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Playing with and popping big balloons

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I start off riding a couple of balloons a cattex world balloon than playing with a 24 inch balloon and I think that pink one i was on was a rifco 800 but had a leak so I popped it with a pen. And parts of inflating up that gl 1200 by pump you don't see me and thank god for protective ear buds and using my head phones for some extra support to protect my ears but I should done it from the beginning for doing super big balloons hope you enjoy
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Dianna Koller (11 hours ago)
WOW!! those are very huge balloons.
BubblegumTwilightSparkle (10 hours ago)
Yeah they where though its rare of doing very big balloons now like in this video
Kevin N (1 year ago)
I always like HUGE loons .
Kevin N curious do you chat anywhere else than here?
Kevin N oh well of I was doing thus for someone who is a popper I try my hardest to bot pop balloons but it happens but thanks for letting me know and that pink one had a leak in it sorry to disappoint u if I pop balloons I am a semi popper
Kevin N (1 year ago)
I also enjoy riding HUGE loons, I'm NON POPPER
Kevin N thanks I will try to do more big balloons later and glad you enjoyed it
Toobuh (1 year ago)
I like this one!
Toobuh glad you like it

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