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(HOW TO MAKE) cartoon character online

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hii ! friends welcome to " HOW TO MAKE " in this video you will get to learn how to make a peanut avatar. www.peanutizeme.com
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Text Comments (8)
CarissaGamer NeonSally (4 months ago)
Now I will be famous lol
I will tell everyone about this video
ian ndirangu (11 months ago)
Nice but its not realy animated
Make Fun Of (11 months ago)
make character sit
flash starboy (1 year ago)
awesome video it helped me alot
Abhishek Jadhav (3 years ago)
Really good video it helped me a lot ..!!
Artsnomy (3 years ago)
Awesome video ..!! Good
How To Make (3 years ago)
+PoSSi TuBe thanx .!!

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