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Magic Mike XXL Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer Movie HD

17577 ratings | 6397309 views
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Text Comments (883)
Kelly K (21 days ago)
so glad that is men being sexualized for once
Boozer (1 month ago)
Justin B (2 months ago)
"I'd say it's still you're day mam"........... smooth very smooth.👍 my man!!
no-name (3 months ago)
I adore his Mike...he is sooo Magic...i wish i was that Pepsi machine...😇😇😇😇
Nadjet Ghida (3 months ago)
Wtf ! Isn't porno???
Vanessa xoxo (4 months ago)
Is it the first or second movie??
Dotsinki (4 months ago)
I don't get the plot
TheBionic Noodle (4 months ago)
I love that this is just a movie about humping everything.
Samsung J2prime (4 months ago)
This song was in the l word 😉
lily happy (4 months ago)
Am I the only girl who didn’t get turned on by any of this?
Pink Bettas (1 month ago)
lily happy nope
Shanola Webb (4 months ago)
Queen 1989 (4 months ago)
Matt Bomer🤤🤤❤️
Sadie M (5 months ago)
My Nana used to live in Myrtel Beach and for some reason, just thinking of my grandmother living in a town with a fictional male stripper convention makes me lol.
Party Hard (6 months ago)
you low-key gay if your a dude and watched this trailer in its entirety.
mou ad (6 months ago)
What the heck did I just watch 😑😑😑
Michael Mello (6 months ago)
My girlfriend asked me to watch this with her. She’s not my girlfriend anymore.
Dark Matter (17 days ago)
+Unicornglitter yeeeaaah. I don't know if you watched the trailer, but it's about muscular male strippers. Sure, definitely not porn.
Unicornglitter (17 days ago)
+Dark Matter This isn't porn it is just a movie xD
Dark Matter (17 days ago)
+Unicornglitter Is it not obvious? It's technically the same with a man asking his wife to watch porn with her.
Unicornglitter (1 month ago)
Emily Bennington (6 months ago)
Too bad Alex Pettyfer isn't in it... BOOOOOOO!
itsflowerside (8 months ago)
which one is better?
Mariano Rodríguez (8 months ago)
Great trailer. Should be taken as an example of teasing without telling.
Saichi Ness (10 months ago)
Zoe N (11 months ago)
Adam rodriguez 😍
YoutubeXeno YX (11 months ago)
Is magic mike gay
Cheryl Clark (1 year ago)
i could not breathe at all
StaticModz (1 year ago)
Thought this film was about magic it was very embarrassing when I sat down and watched it with my whole family and kids
Zainan Victor Zhou (1 year ago)
I actually came here to try to find Gabriel Iglesias lol @fluffyguy
Diska Karina WeAreX (1 year ago)
If you be a boyband You collaboration with Japanese electronic rock band Fear and loathing in Las Vegas
Diska Karina WeAreX (1 year ago)
Please be a boysband
Stella Atkinson (1 year ago)
Hes sooo hot
Neeva Shrestha (1 year ago)
I was here for Nick The gardener
Limerence (1 year ago)
Movies starring sexy make strippers. Atleast 2! Movies starring sexy female strippers, atleast 200. And that's not including pornos. People who some how think equality for the genders is bad and that means guys should have less rights over their own children, quit your nagging.
The Smiley Bros. (1 year ago)
So basically the adult pitch perfect
grisegrais (1 year ago)
Im fall in love
- Xx (1 year ago)
They are gay in my opinion
Jeffrey Richardson (1 year ago)
Michael Welch squelch
Jeffrey Richardson (1 year ago)
Mount Sunapee Billy let it be...
Dijana K (1 year ago)
Well that vending machine seems to be having a much more exciting day than I had...
gracie norton (1 year ago)
ive seen the movie and it is sexey
FlaviA GDíaz (1 year ago)
Genial..... Genial... .. Espectaculares bailes... que..... que quieren que les diga..... y lo mejor allí dan plata... porque en otros países... las mujeres vulgares y ordinarias chilenas (no todas).. en vez de tirarles dinero.. ... los arañan en la piel dejándoles marcas permanentes...
Ace Ludenberg (1 year ago)
Lemon Tree (1 year ago)
gotta watch this for a meme
Elias Fuentes (1 year ago)
alguien sabe como se llama el tema en este vídeo?
Sarah Lovell (1 year ago)
I just stopped my breath for those few seconds. Matt Bomer, and Channing Tatum - What else does the world need?
Jessica Night (1 year ago)
Jada Smith (1 year ago)
it's supposed to be #TurnMeOn lol
Tara LOL (2 years ago)
April Medrano (2 years ago)
h we b
Thedath Oudarya (2 years ago)
1:20 is that Gabriel Iglesias?
saisabe (2 years ago)
This movie would've been better if there was no pointless love interest
Mad Dawn (2 years ago)
They played this movie in a bar, the bar tender probably sense that I would want to watch something like this, coz I was the only customer. 30 minutes pass and I'm still not sure if it was a MAGIC MIKE movie... it didn't have any sounds.
