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Eden Andalou Aquapark & Spa By Made In Marrakech

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Eden Andalou Aquapark & Spa : https://www.madein-marrakech.com/fr/eden-andalou-aquapark-spa-3050.html Adresse : Kilomètre 9, Route d‘Amizmiz Tél : +212 5 24 45 94 00
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Text Comments (17)
Dee Carter (18 days ago)
I’m staying here right now till Wednesday the 31st of Oct 2018 honesty don’t bother coming here it’s so boring customer is rubbish food is rubbish there is nothing to do please do not waste your money trust me on this
Amal Marina (2 months ago)
wooow amazing place
Askour Askour (3 months ago)
A Marrakech je sais
Fatima Fatima (4 months ago)
Wawe verry bad
soukaina Moutaqi (4 months ago)
Hôtel de très mauvaise qualité,équipe nulle,la qualité delmakla zéro 🙄🙄👎👎👎galik 5etoile 🤣🤣🤣🤣mnin Wa baz Bzaaaaaf 3likoum 👎👎👎👎
Freedom .z (5 months ago)
Ein klasse hotel hatten nichts zu reklamieren
toufik elamrani (11 months ago)
اما الخدمة واله ibis احسن منو وأياكم شي حد يجي لهاد الزبل
toufik elamrani (11 months ago)
قالولي زيد 1000 درهم محيت هاداك تمن ليس للمغاربة فقط للأجانب .اول مرة سمعتها .وماسكتش تاصلت بالسيت لي درت منو reservation قالولي مايمكنش و السيت باش ما يخسرونيش قالولي عطيهوم لفرق و احنا نسيفطوهلك
toufik elamrani (11 months ago)
1000 درهم
toufik elamrani (11 months ago)
واله ما يستاهل حتى 3 نجوم كولهوم شفارة .انا درت reservation من واحد السيت وخلصت السيت ومنين وصلت ل اوطيل . قالولي زيد 100p
Very very bad customer service I am staying today and tomorrow I wouldn't give them 3 star It's to far from the city too and charge for everything even the kids ages I don't mind the charge but the customer service wasn't very helpfully Rat the3 star
Kary Benrez (1 year ago)
j'y suis parti et cetais au top
ArianaGrande Habbo (7 months ago)
Kary Benrez Le park est liée à l’hôtel ?
ab11 naibi (2 years ago)
Eden andalou Marrakech
Ilyasse Jatti (3 years ago)
où ce park?
Alami Karima (1 year ago)
Ilyasse Jatti coupe.

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