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How To Make A Cartoon Online For Free

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WARRIORS GAME (1 month ago)
RAFAY (2 years ago)
FakE Link
Your Worst Meowmare (3 years ago)
this is not free like always -_-
Flux Fade (5 years ago)
Flux Fade (4 years ago)
Dawson Crespin (4 years ago)
Like toy soldiers*
Black Vandal (5 years ago)
Nice song :))
GmacWebs (5 years ago)
It's not entirely free. The very basic things are free, however, you have to pay in order to add it to YouTube, or make your own characters (though, your first character is free, the rest you need to pay for). Also, this may not be an issue shared by all, however mine was very slow and sometimes didn't even load up any of the actions.
Whitney Belle Rafuse (6 years ago)
Goanimate sucks! My little sister tried making something on there and it wouldn't even let her watch the cartoon she made. It asked for a credit card number just to save the stupid thing.
Sammie tibbert (6 years ago)
goanimate cost money
GoDoFcRaP42 (6 years ago)
*Good birthday, not goon birthday
GoDoFcRaP42 (6 years ago)
Oh, boohoo. If you were gonna cry, you shouldn't have started on me. I hate it when people do that, kids or not. It's just pathetic! P.s.: Hope you had a goon birthday. Hope this meeting didn't ruin it for you.
thekidsingers (6 years ago)
i didn't cost me money i am haveing day i have been crying all day tommorow's my birthday i am just a little kid and you are me cry again when i just stopped crying
GoDoFcRaP42 (6 years ago)
No, tis not. You have to pay for it if you're looking towards something like a series. And, if I remember right, you have to pay for each character you make after your first (which, yeah, is free). And don't dare tell me I'm wrong because I tried using this very service via YouTube.
thekidsingers (6 years ago)
yes it is
Subhero991 (6 years ago)
i made a go animate animation called john and jake, but i dont know how to make another, can someone help me plz
crazyparker9 (6 years ago)
i use goanimate. check out crazyparker9 if you ever go there
Philmore Foster (6 years ago)
check out my videos and like please may ill make a video how to do this tooo in hd
GoDoFcRaP42 (7 years ago)
xMafiaxmoex (7 years ago)
how do you record videos like this plz help or like in xbox
Tohricat (7 years ago)
Stupid link
John Velarde (7 years ago)
Do they HAVE to be stick figures? Or can you change it?

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