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Dance Position Battle... Find the Dancing Queen of UNI+ G! [The Unit/2018.01.03]

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Text Comments (3887)
live live (6 hours ago)
marsha posumah (7 hours ago)
Hansol hyping for Joohyun WHATTA LIFE😍
Sophia Lurey (10 hours ago)
Wtf the girl who got 90 was actually the worst wth happened here
GUCCI Bag (1 day ago)
*Im so proud of Juhyun, i really wanted her to win* 😔 😢
uwu zen (1 day ago)
Hundreds time seeing this. Still can't deny Joohyun should win the best dance
Lady In Red (1 day ago)
If Mint danced first, I am pretty sure that Juhyun could've won
95 Jimin (1 day ago)
Tf was this bullshit 💀
Ijaha_ Chexy (1 day ago)
Nah, she doesn't deserve it, most if these dance routines were cringe
eshellmae perias (1 day ago)
What..are they blind the 14 yr old girl slayed it..why does mint win..I'm not a really good dancer but maybe i can identify who dances best..haist.
tsaig55 (2 days ago)
i think juhyun should've won :( mint is good at dancing and all but in her dance here theres not much to say..
I am Trash (2 days ago)
Juhyun was wayyyyy better how did mint win? Just because she twerked? Like srsly
Riya Garbyal (2 days ago)
Mint did some “stunts” or more like hard to do poses but her dance wasn’t impressive.
j baby (3 days ago)
Hansol 😭💔💓
joan cabsag (3 days ago)
Joohyun is amazing dancer, she is the best. Ang i look forward to him.
Graciela Solis (3 days ago)
Ew wtf she sucked .. if they performed together you could clearly see who's better ... that's okay I know some companies have their eyes on her
khqnh nguyen (3 days ago)
I’m sorry but how in the f u c k did mint win?1!1? I’m just-
Abdul Wahab (3 days ago)
I don't expect this juhyun is the best dancer
KPOP FANDOM (3 days ago)
Where kim jong un?
Isra’a Abuzer (4 days ago)
The 14 years old girl was MUCH better that the girl who won 😤....
Kornnaill Tan (4 days ago)
6.00 she looks like yoojung weki meki
ii Myst (4 days ago)
Mint is good alright. But we can all agree that Joohyun was the actual Queen
LEGGOo ArmyyY (4 days ago)
Im not hating but what mint showcased was too generic and it hurts in the eyes specifically the split
Kikay Guzman (5 days ago)
zinni(glam) must join this competition.
Mochi Bear (6 days ago)
No offense but what was mint even doing, Joohyun should've won
Sana Minazotaki (6 days ago)
La La (6 days ago)
You can't define which girl dance better, Mint and Joohyun are both great dancers. They have different style. For me, I love mint's style more
the gitls are Just Salty they didn't cheer for johyun when she was the one who's dancing .. :/
the younger girl is more unique and The older (forgot the name) had a basic move
ItsJustMe (7 days ago)
Uhhhh mint definitely didn’t deserve those 90 in my opinion.. if she’s 90 then the girl before her was 100 😐
Goku Sayains UI (7 days ago)
I can even dance better than mint i think juhyun deserve higher votes the girls are just being salty🙄
Big Daddy (7 days ago)
Honestly, Eujin from the Guys Dance Battle, and Joohyun from the Girls Dance Battle both got screwed~ Feeldog's and Mint's were both pretty basic compared to Eujin and Joohyun's dances~
007 007 (7 days ago)
The first one and the last one to dance was soooo boring..
merrin03 dhanti (8 days ago)
Gw ga nyangka lee juhyuun lbih muda dri guee
Joshua Velasco (8 days ago)
Joohyun is better she can dance a different style
Liss Garrido (8 days ago)
The style dance of korea is good but not the better, they need more moves in their bodies to feel the music, but anyways that was good👌
At 8:02 anyone knows who the guy that is wearing a black cap? Let me know his name and group pleaseee
+malfunctioning multifandom fangirl you're welcome ^^
his name is Na Ungjae from the group Imfact. Please check him out!!! :D
look at those ahjussis hyping her up omo so cuteeee
trash (9 days ago)
In my opinion Mint showcases basic musically dances while Joohyun showcased dance moves that showed her real talent....she should've won
Christina Tran (9 days ago)
How did Mint win against Juhyun is all I wanna know ( No hate but she didn’t even do anything besides a flip and the splits) 😑
This is some true ass bullshit. I bet you my dumb ass could dance better than the winner, she did trendy dances and couldn’t even do them well. The girl she “beat” hands down should have one
Maria Vita Oktavia (9 days ago)
the winner is not even better than the previous one. weird.
