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2019 Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser SVHO Expert Buyer Review + Top Speed Run!

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We took the brand new 2019 Yamaha Waverunner FX Cruiser SVHO to the lake and got it wet for the very first time. (http://www.TFLoffroad.com) ( http://www.patreon.com/tflcar ) Please visit to support TFLcar & TFLtruck. Check us out on: Facebook: ( https://www.facebook.com/tfltruck ) Twitter: ( https://www.twitter.com/tfltruck ) The Fast Lane Truck: ( http://www.youtube.com/tfltruck ) The Fast Lane Car: ( http://www.youtube.com/tflcar ) and classic cars as well at: TFLClassics: ( http://www.youtube.com/user/ClassicsUnleashed )
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Gabe C (10 days ago)
Hello, I just picked up 2017 fx cruiser svho and would like to know how you set your trim on them, I’ve been hearing different things and just don’t know who to listen to. If you or anyone would know and would be able to give me a reply that would be great!
Joshua Whiteside (13 days ago)
I've had a 2008 Sea-Doo RXP, and now a 2016 fx svho. No way I would ever go back to a Seadoo. Sea-Doo seems seems more interested with slamming their skis with useless technology that actually keeping the watercraft running reliably. I could care less how awesome my radio sounds if my ski is sitting dead in the water.
DuzBee (17 days ago)
*clip is hard to use*..... then clips it in, in 1 second...
DuzBee (17 days ago)
*nose storage* and *tail storage*... I glad a person who knows what they are talking about is doing the review... it’s call ‘Bow and Stern’ storage, chump!
Peety Dontpass (20 days ago)
Damn Near Looks Like A Seadoo.
Vincent Perstad Leveau (21 days ago)
What is the weight rating??? I cant find it on the web and you said multiple people but wondering if its around 550-600. Lmk please, love the vid
Foxtrot 515 (23 days ago)
Seadoo has 70 gallons os storage
Jual Akter (23 days ago)
Jual Akter (24 days ago)
its price please
little smin (1 month ago)
is the body made out of plastic?
dana v (1 month ago)
best review ever.. i have a FZR and have never had a single issue with it 2009, 268 hrs runs like a champ the sho/svho are the best engines on the planet! i hope they never change them. if it aint broke dont fix it. a litle more power would be nice. folks push them to over 500 with ni issues yamaha could go to the new industry standard of 300 safely and add a depth finder. if you want to stay out of the repair shop buy a yamaha, if you want to become a mechanics best friend then be sure to buy a seadoo...
Hardeep Singh (1 month ago)
I already got four on order
Conbonji (1 month ago)
trash pretty much every jetski on the market benelli series r race edition is the BEST why is it so hard for big markets like yamaha and kawasaki and seadoo to make A ACTUAL FAST JET SKI its sooooooo easy for benelli since there only a little popular lol
Doug Geo (1 month ago)
I think Yamaha missed the boat with this one. If they had incorporated a gps speed sensor and navigation with Navionics style app into new speed cluster ..then they could brag. The cheap rubber fittings for the hatches compared to the previous models is a turn off. I love Yamaha ... but I’m disappointed with this updated model.
Jess Roberts (1 month ago)
Tony Ojeda (1 month ago)
2 much talk not enough product
Chris Edward (1 month ago)
This guage layout sucks and that's an ugly cock pit! Sit on a Sea Doo before you buy a Yamaha. The Sea Doo's have deeper foot wells and a tank to use for leverage. I used to ride dirts bikes and it's similar. I don't see this on the Yamaha. The New Sea doo hull is incredible! It sticks to the water like glue. Features are awesome on my RXT.
Antrax 6 (1 month ago)
To all the seadoo people lets be honest the hull is so cheap that you have to get an entire hull replace, yamaha is more reliable and better quality. Seadoo is for start up people in the watercraft industry.
Gladson Kalinauskas (1 month ago)
Ticky Tocky (1 month ago)
Should have tested speed with gps
Andre Horne (1 month ago)
Everything is sooo incredibly cheap about this machine... That key system is the epitome of chintzy. Those Ram mounts? Seriously was that a drunken afterthought. The touch screen looks like something from the early 2000's. People may argue that Yamaha is better than Sea-Doo but after watching this review... This 2019 model looks like crap. Everything looks so unrefined compared to the far superior Sea-Doo lineup.
M McTavish (1 month ago)
I do 80 mph on my 2009 seadoo that Yamaha is slow
Newzchspy (20 days ago)
M McTavish not stock you don't.......
