILETTO (3 days ago)
Know when someone is bored he could sit next to that water and play with something else than his balls!
Curvixx croft (3 days ago)
lot of caviar
Aaron Proctor (3 days ago)
Straws are the devi,l but 96 million plastic balls are ok
Shotguns N mudmowers (3 days ago)
Dumps plastic balls in the water to save it *bans plastic straws because theres too much plastic in the water...
Trent Miller (3 days ago)
Thats how they should draw the lotto Numbers .😁
Cory Edwards (3 days ago)
They should be white to reflect heat black absorbs heat ....u don't were black shirt on a hot day lol
exactly what the hell are they doing. Black absorbs more heat than the dark water, their gonna heat up the water more and kill the life forms with the water and lose more water.
Al Burkholder (3 days ago)
Shade balls, designed to prevent evaporation...PAINTED FUCKING BLACK!
Reno Slim (3 days ago)
Black absorbs heat. Heat increases the evaporation rate. This might have had a better chance of working if they'd used opaque white balls.
helipilot27 (3 days ago)
In 15 years shade balls will be found to cause some kind of cancer.
Crispy Bannock (3 days ago)
wouldnt the albedo of the color black absorb the heat? thus making the water hot and evaporate quicker?
White balls will always be better than black balls. Unless your a kardashian
Just get rid of all the illegal aliens. You’ll save a lot of water there. Plus save on law enforcement👍
yeah really? (3 days ago)
Stupid! Shade balls should be white does not heat up like black ones .ever seen a black mobil home roof? Hotter water means more algae and bacteria
Rollo Lawson (3 days ago)
Since I added shade balls to my bathtub, I haven’t had to add fresh water in months.
Wow they’re throwing a lot of shade
Braindamage Taylor (3 days ago)
How does that work doesn't black attract heat
Aaron Schrimsher (3 days ago)
Then they used the chopper to blow away the water they saved
Peridot (3 days ago)
And now we have more plastic pollution. Yay!
Rodov1968 (4 days ago)
Why on earth would anyone want to protect a reservoir from rain? The description says (among other things), "...protecting the water from rain and wind-blown dust". Hey, whoever said it is probably a Giga-Dingbat because how could a load of balls, with spaces in between them, 'protect' a reservoir from rain, anyway? 😆
300IQ Wizard (4 days ago)
Fuck you
John Dumelo (4 days ago)
Do something about forest fires .
Was California would quit allowing monopoly water Bottle companies stealing the water They would water shortage But that what happened when you have liberal running California in the ground
Licayan Pictus (4 days ago)
Los Angeles a good place to catch a connecting flight leaving there. It's a city going to hell.
Phaneendra .K (4 days ago)
What about plastic contamination
Joshua Gladden (4 days ago)
Too many balls 😂
a100921 (4 days ago)
So why did they make them black instead of white? Not racial, just scientifical 😂 hot black balls Vs cool white balls... no wonder they still have a water shortage 😂😂
the legend f mercury (4 days ago)
They are so cute!
Orchid the RainWing (4 days ago)
Shade balls: my favorite flavor of boba
Orchid the RainWing (4 days ago)
Wow orbeez sure is making a comeback
But black attracts more heat than any light shade colour so it still evaporate but not as much
Aki ane (4 days ago)
After water shortage.. Okay lets pick up the balls.. Workers left the chat.
Darrell Williams (5 days ago)
Damn we just throw shade at everything these days... oh water u wanna evaporate huh? SHADE at the water. The water like damn why all the shade?
Karam Singh (5 days ago)
Only in California , you add more plastic to water
Jessie Ortiz (5 days ago)
Thats stupid
0:58 Bird probably deaf by now
Good Boye (6 days ago)
*Mom's: Son can you please clean this mess up?* Son:
Timmy T (6 days ago)
How is the color black supposed to stop water from evaporating? Should'nt they be white to reflect the light away?
Brandon Gamble (6 days ago)
All plastic “desolves”
Dorito Cat (6 days ago)
this is what we're paying taxes for so the government can pour balls into ponds
Marc Dant (7 days ago)
Shouldn't the colour of the balls be white.
getgene (7 days ago)
I am at a loss. Who thinks of such things. Also, black balls attract heat. California RIP
Kaleb Walters (7 days ago)
Idea! Stop building big cities in the fucking desert then wonder why you have no water.