LisiLisichan (9 days ago)
Mint is the better performer the young one did a better dance.
JIN BDAY ! (10 days ago)
Sorry but mint didn't deserve to win....
uwu edits (10 days ago)
Fight me Joohyun should of won this. Mint was to basic in my opinion no one will change my mind
Anisa Nur Azizah (10 days ago)
And i come back here again just want to watch joohyun 😲 i see many coment about joohyun is better than mint but.. that is the truth 😅 i miss joohyun and feeldog 😂
deaja Xo (10 days ago)
Cause you did the latest dance moves doesn't mean you should win...The 13 year old should have won that...❤
Afrilia im (11 days ago)
I think joohyun win but......but why she didn't????????
XxMarie JourneyxX (11 days ago)
I understand that you guys think Junhyun should win, but stop saying Mint is not a good dancer and she shouldn't have won. She is a human with feelings too. You guys should understand that Mint was chosen and as watchers you should respect that. You guys should understand about how other idols feel, not on your biases. Please understand with these comments, you guys as viewers can make controversy that could hurt someone's feelings. Sorry for the attitude, I just wanted to point out, this is how bullying and how Idols begin to have scandals and controversy. So please stop, It will hurt someone's feelings. Thank you for understanding
nikki tsai (11 days ago)
i’m still salty about this and the shows already over
Willow Snowdrop (12 days ago)
Not saying the girls can't dance but I look at this and I look at the boys dancing competition and I get frustrated. It seemed like only Joohyun and maybe Mint were willing to shall we say use more of their body than just hand movements and shaking their booty. There is nothing wrong with dancing with your butt but I feel like the majority of the girls think just doing that will show they are a good dancer. For me it is a waste of their potential, why can't they dance like Eujin and Feeldog, if they worked for it they could do it!
cahvahleneie (13 days ago)
But also high key liked how it looked like mint barely tried but she still won
cahvahleneie (13 days ago)
Although it mints dance was very basic and didn’t really match with the song I still think she or win was fair because the moves she did she made them powerful and it looked different also she knew how to hype up the crowd who where also the ones voting so I think she did great
tram nguyen (13 days ago)
Chương trình gì vậy
Hyo Mun (13 days ago)
i think juhyun should've won this battle!, sorry mint.
Binnie Skywalker (14 days ago)
Everyone's talking about how Joohyun should have won, but can we please appreciate Hanbi from Lipbubble? She's only 15 and slays, too! I'm sad that we got to see so little of her before she dropped out... If I'm not mistaken she also coached/choreographed in one of the first missions, and did amazing with that :) I wish her all the best <3 Viva is also amazing, and I appreciate Anne's dancing a lot.. But Joohyun totally remains dancing queen :)))
Kammy Chonga (15 days ago)
I keep replaying joohyun’s dance like... its so good and her moves hit every beat
Mia Miao (15 days ago)
aiyo... the 14yrs old more good than mint...
dancers haven (16 days ago)
from a dance fan of professional hip hop and the western dance world in general ( I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT KPOP JSKSJS PLEASE DONT ATTACK ME THIS IS JUST MY PERSONAL OPINIOM ) Joohyun was the only girl who showed close to flawless technique. her musicality and flow to the music is amazing and way beyond her years, her dance, for improv (is this improvised?i dont know but im assuming it is) is extremely clean and precise. she should've won ngl lmao
Itz Akiwi (16 days ago)
In my opinion Joohyun should've won
Susan (16 days ago)
I'm still salty that Mint won. I think mostly everyone in this comment section can agree that Joohyun's technique was 10 times better than mint. Mint's dance was just so cringey and meme-y. I'm truly angry at this voting system. All the judges acknowledged Joohyun's skills but I guess that isn't even worth anything.
Hannah Zhao (16 days ago)
Irishcolleen Rosaceña (16 days ago)
If u we're gonna talk about the real Dancing Queen it should be the 14 yr old not Mint because she just taken the stage because of the vibe? Swag?
i dont hate mint but i think even hanbi deserves better boots than mint and viva. Just my opinion based on my dancing style preference no hateee
wingangeliest (17 days ago)
Joohyun Joohyun Joohyun!!!!