2fast4you2 (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/Oq-sd3DAf-8. YAMAHA JUNK let me see what it can do like the 300 SEA DOO.
2FAST4U2 (1 month ago)
2FAST4U2 (1 month ago)
TheColourfulOne (1 month ago)
why would anyone want a quiet jet ski
TheColourfulOne (1 month ago)
+Ticky Tocky what would i get out of pissing someone off, and i am in it for the sport thank you very much coming from a guy called ticky tocky pffft
Ticky Tocky (1 month ago)
nope, you cunts aren't happy until you're pissing someone off because you need attention, save yourself $15,000 and just buy a t shirt that says "look at me" because you're not in it for the sport, just a whiner looking for his mommas tit to suck on.
TheColourfulOne (1 month ago)
+Ticky Tocky not in au were not cause were all mad cunts
Ticky Tocky (1 month ago)
yep, you're a typical incondiderate rider, that's why they're being banned in more and more places.
TheColourfulOne (1 month ago)
+Ticky Tocky pffft shut ut
sixspeedsix (1 month ago)
not yam a ha it's Yamaha
conmiester hd (1 month ago)
coast guard limits US PWC to 69 so throw a riva bypass on you'll get 74, did that to my old gp1800
Bob Robert (1 month ago)
So there is no cruise control.
Shane McNally (1 month ago)
Bob Robert cruise assist dude. Works mint
IcanFartLOUD 1 (1 month ago)
Hey goofball, on that rubber "clasp" that you think is kinda hard to get on. Don't try to stretch it by having your finger underneath where it clasps, instead just push it on like a snap...that should be easy
Ronnie (1 month ago)
They need to put that in a motorcycle
Jaime Sarabia (1 month ago)
so mosly wha seadoo already did! i love yamaha but seadoo is ahead!
Douglas R (2 months ago)
I got 70 out of those 10 years ago.
Douglas R (2 months ago)
Youre a true nerd buddy putting the read out over the engine😂🤣What a nerd.
Haady Kamille (2 months ago)
Ill choose my rxp300 anyday and the people who have 88 mph GP1800s still get beaten by me and my stage 3 rxp as they dont have the balls or skill lol
Oswaldo Castillo (2 months ago)
Governed at 69. Wonder what they will do ungoverned.
dana v (1 month ago)
a simple computer flash removes the revlimitter and the GP which has the same engine has been shown to hit around 75. thats just a stage 1 computer flash no other mods.
Nundah Music (2 months ago)
Been riding skis now for thirty years. Why do manufacturers still have this obsession with speed? If this had half the power it would still be able to go twice the legal speed. Going fast on a jetski is not only unnecessary and impractical. It is dangerous and gives a shortlived thrill to the people who tend to keep skis for about a year before they are bored with it. Most long time users are more concerned with ride, reliability and economy not horsepower.
G (6 days ago)
Nundah Music let me guess , you’re anti gun too. And I hope you drive a 50hp vehicle every day. No need for 200+.
Mark01gt (7 days ago)
Because consumers want it.
Nundah Music (1 month ago)
Most estuaries in Australia have a 40 knot speed limit. Open water is never smooth enough to go anywhere near that speed.
phanny pack (1 month ago)
The legal allowed limit they can sell a factory ski not a speed limit on the open water.
Douglas R (2 months ago)
Nundah Music I think youre ready for the old age home. Bye
TOUCTI (2 months ago)
Really really nice features... but, all copied from "Sea-Doo" except for the cup holder !
Leander Nesvåg (2 months ago)
pfft, Kawasaki Ultra 310R all day m8!
Reid (2 months ago)
A touch screen on a jet ski.. wow Yamaha. Although I do LOVE the foot well drain.. that is so key. But, I'll stick with my seadoo... lol
David Kimpton (2 months ago)
plastic crap
Donald Megahan (2 months ago)
Love these reviews and it makes me want to get into more off road toys. However, I can’t stand the way you say Yamaha.
jorge rivera (2 months ago)
Yamaha is better then sinkdoo 100%
James F Skelton (1 month ago)
Wrong answer...
Jess Roberts (1 month ago)
Are they, I've never had a problem with my doo's, had a Yamaha blow up on me and another one that breaks nearly ever time is out.
Newzchspy (2 months ago)
go to 15:15 for the Top Speed run at 69 MPH on GPS. The rest is all fluff.................
Dan (2 months ago)
You did it pretty good with the narration but cool it with the music we're not watching a western
Yammie0 (2 months ago)
awesome, just get rid of the gay spray.
