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Warface - Loadouts - PVE Secondary, Melee & Nades

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In part 2, of this 3 part series, Cry-Kane gives advice on what secondary, melee and grenades you should consider taking into battle when playing our PVE missions. Join us in Warface, Crytek's ever-evolving, free to play first person shooter for PC! Play for Free: https://www.warface.com/#register Play on Steam: http://bit.ly/warfacesteam Subscribe: https://www.bit.ly/subwfyt Latest News: https://www.warface.com/news Like Us: https://www.facebook.com/warface Follow Us: https://twitter.com/warface
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Text Comments (36)
StanDaMan (2 years ago)
survival knife is faster than utility? huh...
Jonathan Condorelli (2 years ago)
I kindly ask if you could add at least subtitles in Italian on Warface because 15% of the players of Italian nationality, and I hope you read this comment and thanks in advance ps: for 30,000 subscribers you could put the temporary katana for 7 days?
Jonathan Condorelli (2 years ago)
WHY NOT? i will give you the italian words and you write what i wrote to you
Jonathan Condorelli (2 years ago)
Jonathan Condorelli (2 years ago)
and where I could write this subtitles? if I please can I write I am very good at English just want you to tell me where I can, however, write them on one condition I might have a weapon in my choice if I pay tribute translations?
Daniel Daniel (2 years ago)
Please invite Vehicle in onlinr
DarkSide Ultimate (2 years ago)
Is There Any Way To Use Warface Font ?
DarkSide Ultimate (2 years ago)
+warface Thanks :) You Helped So Much
Da C (2 years ago)
no accessories laser, disappointed too
Connected_Runner (2 years ago)
I have a question i'd post it in the forum but warface's menu screen refuses to log me in even though I typed in my email several times. Any way you could fix that?
Connected_Runner (2 years ago)
I even tried redownloading the game •-•
I_NEED_JUICE (2 years ago)
you forgot one pistol. The AY P226, and all around great pistol and definitely the best for PvE with its custome silencer, custome scope, and it's clip size and rpm
XxKukiOverKiLLxX (2 years ago)
JOKER (2 years ago)
Hello i've buyed the halloween dlc and havent get the guns and the tactical axe how can i get these?
mohamed ĐŹ gaminğ (2 years ago)
hello can you invite me for warface iam mohamed.dzcity21
Edgar Tapia (2 years ago)
DyLs (2 years ago)
Pin code
Special :* (2 years ago)
What about making some video about good tactics or spots? :-)
Tasawf Islam (2 years ago)
Which melee weapon makes me fast while running?
Visual- ま (2 years ago)
gface what is your gmail i want to ask you something :(
Domz Je (2 years ago)
i pfrefer zx48 usp + katana
Jobbernowl (2 years ago)
How do smokes effect pve exactly?
Jesus Ramos (2 years ago)
Are really effective when you find yourself sorrounded of snipers/ spec ops, or even to block the FoV of a sentry gun
Saxo Spiele (2 years ago)
Enemies can't see you when you're inside the smoke area, so you're for all intents and purposes invisible to enemies, but they have red outlines for you to see ;)
EmjR3ks (2 years ago)
AY 226 Pistole?
LOL (2 years ago)
how do you change your firemode?
Mack Funzy (2 years ago)
rounds not bullets...
Apocalypse (2 years ago)
and do you want me upload the edited animation to YouTube or do you have a email that I can send it to you by if you want
Apocalypse (2 years ago)
+warface and i sent it to you at 3:30 pm est
Apocalypse (2 years ago)
+warface and should i do a behind the scenes how i made the animation
Apocalypse (2 years ago)
+warface ok :D
Apocalypse (2 years ago)
awesome video and how long did it take you to get the wx-86
Apocalypse (2 years ago)
did you get the email???
I_NEED_JUICE (2 years ago)
warface *fills out crytek application form just to get weapons for free* xD
Apocalypse (2 years ago)
+warface lol lucky. they should give you a gun skin with your name on it
GILBERTO SILVA (2 years ago)
how can i play pbe?

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