Lola Land (2 years ago)
So sexy, damn
pawsofahusky (2 years ago)
Is Ellen's Nick the Gardener in this thing?
Queen Iman (2 years ago)
PawsOfAHusky yupp
phil 1.,000,000 (2 years ago)
shite story line ,watch it without going to sleep if you can .
Loldacriz Mun (2 years ago)
that was the coolest video
Praveen Rana (2 years ago)
which tune/song is being played in the background?
kausy more (2 years ago)
Who came here after watching Gabriel's stand up about magic mike
brewing storm (2 years ago)
where are those crazy staunch feminists saying feminism is equality and objectifying women is sexism............ oh they are all drooling while watching this movie.
Michelle Alvarado (2 years ago)
Alex walker (2 years ago)
Dropped panties....dropped panties everywhere.
jigyasa bhardwaj (2 years ago)
channing tatum and matt bomer. me think noice
Clémentine Mrl (2 years ago)
Jesus Guadarrama (2 years ago)
Soundtrack? Alguien sabe como se llama?
Tessa Jaye (2 years ago)
tbh i would of loved to see magic mike with Jared Padalecki as the main character
kamali saravanan (29 days ago)
Wakai Loves (2 years ago)
I was going through the comments and I instantly saw Jared Padalecki and I think I had a mini fit thinking about him as the main character of a stripper movie
Isabel N. (2 years ago)
Matt Bomer😍
chacho mordaz (2 years ago)
Bryan Walker (2 years ago)
Mark Whalberg anyone !1? Markie Legs up!!  Boogie tights!!
My GF said she was jealous of that vending machine...I asked her if it was because it weighed less than she did.... then she sat on me till I apologized.
Kristina Županić (2 days ago)
OmegaMan (3 days ago)
Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness that’s not a vending machine. It’s just a refrigerator
Boozer (1 month ago)
Lone Star Kennels (2 years ago)
Caroline (2 years ago)
Borat Erali Nazarbayev (2 years ago)
I'm sure my mom has a comment on here somewhere .... I'm scared to watch
Gurel Sisters (2 years ago)
Borat Erali Nazarbayev weird
Angela Silva Ferreira (2 years ago)
Ashley Ortiz (2 years ago)
this movie is hot omg 🎉
MarkDionee :B (2 years ago)
Good Evening Friends... 5,4,3,2,1 Ignition!!!
James Kaysar (2 years ago)
I seriously thought this was a musical lol
Lajane H 17 (2 years ago)
Alain Culleton (2 years ago)
watching made me more motivated to go to the fridge and eat that whole tub of ice cream
Aidyn McCain (2 years ago)
Zero God (2 years ago)
Lol this whole time I thought this movie was about Boxing.
Magic Michelle (2 years ago)
This was the worst movie ever.
Stephaun Williams (2 years ago)
Went to DVD and Bluray on October 6 , 2015 ?
Stephaun Williams (2 years ago)
Went to theaters on July 1 , 2015 ?
Ngabo Cesar (2 years ago)
اريد اتنايح
Zoe Keller (3 years ago)
have all ready watched the movie
Melissa Galvan (3 years ago)
does anyone know the song ?
Che lee (3 years ago)
no one deserves worship..only God!
Eunice Medina (3 years ago)
If that convention exist...........I WILL GO WITH JOY! <3
Emma Sandberg (3 years ago)
whats the name of the song???
Hansol Vernon17 (3 years ago)
It's my first time to watch this. And I'm pretty sure, I will love this. #AlexPettyferChanningTatum
Shola Odedeji (3 years ago)
Ooooh jada pinkett smith
Tweet Moore (3 years ago)
basically copying off chocolate city but ok
Tweet Moore (3 years ago)
+Odelschwanck Nelliel how and chocolate city was made before it ..
Chimichiga 007 (3 years ago)
nah its chocolate copying
João Felipe Seratto (3 years ago)
name of track?
Bloo626 (3 years ago)
Aah real men have curves though.
Mrwan Alam (3 years ago)
اسم الاغنيه
153bm (3 years ago)
MUCH HOTTER than 1st.
Mary Queen Paño (3 years ago)
I didn't blink for a second. H-O-T-N-E-S-S-O-V-E-R-L-O-A-D
Krissy (3 years ago)
this looks like some raunchy version of a generic step up movie... :/
Katie L (3 years ago)
"#comeagain" omg... xp
M M (3 years ago)
Lori (3 years ago)
M M (3 years ago)
+Laura Irene XD
Mrwan Alam (3 years ago)
name song
Mrwan Alam (3 years ago)
name sonag
Tobias Wulff (3 years ago)
So I wonder where the fat strippers are and why the strippers are bodybuilders? I mean not all women get turned on by a sixpack.
TR.NR.1 (3 years ago)
seems kinda stupid

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