MahvvenBlu (2 months ago)
I love it! Im gonna buy one next year hopefully! 😁😁
king solT680 (2 months ago)
I got a RXP 300 2018 and my brother got the Yamaha 1800 2018 , I wasted my money, what a piss of shit my sea doo is i hate this junk. Sea Doo is a true piss of shit .🤬 what a waste of my hard earned money.
Dyllan Grannell (2 months ago)
You don/t need the drain it comes out whenever you drive or you can do it yourself
misty blue (2 months ago)
Yamaha all day long so reliable unlike shitdoo 3 mates went from yams to seadoo had them 6 months and now trying to sell the heaps of shite to buy yam again ...people who know KNOW
Caden Carpinella (2 months ago)
Every one buy a stand up
Robin Samuelsson (2 months ago)
I'm looking for a new ski in 2019. How is the acceleration between this ski and SeaDoo RXT 300? Since they are both limited to 69MPH i want good acceleration!
Robin Samuelsson (17 days ago)
+Dread Knot Thanks! =)
Dread Knot (1 month ago)
+Robin Samuelsson I have a 2018 RXT and it beats a stock 2018 1800 in acceleration and top speed . Yamaha's racing Flagship series is the 1800 and the svho is sport oriented but not the pinnacle . so with confidence I believe the Sea-Doo stock-for-stock has the lead on the yammy. I have drag vids if you interested See my channel
Robin Samuelsson (1 month ago)
+Dread Knot Yes, stock. =) Going from a SeaDoo GTX 260, im just curious what to expect
Dread Knot (1 month ago)
random name (2 months ago)
When my 98 seadoo xp limited goes just as fast😂😂
The living life show (2 months ago)
Thanks for playing music so we couldn’t HEAR THE ENGINE.
Lowik Lamarre (2 months ago)
I will take a Seadoo. Thx
NC Fishing (2 months ago)
This is sad my 07 Kawasaki is faster than this thing
Hawk Gamer (2 months ago)
yea our stx 15 with just a inline 4 natuarally aspirated is only 8 kmh slower
DabbaYabbaDo (2 months ago)
Good review, nice machine.
Troy Mckee (2 months ago)
Funny my 08 sea doo rxp is 255 hp and only 1600 cc sc
Steven Zurk (2 months ago)
Bra you could sit anywhere for a long period of time
Mason Cornett (2 months ago)
SeaDoo has a 300 hp
Newzchspy (2 months ago)
and a 69 MPH top end too!!
--cLAsic-- (2 months ago)
Do us a favor - Bring Back the wave blaster from the 90'S . Keep it the same size , meaning don't go turning it into something the size of a small bass fishing boat like this Waverunner. Yeah PWC have gotten a hell of a lot faster but they also turned into small boats
That Guy (2 months ago)
My 2003 FX cruiser goes faster then paying 22k for a new one. So sad they keep jacking the prices.
Sean Wiseman (2 months ago)
See doo is like a BMW. Yamaha is reliable. Kawasaki is a really good brand too. People see name brand and they think it's the best lol
Sylvain Mino (2 months ago)
How well does it handle wakeboarders or wakeskaters?
Ian Gilbert (2 months ago)
Ugh! A PWC with a cupholder. So wrong!
J B (2 months ago)
My 05 supercharged stock seadoo gtx limited goes over 70. That "strong power train" is nothing new or special
phanny pack (1 month ago)
Lmao. U mean 55. Lmao. Again. You lied.
TheMuddatrucker (2 months ago)
69mph is way too slow! I’ve got 2009 fxho 1.8 non supercharged and it tops out at 64mph with zero mods ......... 10 years on and this is all they offer! These things need to be hitting 75mph as standard and the sport ones need to be approaching 80mph Not just bashing yam for this but all the manufactures are more or less the same!
TheMuddatrucker (1 month ago)
dana v Maybe it’s just the yanks who have limiters but we certainly don’t. And re-flashing an ecu will do very little without all the mods to compliment it.
dana v (1 month ago)
yes the limitter is controlled thru the engine speed. you can re-flash the ecu and drastically improve the performance.
TheMuddatrucker (1 month ago)
Dread Knot where abouts are you? They don’t have any restrictions in Europe, I’m in the U.K.
Dread Knot (1 month ago)
+TheMuddatrucker buddy they have a built in GPS speed limiter.
