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GoPro Hero 3, river kneeboard tube seadoo yamaha jet ski

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another great day at the river with friends our seadoo jet ski and gopro hero 3 both two of our mates also came along with there yamaha wave runners good time great day to end 2012
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Keszthely Printex (4 years ago)
dIRTY wATER !!!!!!!
Barb.s (4 years ago)
bit illegal 
DanJ (2 years ago)
Also illegal to drive another ski that close to the knee boarders. Extremely dangerous
Barbz_111 (4 years ago)
+Francisco Aguiar it aint legal to tow 2 people on a 3 seater jetski. therefore its illegal  
Francisco Aguiar (4 years ago)
how is it illegal a jet ski has a car motor adaptive for marine use and as long as someone else is on the jet ski beside the drive to make sure the the people that they are towing are still on the tube or whatever they use 
Elemental co (5 years ago)
yeah! swan reach
nafem (5 years ago)
this river in SA? where abouts bro
MotorcityRiders (5 years ago)
Great video, thanks for the heads up on the Mac and iMovie. Keep the videos coming!
Elemental co (5 years ago)
thanks :) GREAT buy love the seadoos
Elemental co (5 years ago)
hay i use iMovie very easy to use (i have a mac)
LiveLifeMedia (5 years ago)
Sick video, just bought my 2013 Sea Doo GTR (have a video of the buying process on my page). Can't wait to take it out this weekend and get some footage. Great job though.
Elemental co (5 years ago)
yeah floaty backdoor and a lanyard that we would tie to someting or our hand if we are holding the go pro
Riley Jordan (5 years ago)
what program did you use for editing?
surf usa (5 years ago)
Nice video I just subscribed if you want to subscribe back dude!
Elemental co (5 years ago)
we used suction cup mounts and held them or attached them to points on the ski
Elemental co (5 years ago)
hay, its kind of angled up a little to face riders face with suction cup mount, good luck getting nice weather i cant wait to get out again :)
Elemental co (5 years ago)
hay man the singer is Ellie Goulding and my settings are always on 1080p wide
Elemental co (5 years ago)
thanks dan yeah the girls love it just as much as us lol flips in the future vids lets hope lol
D Ja (5 years ago)
Sean, one more question. Since I'm new to the Go Pro series. Can you give me an idea of what settings you have the camera on? Thanks Brother.
D Ja (5 years ago)
My favorite video out of all that you have shot. Cool song (Haven't heard them in the states) cool editing and most of all, your group is having a blast. Those girls on the knee boards hit some tricks...maybe flips next summer? Ha! Love it!
Elemental co (5 years ago)
thanks, awesome ur gona have a ball!
Elemental co (5 years ago)
Anything Could Happen (Flinch Remix) :Ellie Goulding
wrman seth (5 years ago)
shit hot vid just got a go pro 3 and a yamaha wave runer
Rabioso (5 years ago)
Hello , what's song please ?
Elemental co (5 years ago)
thanks, yeah hero 3 is awesome def worth the purchase :)
matty8hiker (5 years ago)
Awesome vids mate, love watching all the action on the water. I just got a GoPro Hero 3 myself and have started taking it to the river. Awesome quality :)

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