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Danube River Cruise 2016 (HD)

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Danube River Cruise 2016 - Danube River Trip 2016 - Europe River Cruises 2016 Travel Videos HD, World Travel Guide http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=World1Tube The Danube basin in Europe extends almost 3,000 km from the Black Forest in Germany, through the Alps in Austria to the Danube Delta and the Black Sea coast of Romania. Covering over 800,000 km², this region of Europe is the land surrounding the Danube River, its tributaries and flood plains. Dominated and both divided and united by the Danube River, the second longest river in Europe, the surrounding lands that form the Danube basin are steeped in history, with evidence that parts of it have been settled since the 5th millennium B.C. Do in Danube ===================== The new cycling route EuroVelo 6 which runs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea, follows the Danube river from Passau, Germany to its estuary on the Black Sea, in Romania. EuroVelo 6 includes the Donauradweg, which stretches from Passau in Germany to Austria's capital Vienna and continues on to Bratislava in Slovakia. The route then continues on to Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. On the EuroVelo 6 web site, you will find a useful forum and some news about Eurovelo 6. Countries ============ Germany Austria Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary Croatia Serbia Bulgaria Romania Moldova Ukraine
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jewish fools (4 months ago)
Danube is named after the israelites dan! Goes deep it means judge did we judge the world. I am from Wales. The dragon of Wales has some Viking origins. The Viking dragon was on Viking ships. They stopped worshiping yah and worship the serpent aka dragon. My family have estates in both Jamaica and Vancouver British Columbia. Many admixed negroids have my last name. My family got rich off enslaving negroids! Are we going to he'll? We also have origins in Roman times. Dan was a warrior the Romans named their military after draco. The origins are from dacian tribes. Their symbol was the dacian dragon....a serpent with wolf teeth or wolf head. The origins of rome is the wolf!! Romans were good with the seas! Dacian tribes travelled the Danube conquered It!! We rule the world aka we judged the world! Who shall judge us now yahshua!
Mato F (4 months ago)
The history of Europe is counted in millennia. In spite of this, in the west, they look at Eastern Europe like there is no history , except 50 to 100 last years of communist totality. Thi is unfair and ignorant.
MISS НАСТЯ TV (6 months ago)
Я чё одна тут пишу на российском
Adel Mohamed (6 months ago)
Clean and nice river
ChameleonThe13 (9 months ago)
When travel report, becomes a - POLITICAL PAMPHLET...!
Marie Jay (1 year ago)
beautiful video thanks
NESRockman1987 (1 year ago)
I also love Danube river I am from Budapest and sometimes I go to watch Danube at the embankment it is so relaxing or when you across the river with a bridge. Every summer I go with my bike to a north village which has beach and I swim in the Danube. So good to have this water. It is a gift from the God.
Kyle Wit (1 year ago)
(money spent × age of tourist) / (length of tour + propaganda consumed) = amount of eastern europe experienced through filter of western liberal ideology
Sister Mary Clements (1 year ago)
Visited Romania last year and rented a car for 2 weeks (140 dollars Canadian lmao). What a great country. Home cooked meals in all restaurants. No need to get married lol I want to live there now. I'm crying just typing this. North America is sooo boring compared to Europe. People who don't travel outside their home country will never know culture. Unless your European of coarse. I'm speaking mainly of Americans. The most ignorant group of people alive today. Nothing more than a military breeding ground. Peace
MBBSoftware (1 year ago)
Sounds like an indoctrination program more than anything else. For the 4 minutes I watched, I heard also at least one objectionable, or at least questionable, historic claim.
GO SERBIA! Croatia was a NAZI Ally and the SS could not even beat their cruelty......such phony lies
Croatia supported the NAZIS......and slaughtered Jewish people......just thought you would like to know
Flex2212 (1 year ago)
very interesting. Have you been to this stunning country? If not, you should.
The River didn't stop during Stalin or any other war Serbia - AK-47 Country/ I bet cheaper too to visit during those wars. - Russian American yes, I'd like to go. Good job Tito.
Maros Takac (1 year ago)
Nobody ever struggled. What a pile of sh*t ! Typical western propaganda!
MPFercu (2 years ago)
Beautiful! Thank you for showing us the beauty of Danube at the point where it merges with the Black Sea. Romanian people seem to be very friendly. We will definitely go to visit those places.
Stefman Strangerman (2 years ago)
Man not again... Yugoslavia wasn't behind iron curtain. Not even member of warsaw pact or eastern block.
xxxdieselyyy2 (5 months ago)
Dimplesock Tickletit it was hard for Soviets to get a real glimpse of west too. Neither side was open with each other. Cold war I guess.
Re Zo (8 months ago)
it was behind the communism ;-)
Dimplesock Tickletit (1 year ago)
Yoan Dimov they called it the iron curtain because very little information was getting out to the west via free press etc which is how the Soviet Union wanted it. It was shrouded in mystery to us to some extent. But yes I agree with your point.
Yoan Dimov (1 year ago)
Yeah. And it gets me triggered when they say "behind" or "under" the iron curtain because it's just a matter of perspective. For us they were behind an imaginary border such as an iron curtain. In my opinion it was just two different sides with ideologies. In many cases our side won, like we sent the first man to space-who was Slavic.
Faiez Shafiqi (3 years ago)
Very beutifule.thanks
World Travel Guides (3 years ago)
Danube River Cruise 2015: http://youtu.be/xGzCaA5ixk0
World Travel Guides (3 years ago)
*Danube River Cruise* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGzCaA5ixk0
World Travel Guides (3 years ago)
Danube River Cruise 2015 - Danube River Trip 2015 - Europe River Cruises 2015

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