Leze De Dios (17 days ago)
Joohyun should won.. The last performer is not totally a great dancer.. She gain more boots because of the last step she did and that is SPLIT everyone knows that.. Here in Philippines it is an ordinary step only some kids knows that.. Joohyun is deserved on the top don't be bias
juhyun deserved better
Mints dances were so boring and in my opinion she didn't deserve to get more boots
Trish Vaags (19 days ago)
Mint was too simple :(
Watercolor (18 days ago)
I couldn’t understand why Juhyun’s performance only got 87. She rode the rhythm so well. 😲 Then boom... Mint won with 2 points higher. My only theory just like many have said that it could be the lack of voting on the girl’s side. If it was true, it was an embarrassment that they was not objective in their voting or not voting. Sorry! I maybe repeating what other have said but just let me vent. Lol
Mei Hong (19 days ago)
Watching this over again and I still can't believe Mint won if I'm being honest.
how did mint win...
Justine Ortiz (19 days ago)
It's November now but I'm still pissed that joohyun didn't win like Urgghhh
Lara Loo (20 days ago)
i know suji from a film on Amazon Prime "idolmaster"
Lara Loo (20 days ago)
6:47 she is 13😱
AmandaPanda Draws (21 days ago)
I feel like mint won was because of how she started in the beginning and how she ended it. Plus she looked like she was having more fun. But then again I haven't had the time to watch the unit but this is just how I see it.
Micks (21 days ago)
Anyone noticed Feeldog standing to support Juhyun? He recognises talent :)
김현민 (21 days ago)
i love it when it's Juhyun's turn 'cause the music isn't that sexy like the others. For me Juhyun should have won this rather that Mint
cris caballero (22 days ago)
After knowing she's just a 14-year girl, she got defeated.. maybe for them she disrespect them.. Joohyun body language shows who's the winner.. even the boys says she might have over 100pts.. well, thats how showbiz is.. rivals wont make a real good talent win.. only boys voted for Joohyun, so girls hated it when they found a young threatening them for fame.. well, Rain knows who's the best dancer among the girls.. Even the commentor know who really won..
chittaporn ._. (22 days ago)
compared to juhyeon, mint is actually really really bad lol i think mint even might be the worst! She is really stiff but the other not so. So i don’t think she deserves the place but juhyeon does
커밋개구리 (22 days ago)
Top anime betrayal
WeallySis (23 days ago)
Ik I’m late but like tf why did mint win like come on. Anybody with basic knowledge of dancing or AT LEAST KNOWLEDGE at all will know that they 13 year girl should of won and stayed there. But of course they go with the older girl! Ya wanna know why ITS BECAUSE THOSE GIRLS IN THE AUDIENCE WERE SALTY ASF! Some of the girls weren’t but like why be jealous of someone who is just a ball of joy. The girl at the end is a weak dancer. Putting in trendy dances but with no technique what so ever is so DUMB. That girl should’ve of been the lowest at off all of them. Pshhh doing the splits is not cool at all. Stay in yo lane sis
Saku Daiki (24 days ago)
I feel like some girls are jealous of her.... Because just look at the difference between the boys and the girls reaction when she was dancing.
Just a random person. (24 days ago)
Korean acting boujee... that's cute
Lisa Queen (24 days ago)
Song name at #7:02
Jennie Kim 29 (25 days ago)
Lee Juhyeon was supposed to be the winner of this dance battle!
RokinRainbow MSP (26 days ago)
Mints dance was horrible
patrick quimmel (27 days ago)
go lee Juhyun
thelostandfound (27 days ago)
who's the girl with short white-ish? hair colour?
thelostandfound (27 days ago)
oh shit, nevermind. they're the loona girls right? right. saw them somewhere like episodes and shit. haha.
Noemi Chavez (27 days ago)
Songggg for mint ?????
Ki TuDiosa (27 days ago)
juhyun se cogió a mint, bye
koumechii (28 days ago)
Mint's dance was too basic in my opinion. Joohyun should've won, no hate ;-;
Lucky Cloud (28 days ago)
Juhyeon deserved to win imo. Mint was doing the "new" trendy dances and Juhyeon has been dancing since 2nd grade. She might have had more experience than Mint but it's fine if you disagree
나블옹 (28 days ago)
The show was finished already but I still feel salty about Mint winning it's just too unfair for those who did their best especially Joohyun
Sasha (28 days ago)
Mint was very lame
Minimin Exo (29 days ago)
Kapan the unit 2?
Korea (basic) vs France (advanced) Mint (basic) vs Joohyun (advanced)
Korea (basic) vs France (advanced) Mint (basic) vs Joohyun (advanced)
j u p i t e r (29 days ago)
The mint girl did good but I feel like she shouldn't of won. Her dance seemed more basic 😔
ii Myst (29 days ago)
I think Joohyun was WAY HELLA better than Mint, she didn’t even do anything that cool

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