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Off to See Equestria Girls!

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When I showed up at the theater with my iPhone in my pocket (surprisingly or not, I rarely have it on me nowadays), I couldn't resist. But yes, I went to see "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls" with my two younger brothers! Brohoof! I'm thinking I might make a video to talk about it more later on, so keep your eyes peeled for it (but your hopes at a fairly level state)!
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Ris Grestar (5 years ago)
Yes, go watch it.
Austin Murdaugh (5 years ago)
na, am I suppose to?
Ris Grestar (5 years ago)
But long ways didn't capture the poster! And I wanted to capture the poster. XD Have you seen it yet?
Austin Murdaugh (5 years ago)
long ways, not tall ways! Also, how'd you like it?
Ris Grestar (5 years ago)
Oh, I did~
Ris Grestar (5 years ago)
Well, to be fair, Dad did have trouble hearing me so I had to actually walk all the way to his car...but yes. Then there was this. XD
ThePyroPuppet (5 years ago)
So that's what took you so long to get back to us.
NabeshinX (5 years ago)
Lol, I really did think I'd accidentally clicked on a Toby video >_> Have fun, you lucky American <_<

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