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Create a wrapper in HTML - Learn HTML front-end programming

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Create a wrapper in HTML - Learn HTML front-end programming. The wrapper is a very important tool for when creating websites and is something all new web developers should learn before getting too far ahead when studying HTML. -- mmtuts is a YouTube channel that focuses on teaching beginner and advanced courses in various multimedia related skills. We plan to make tutorials available on programming, video production, animation, graphic design, and on software such as the Adobe Creative Cloud programs. HTML and CSS for beginners is a how to series that teaches the HTML and CSS coding language to people who are just starting out learning programming. The course teaches how HTML and CSS can be made easy and teaches "front-end development" which is the visual part of websites. Creating static websites with HTML and CSS is easy and should not be seen as otherwise, which is why we want to explain the language in a easy to understand way for beginners. If you have suggestions on new courses, or specific lessons within existing courses you would like to see, then feel welcome to submit them in the comment section or in a private message. ALL suggestions will be seen, but not all will be replied to since we get quite a few every day.
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El Chaarawy (10 days ago)
Couldn't explain it better
Bluffer (1 month ago)
Great explanation. This tutorial really helped! But why are you saying in title HTML is a programming language?
Sasa Tomic (21 days ago)
+mmtuts hi i have a problem with a wrapper, i did everything like you did in both courses but still it doesn't work
mmtuts (1 month ago)
This is an old tutorial. Watch my updated course instead :) There I call it a "markup language" and not a programming language.
Reyes25111 (3 months ago)
why not use the body tag as a wrapper?
Geek Diddy (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video! I have a exam tomorrow and it really helped me :)
Badal Naftaada (1 year ago)
Hi thank you so much. but i have a little problem i have uploaded on different Logo and my logo pixels width 204 while height is 185 then its not coming on the center.. can you tell me the problem please. is it on the large size
:D I like your explanation of creating a wrapper class!
LegeGaming Vistisen (1 year ago)
Hey! :) I have a question can i to center a text or a div just use the <center> and </center> tags?
Mohammad Haque (1 year ago)
can you please upload lesson 6 and 8.
mmtuts (1 year ago)
There is no lesson 6 and 8. I am updating my HTML course and combined them into the earlier lessons.
S Lala (1 year ago)
H (1 year ago)
Great video.
TheHungryBow I THB (1 year ago)
you are a very good teacher. stay doing this.
mmtuts (1 year ago)
TheHungryBow I THB Thank you :)
Christopher Page (1 year ago)
these are great !
DAVIDEOS (1 year ago)
I want to use a wrapper for the content (images, text) on my website only, but I want the body and the column backgrounds to be extended... How can I achieve this? I would really appreciate it if you would reply!
Leah (1 year ago)
So Im trying to extend the header the full length of the page while maintaining the wrapper as done towards the end of the video. This is my code: <body> <header> <div class="wrapper"> <nav> <img src="img/logo.png"> <ul> <li><a href="file:///Users/leah/Desktop/castcats/index.html">HOME</a></li> <li><a href="founders.html">FOUNDERS</a></li> <li><a href="donate.html">DONATE</a></li> <li><a href="contact.html">CONTACT</a></li> <li><a href="photos.html">PHOTOS</a></li> </ul> </nav> </div> </header> For some reason the header isn't extending the full width. Any help would be appreciated.
Leah (1 year ago)
Yeah I had it. It's fixed now. I think I hit ctrl-D by accident instead of ctrl-S to save. :/ Thanks for the reply!
mmtuts (1 year ago)
Did you include "reset styling" in your CSS file? Because ALL browsers have default styling in them that prevents your content to reach all the way to the edge.
kaytwokay (2 years ago)
These tutorials are so good
Koby (2 years ago)
Can someone help me with a footer?
Manuel de Almeida (2 years ago)
I really like your lecture dude. I'm leaning too much. keep on
Christopher Ezimoha (2 years ago)
Nice lecture. what text editor or framework do you use? it looks very clear and effective. waiting for your reply or can anyone on here please tell me.
mmtuts (2 years ago)
If you google sublime text color schemes then you should be able to find a website which shows you how to download and install new colors for the text editor. Its pretty easy to do :)
Christopher Ezimoha (2 years ago)
Thanks alot for the quick reply. How do you adjust it in order to get the black background and colour text that you have?
mmtuts (2 years ago)
I'm using Sublime Text, which is a free text editor you can download here: https://www.sublimetext.com/
alisalman hussein (2 years ago)
Monica R (2 years ago)
I would like to thank you for the clear explanation! It helped me a lot, because unfortunatlly I have this teacher that explains us how much is 2+2 and he sends us home to resolve an integral... Thanks again!
mmtuts (2 years ago)
I'm glad you found the video useful :)
Daniel Silva (2 years ago)
Hey mmtuts, i have a question, im 17, i have to do a html website to final work, and i need a hand, if u can :) I wanted to do a informatic website like this one http://www.globaldata.pt/ And i want to know how i can do a wrapper in all page Srry for my bad english ! Great video !
Rumbledown (2 years ago)
I think he's asking like this- theres a wrapper in the middle with empty spaces on the left and right, so he wants to fill the left empty space with one picture and the right empty space with another.
mmtuts (2 years ago)
I think we might have some translation issues. Here is what I understand you want to do: Sidebar = a box/div/html tag that goes all the way from the top of the window to the bottom. Covers = fills up the entire space of what it is inside of. Therefore your first comment was asking me how to include a wrapper to all pages. Second comment was you asking how to make a image fill up the entire width of a sidebar (not a wrapper). Are you asking how to fit two images next to each other inside the wrapper where each of them takes up half the space horizontally?
Daniel Silva (2 years ago)
I dont understand So i put 100% in the wrapper or the imagens on the left or right? How i make them go to the sides? Thanks for replying !!
mmtuts (2 years ago)
+Daniel Silva If you want an image to cover the full length of your sidebar you can set the width to 100% instead of in pixels.
Daniel Silva (2 years ago)
+mmtuts Oh thanks, btw, how i can put a image on the sidebar ? which covers full side (left) and other image cover right side
Nexus Designs (2 years ago)
can you also make a tut on how to use css media queries because when viewing a site like this on a 4k display everything inside the wrapper looks so small. It would be awesome if you could make a tutorial where you could explain how to make it fully responsive so that wrapper gets bigger when viewing the site on a UHD screen.
mmtuts (2 years ago)
+Nexus Designs I have a tutorial on responsive design which shows how to use media queries. It is a bit further in this series.
tiesfa (3 years ago)
Great tutorial man!

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