TheMuddatrucker (1 month ago)
Dread Knot Nah! They don’t have limiters
Rueben Schiavello (2 months ago)
😂 trash 😂 Seadoo all the way !!
akis anwnymos (1 month ago)
Dyllan Grannell (2 months ago)
Jeff Brown (2 months ago)
This is a great review for the average consumer. Ignore the haters. Great job.
Arthur (2 months ago)
What the heck is a expert buyer so you have trained and spent years buying stuff, explain please I have never seen a expert buyer
805gregg (2 months ago)
Rent don't buy, fun for maybe 30 min then boring
Conbonji (8 days ago)
Jill Huckaby really because I’m pretty sure you non aerodynamic stand up jet-ski can only go 45 mph max And only has a 0-30 time of 4 secs so have fun on that slow jet-ski
Jill Huckaby (20 days ago)
The truth is that anyone can ride a sit down and it can be boring unless you’re taking your kid for a ride or using it for trolling for fish, lol! Stand up Kawasaki’s and Yamaha’s were the REAL FUN!
Foxtrot 515 (23 days ago)
805gregg your crazy
Conbonji (1 month ago)
your the most biast guy i have ever seen ive had 2 jetskies now and i have way more than 500hrs in and there amazingly fun so DONT BE BIAST
That guy (2 months ago)
Looks extremely smooth it appears you can use the speed comfortably and not look like your holding in a giant shit facially as you fly past a boat full of chicks
Karate Kid (2 months ago)
Stand ups are better
Life Flight 101 (2 months ago)
Does it have built in GPS?
High Velocity (2 months ago)
I wish you could lease them, because after a year I would probably want to sell it.
Врр 001 (2 months ago)
Gtx limited💪to goo  https://youtu.be/wcRPUl-9NUg https://youtu.be/C5Q6zNf-2p8 https://youtu.be/4odf4KX4tqs https://youtu.be/Z6ZnOQFXc-Y Подпишись sing up,благодарю огромное
ermiller271 (2 months ago)
Nice little tikes handle bars haha
Corby Sherman (2 months ago)
The kill switch is an awful design
SoFloYas (2 months ago)
We don't need eco mode. WOT is the only needed mode!! Sick Beast!!!
Greg W (2 months ago)
Hahaha I gave $16,200 for a new 361 Ranger Comanche w/ 150 hp Johnson in 1992. That was the top of the line pro model. That's how fast thing have gone crazy in the boating industry. A boat should never coat more than the truck pulling it. Think about how many parts make up a truck, and how few parts make up a boat.
Uday Leo (2 months ago)
perfect number for the top speed!!
Newzchspy (20 days ago)
Uday Leo 70?
St zig (2 months ago)
Kawasaki all day
Gmtail (2 months ago)
Good review TFL.. For one you didn't call it a JetSki, because it isn't one, and you did a nice job describing all the features.. That latch for the glove box does seem annoying, a strange design by Yamaha.
Gmtail (2 months ago)
Jetski Jay I’ll agree with ya on the SeaPoo 😅
Jetski Jay (2 months ago)
Gmtail I go by Jetski jay but ride a seapoo. What ya gunna do about it. Lol
Bob Moore (2 months ago)
Is that really the way "Yamaha" is pronounced?
TFLoffroad (2 months ago)
In Canada it is! North of the border: Yam-uh-ha South of the border: Yom-uh-ha
best review i have seen in years! please do more pwcs
David Bascur (2 months ago)
dang... i just bought a 2018 svho cruiser... :(
zmichelin99 (2 months ago)
Yeah I should have wait I just bought 2018 fx cruiser. Wonder will dealer take mine for 2019. ? I don't think so.
Garrett Miller (2 months ago)
I should have waited too, I just bought a 2018 gp1800
ayej watchme (2 months ago)
I didnt see him cut through any of those claimed big waves or big chop.. every newer ski handles like a dream on no chop.
Skynet (2 months ago)
Does Kawasaki PWC still exist? I hope so. When's their 2019 release date? Man I miss the golden age of PWCs which was the nighties with so many manufacters.
Gmtail (2 months ago)
The Kawasaki JetSki(the only one you can actually call a JetSki) does exist and is still reliable and awesome,and still have sturdy hulls that ride best in rough water.. Unfortunately their marketing is absolute garbage as is their motivation to come out with any new hull designs and modern features. It's kinda sad actually, Yamaha and SeaDoo are light years ahead in those areas..
Trdproski Videos (2 months ago)
I love this new Yamaha but you mentioned it had better storage than the seadoo and that would be false. My 2018 rxtx has more storage space. That touch screen looks really sharp. Nice review.
