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Seadoo RXT 215 vs Yamaha FX/HO GoPro HD

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08 RXT vs 07 FX/HO
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dodgemanaukes (5 months ago)
Race a 2011 FX/SHO, they are supercharged and run much better than the HO. Mine runs 70-72 depending on the water and my girlfriend claims it will run 75-76 with her alone on it.
B A (7 months ago)
Seadoo try racing the gp 1800. You’ll lose.
Johnny Huynh (2 years ago)
lol.. rxt has more hp and torque compared to the FX HO.. its like comparing a supercharged supra vs stock supra..
AlexanderPews (4 years ago)
awesome video btw :)
AlexanderPews (4 years ago)
Great I want a jetski now :|
Ret1173 (4 years ago)
I've been a loyal Yamaha fan for over 20 years and, while I like Seadoo's styling, color choices, performance and especially the IBR system (very tempting), they do not make as reliable of a product as Yamaha and therefore I won't switch.  Their flashy colors and better marketing has resulted in me seeing slightly more of them on the water but that's it.   In addition, they don't make their engines specific for their watercraft (might have changed with the newer ones) so I believe they are (or were?) their snow mobile engines converted for marine use whereas Yamaha makes a specific marine engine for use in their PWCs.  As others have said, Yamaha reliability and almost no maintenance is second to none and the most appealing to most people because nobody wants to get stranded out on the water.  Professional rescuers, rental businesses, etc ALL use Yamaha universally around the world (at least in the places I've been) for good reason.  Yamaha's new 270hp SVHO 1812 engine is also nothing to laugh at.   . 
Anthony But (3 years ago)
You usually can't go wrong with Yamaha although time will tell if they have fixed the problematic timing chains.
Ret1173 (3 years ago)
+Chris Anderson I actually always liked the Honda's look but don't see too many on the water. I had a 2007 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO for 5 years before selling it on that gave me no trouble either. It was a big, comfortable and powerful machine and I miss it. I can only imagine what the new ones are like with superchargers and R.I.D.E. Fortunately, it's inevitable that I will have to find out and add one to the stable since the dinosaur of a PWC that is my '93 Pro VXR (as reliable as it is) pales in comparison to the new machines. I am currently considering my options from the Waverunner line but whatever I choose it will surely be a Yamaha.
Anthony But (3 years ago)
You are correct. 100 hours is not a lot of time, but considering Seadoos past reputation, and all of the things that could go wrong, nothing has. The S/C has not lost any boost what so ever. No IBR faults. It's been awesome, and I feel with good maintenance several hundred more hours of operation should be easy. My other ski is a 2006 Honda R12X Turbo running 3.5 psi over stock. It has also been amazing, and is currently sitting at 546 hours. 
Ret1173 (3 years ago)
+Chris Anderson Seadoo makes a very attractive-looking machine and their IBR system is appealing so I have no doubt they continue to make advances but so have all the rest including Yamaha with their R.I.D.E. technology. Your 2014 RXP-X has been flawless for a 100 hours??...lol, not exactly a substantial amount of time. I've been running a well-cared for 1993 Yamaha Pro VXR since I purchased it new in 1993 (22 years ago!) and not had a drop of trouble with it that entire time despite running it in more harsh salt-water every year since then and I live on the water so it gets used consistently every year. That reliability is simply unbelievable, IMO so when I first noticed professionals using them around the world I understood why. Nothing beats the reliability of a Yamaha Waverunner. After years of being loyal to their problematic Kawasaki Jetskis, my neighbors apparently took notice of my trouble-free Yamaha as well and got rid of their Kawasaki's in favor of two Yamaha VX cruisers.
Anthony But (3 years ago)
+Ret1173 The SVHO is closer to 252 hp
renge99O9 (4 years ago)
To the dude that says Sea Doo shits on Yamaha, if that's the case it's because they are eating a lot of your money on maintenance.  LOL 
Johnny Huynh (2 years ago)
lol seadoo on rough waters wont win against a yamaha....
Wren Gooding (4 years ago)
oh another thing i forgot to mention check out yamahas new 270 hp svho 1812cc engine. and sea-doo now makes jetskis out of plastic.
Wren Gooding (2 years ago)
+Anthony But also I'm sure your rxpx is an awesome ski! and they are a lot of fun! I see the worst in skis man and as long as you take care of it it will last you.