J.P. F. (7 days ago)
Also, if you look closely... you can see a Kardashians chin at the bottom of the ramp.
J.P. F. (7 days ago)
I always wondered why it took so long for water to dry under balls.
blumb tumb (8 days ago)
Perks of living i the future
Ben 12333333 (8 days ago)
Ha look at that ball at 0:37
The 66.83 (8 days ago)
Fair enough.
Ralph Erizonie (8 days ago)
Whats so mezmerising about a load of balls ? Total bollocks
Jeff Riles (8 days ago)
Well did it work
Aleks-Kёnigsberg (8 days ago)
Black caviar)
peter kingofgaming (8 days ago)
I like that black ball over there
Ru22eLL (9 days ago)
.....in 5 years time, microplastic in the water supply?
JQcuber (9 days ago)
Ronan Rogers (9 days ago)
So will tiny microns of plastic erode into the water and cause a cancer spike?
NEB NEBLY (9 days ago)
Don’t w all just love pollution
mpbmusic2016 (9 days ago)
All you need to know is Jerry Brown used to take LSD to figure out why California is doing this
mpbmusic2016 (9 days ago)
"Let's use white balls , they reflect the sun better" ...... "You racist nazi white supremacist , how dare you say such a thing !!!!! we're going to use black balls dammit !!!!!!"
mpbmusic2016 (9 days ago)
what does heat do to plastic ????? BLACK Plastic ???? The sun is going to break down those molecules and they will disperse into your drinking water ...... California has done it again , created another absurd policy that will probably end up doing more harm than good
AnewDewDew (2 days ago)
+Don Lok Yeah ... I'm fairly certain there is SOME science behind this move.
Don Lok (2 days ago)
Im sure it doesn’t work like that lol
Carmelo West (3 days ago)
mpbmusic2016 I was thinking the same thing....I mean this not de way..💩
Minhaz Tanveer (9 days ago)
Shouldn't they be using White Balls instead of Black ones. White reflects more sunlight and Black absorbs it. So, I think it might have been a mistake.
Don Fanto (10 days ago)
Polluting water with plastic... Genius
Don Fanto (9 days ago)
+Corvus Corax of course it would not. Just as any other government funded/supported venture it was nothing but a scam to eat up taxpayer $$$ 1- in few years there will be a war on plastic. At least on a plastic that is so unstable and toxic. Plastic water bottles will evolve or die out. 2- just as I said: poisoning water to make it last longer is dumb. Whoever was in charge of it was either extremely evil, or so dumb that it was even worse than evil. 3- although plastic (and even resin) are good thermo isolators - they still heat up and black beats up the most. Balls should have been white, not black in order to deflect the heat, not absorb it. 4- in short a lot of money was made from all the parties involved directly or indirectly. Only ones who lost money and health are poor people. Who paid for it and then drank from it.
Corvus Corax (9 days ago)
+Don Fanto Probably, yes. But according to this article, the balls are replaced after a while. The biggest problem seems to be the fact that it doesn't save very much water, as I understand. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/why-96-million-plastic-shade-balls-dumped-into-the-la-reservoir-may-not-save-water
Don Fanto (10 days ago)
+Corvus Corax they go to the water reservoir which is used as a drinking water supply. Every single plastic out there degrades under the sun/heat and is toxic for the body. So they are fighting evaporating by basically poisoning the water supply.
Corvus Corax (10 days ago)
@Don Fanto I don't think those balls go into the ocean lol
EevanderS (10 days ago)
Throwing shade
Progamer 191218 (10 days ago)
If you stop water evaporation the water cycle is gonna be broken
Progamer 191218 (10 days ago)
If you stop water evaporation the water cycle is gonna be broken
Jake Speed (10 days ago)
Bpa free plastic?
AwesomeRobot15 (10 days ago)
Um when water evaporates I’m pretty sure it just rains down again... am I missing something or is this really dumb on many levels?
You ever have a dream (6 days ago)
Yeah but the water won't land in the water and I it probably costs money to fill it there and all that
batman (10 days ago)
Wouldnt black atrack the heat why not use white
F. B. I (10 days ago)
That bird is a savage

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