TFLoffroad (2 months ago)
We're currently working to start reviewing some new Sea-Doo models, though in our part of the world, it's already too cold for PWCs. So don't expect it for a while!
Trdproski Videos (2 months ago)
+TFLoffroad The glove box does look way bigger, but not the front. Weired. Either way this is a slick looking ski. I hope to see a review on the 2019 Rxtx
TFLoffroad (2 months ago)
For sure. I have a Sea-Doo GTI, and if I were to eyeball the storage, I would say it's about the same. But on paper, the Yamaha claims to have a decent amount more. I think the small trunk storage on the back is what really puts them over the top, however the glovebox on this thing is also huge.
Trdproski Videos (2 months ago)
+TFLoffroad Wow, It does doesn't even look like it.
TFLoffroad (2 months ago)
The 2019 Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 has a total of 27.1 US gal of storage space. The 2019 Yamaha FX Cruiser has 44 US gal of storage space. So the Yamaha is bigger when it comes to storage. Thanks for watching!
Delinquents Fag (2 months ago)
Yam aha
Kevin M (2 months ago)
How good is it when launching off of 10' breakers?
Newzchspy (2 months ago)
Dude, its better off of non breaking swells....................like the ones I see in Monterey and Carmel dude!!
Bryan Fix (2 months ago)
To many storage areas in my 2018 GTX 300 I can sit on the seat and access a super large storage area with this rig you really need to be off of it access the largest storage area
YOU KNOW WHO (2 months ago)
anyone who pronounces yamaha as yam uh ha should not be able to ride one.....
Conbonji (1 month ago)
here in the us its kami hami haaaaa
Alan Brunner (2 months ago)
+TFLoffroad here in Mexico it's yam-ah-ha
TFLoffroad (2 months ago)
Figured this would come up. In Canada, it is a Yam-uh-ha. In the US, it is a Yom-uh-ha. If you notice, I actually switch between the two pronunciations in the video. I grew up with YAMaha, but since starting in this business, I have heard Yom-uh-ha so much that I'm beginning to convert!
Mark G (2 months ago)
Nice looking Yamaha, SeaDoo better watch out if Yamaha catches them in looks dept then they have nothing on Yamaha.
Bruce Wayne (2 months ago)
You are wrong on the storage, my gtr230 has that much storage if not more
Foxtrot 515 (23 days ago)
TFLoffroad lmao. 70 gallons bud.
Bruce Wayne (2 months ago)
+TFLoffroad oh you own a sea doo my bad
TFLoffroad (2 months ago)
Your GTR 230 has 30.7 US gal of storage space. The 2019 Yamaha FX Cruiser has 44 gal of storage space.
David Westfall (2 months ago)
well done review and video! Thanks for reviewing!
Dyllan Grannell (2 months ago)
I have a sea doo from 2015 and it is the same for the quietness 🤫🤫🤫
Parrot Head (2 months ago)
awesome ski!!! yamaha quality at its best.
The FPV Life (2 months ago)
Omg dude Ur outfit fukced up this entire episode. You did a disservice to this insane watercraft.
tyler lester (2 months ago)
Dont take u serious with marine at all. U clearly dont know much about the PwC world at all
dana v (1 month ago)
you did great bossman.. you answered the questions i had and demonstrated the machine and its key points very well..
G (2 months ago)
TFLoffroad you did a great job. Nothing wrong with this review what so ever. I own a Kawi 310 but might look into getting this ski next
Perkuleezful (2 months ago)
I like your reviews and think they are fine. You will never please everyone.
Eric Skaggs (2 months ago)
+TFLoffroad Ehh don't listen to him, I've watched a bunch of PWC reviews here on youtube and you handily gave all of the points one would be looking at. That being said, next time do 0-20,0-40,0-60 (if craft is capable) times. AND gallons/hr stats.
TFLoffroad (2 months ago)
Appreciate the honest feedback. Two quick points: 1. I have been around boats and PWCs since I was young, so I'm certainly not new to this world and feel very confident in sharing opinions on watercraft that aren't just fluff. 2. However, this is my first professional review of a brand new PWC, so I am certainly new to this gig. And as far as I can tell, the only thing I didn't know in the video is that the speed would be limited to 69 MPH, but I found out! Please let me know what else about my delivery had you feeling like I don't know PWCs. I don't plan on stopping these reviews anytime soon, so I want future reviews to be exactly what you're looking for! Thanks for watching.

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