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How To Play Without Kredits In Warface 2017 [Updated]

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Feel like trying Warface for free ? You can join and sign up by using this link: https://wf.my.com/promo/invite/en/?ref=1h6edi If you use this link each time you rank up you will get a guaranteed reward! You can get stuff like: Weapons, Armor, Money, VIP Boosters and a lot more cool in-game items . So what are you waiting for ? Sign up for Warface today ! My Social Media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/revantar_arts/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RevantarArts Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/revantararts/ Welcome, I focus on tutorials, guides, news and frag movies. The goal of my channel is to entertain and educate my audience about Warface. I prioritize quality over quantity therefor you will never see box openings and other boring and unoriginal content on my channel. Enjoy !
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Text Comments (62)
Michael Ruiz (2 months ago)
How to avoid getting kicked out for latency or whatever it says when you get kicked out...
Imran Rony (4 months ago)
Video starts with a kredit gun :)
Payyyyy to winnnmnn
eldar dossov (5 months ago)
U r Russian?
D3GAL3[DE] (8 months ago)
*How to play warface without credits in 2018*.... ohhh wait ITS IMPOSSIBLE
byr guy (8 months ago)
you mean u might need to pay to win ? thats why that games so screwed up and matchmaking takes too long .Its so pay to win most players dont last or care to , if you want the !Bonus you also must win!! So dont waste your time on 2 hour boosters there are a lot of new players and a lot of them face it are little kids xD Unsubcribed , pay more to win is all you're about.Not like that game gives you any choice like you said at the end.Misleading and all over the place on this one,Peace
byr guy (8 months ago)
scrub gun
byr guy (8 months ago)
dont you see all the people in that match talkin crap to you ? xD
byr guy (9 months ago)
guns like that and that stupid pump shotgun that fires both barrels is what ruined that game imo.When you sayy something to them for using such a cheesedick gun they say its the best bro. FU
byr guy (9 months ago)
i really dislike that rifle you use at the start.Basically play engi with an anti-sniper vest or Medic with Scout Vest even then....
byr guy (9 months ago)
why do they have to make thing too pay to win...The game failed when it came out and now its f2p.If you want the game to last you can't have complete pay to win armor and guns that the normal player has no hopes of getting.
Salim Ülkü (10 months ago)
well no one plays pve on the Turkish region so ım fucked??
anotherbuffer account (1 year ago)
wtf at 2:02 he shoots and the world enters into a SLO_MO!! Nice Hacks
PUPPER_EMERITUS (1 year ago)
hey revantar where are you man. busy with some shit?
PUPPER_EMERITUS (7 months ago)
Revantar Arts let's exchange some ideas
PUPPER_EMERITUS (7 months ago)
Revantar Arts add me on discord , PUPPER_EMERITUS#6255. You should try other games like rainbow six and csgo. You can grow easily with your kind of videos in those games. Warface is a pain to grow.
Revantar (7 months ago)
Cant forget :)
PUPPER_EMERITUS (7 months ago)
Revantar Arts great man. love to see new content coming out from my friends. I hope you remember me, I'm thestonedgamer9
Revantar (7 months ago)
Levih3 .-. (1 year ago)
*TRY PLAYING WITHOUT KREDITS NOW* #impossiblechallenge
Junaid.Yussuf (1 year ago)
Auto sniper....really wtf Dude stop promoting this fuckery
ackerat0r (1 year ago)
wtf you are pro man?
Junaid.Yussuf (1 year ago)
Ackerator no he is an auto noob
Ali abbaspour (1 year ago)
noob auto gun 😠
Rifleman Wilq (1 year ago)
Dont play para on pvp. It is useless. But is awesome to make headshots 💀 on pve And don't recommend soooo noobish weapons.
Aspect (1 year ago)
Worst video ever
Rolo (1 year ago)
Dude U engoured Me to try a other game then minecraft im addicted to minecraft and have a channel with 3,8k subs
Sangheili Rawr (3 months ago)
I feel sorry for you that you only play Minecraft. That’s sad.
Vizo (1 year ago)
i stop watch after you say "garota is the best auto sniper in the game" :) dude what about Karkom SNR Black version?
Revantar (1 year ago)
That gun is better, but its almost impossible to get, thats why garotta takes 1st place
b*llsh*t, bullsh*t bullsh*t!!!
Dimitri Robert (1 year ago)
Wtf you wanted to talk about how to how to play warface without Kredits in 2017 so why tf are you talking about getting a VIP or mega VIP?
PVPanda (1 year ago)
Prometheus What a fucking waste of money.
Dimitri Robert (1 year ago)
Prometheus ...
Mela (1 year ago)
Just work or something i am going to buy 10000k that is 120 euro and i going to buy Mega VIP, skins, random boxes and more shit XD
Vicente Ortiz (1 year ago)
is this new? or is an old video
Dr. Murdercock (1 year ago)
Great video man. I made a video on how to fix the launch crash if you changed your resolution and now it won't load. it can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAcz2kKCRw0
Dr. Murdercock (1 year ago)
Great video and very informative. I went in as a noob. Playing with the default shit they gave me. And was winning FFA games left and right. But I also have a long FPS history. Im old now. Back in 98, yeah, i played FPS online with dial up 56k modems. me and friend invented the video game tea bag. True story.
Dr. Murdercock (1 year ago)
It was the first game online where you could crouch. I remember the day it happened lol I had shot my buddy in Rainbow Six: Eagle Watch online via MSN Game Zone lol I walked over his game corpse and started tapping crouch. We called it "humping" at the time though. Evveryone on Roger Wilco (the voice chat app at that time) just lost it and started laughing their asses off. Thats where it started and I shit you not. 1998 at MSN Game ZOne on Eagle Watch, the tea bag was born. lol
Revantar (1 year ago)
ahaha, living legend xD
SSx Jakubi (1 year ago)
Idiot, why use an auto sniper? are you gay?
Fids Vids (1 year ago)
FND Jakubi Calling him an idiot yet you cannot spell...
Saba Chelidze (2 years ago)
+ v pizdy zasyn xD that's some bad words on russian
Djamila Boud (2 years ago)
wich server you are playing on ?
WildGenji (2 years ago)
I playing without kredits normally
DodoEldodir (1 year ago)
mee to i little harder because i dont have boosters but there is more challange
Ani-mate (2 years ago)
There is no way...
Harry Bin Laden (2 years ago)
dude u are encouraging noobs to play with garota..... dats illegal lmao
Scylla IsSpooky (1 year ago)
Fujcking gayrota ;D
parkourwithmr (1 year ago)
Harry Bin Laden ikr
HeavyChick Style (2 years ago)
Unknown Identify (2 years ago)
man u really like swearing...
Eldyn van Dijk (2 years ago)
I dont understand why your videos have so less vieuws. i think you are a cool ytber
Revantar (2 years ago)
thx a lot ! Slowly making my way up there :)
Darian Veras (2 years ago)
Man you got a sub, and I have a question when does a bullet hits your "armor" and when hits your "health"?
Daniel Cannon Cannon (5 months ago)
Vicente Ortiz (1 year ago)
Darian Veras ok i was trying to help
Darian Veras (1 year ago)
Vicente Ortiz i was talking about game mechanics, i know what a warlord armor is.
Vicente Ortiz (1 year ago)
Darian Veras is called warlorld armor
Mike theocharis (2 years ago)
the bullet will always hit your health but depending on your armor a % of the dmg is dealt to the armor instead (% may vary between armor) also there is a vest i think it's called titan that will completely negate a sniper shot but knock you down in the process

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