Wren Gooding (2 years ago)
+Anthony But estimates from Riva show right at 265 HP. I have also heard about the timing chain issue which Yamaha chose to address quietly which I wasn't impressed by, but it does seem like this has only happened to a handful of people and it seems like people were just straight up riding the hell out of their skis. we have yet to see this issue pop up in the svho. don't get me wrong I like the naturally aspirated seadoos but little things tend to break on them, a lot. and these problems multiply when you slap on a supercharger. the fact is that Yamaha simply makes a better, and faster product.
Anthony But (3 years ago)
+Chris Anderson Also the SVHO is closer to 252 HP, and they have had several of them break timing chains.
Anthony But (3 years ago)
+Wren Gooding Seadoo has something for everyone. The plastic Sparks are good skis. I have a 2014 RXP-X. It's been amazing , and completely flawless for 100 hours.
Wren Gooding (4 years ago)
well the fx HO tops out at 63 mph on average NOT only 55-60 the rxt can hit on average about 67 . take into consideration that the HO is a large naturally aspirated luxury cruiser with only 160 hp while the rxt is a performance supercharged model with 215 hp, also note that the only maintenence you will ever have to do to the yamaha is change the oil, while the rxt you will have to rebuild the superchager at 100 hours and have many other various problems because sea doo cant make a good reliable product
Wren Gooding (2 years ago)
+Anthony But also the spark looks good on paper but not when you have to work on ones that keep sinking. we have had various Sparks come in (we are a used dealer in the Carolinas) and they all have had serious issues at low hours ie under 20. the wear rings don't even have housing they are sandwiched in the pump. to even work on the ski properly you have to take out all the self tapping screws around the deck! they aren't even machined screws! the spark would have been such a good product if it was fiber glass. if you want a light ski, get a stand-up.
Wren Gooding (2 years ago)
+Anthony But I work on these machines daily. 63 is tops for a FX on its best day.
Anthony But (2 years ago)
On the odometer probably so. GPS will show less.
Johnny Huynh (2 years ago)
my 07 FX HO can hit 65ish on flat water
Anthony But (3 years ago)
+Wren Gooding The HO on a good day is a 61 mph machine.
NakedClub (4 years ago)
215 VS 160 = YAMAHA WINS
Sam Ham (5 years ago)
Your racing a non supercharged yamaha with 2 people on it that is why you won lol.has it sunk yet check out sink doo lol
Robert Allen (5 years ago)
No A fx will not go over 55-60 rxt will hit 65+
Troy Hummon (5 years ago)
Nice video. I'm not sure why Yamaha calls 160hp (High Output) - it's not. 215hp or 260+hp is High Output. Also, in my experience, having a girl on the back doesn't affect top speed/acceleration much (less than 1 mph). I have a 2007 Sea Doo RXT 215 and I love it. Best ski I've ever owned or ever rode. They are fast and quick out of the hole. The thing I like best about Sea Doo is their hull design is best for rough/choppy conditions that we occasionally experience on the Chesapeake bay.
dude face it seadoo shits on yamaha
KK40384 (5 years ago)
depemds on what type of riding you do. The FX is definitely more comfortable of a ride but it is also bigger heavier and slower and offer about 1/3 of the storage of the RXT. I'll take the RXT all day over it even though it is worse on gas than the Yamaha
Dommelit (5 years ago)
be honest. which is better?
KK40384 (5 years ago)
You may be on to something lol Yamaha fan boys can accept that a SC seadoo can out run any of the yamahas
Stephen Gregory (5 years ago)
Another reason could be that the SeaDoo is 215hp and the FX/HO is 160?
POWER (5 years ago)
Who races with 2 people
Salty Dog (5 years ago)
Nice vid. I wish I had people to rid with; it makes it much more fun. I had 2 ppl I used to ride with but they both sold theirs.
KK40384 (6 years ago)
Look at my other video where there was only 1 rider on the yamaha and the RXT has the impeller and wear ring replaced. Then tell me again why the seadoo won
KK40384 (6 years ago)
yes lake St. Clair
Conner Dittmer (6 years ago)
Is that a lake?
Marcin Kamera (6 years ago)
The pisser... haha

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